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What this mom learned from the millionaires.

After spending the day yesterday at motivational workshops lead by the country’s millionaires, a couple questions have come to mind. OK, a lot of questions have come to mind.  728 more words


Quotes for Mom's to live by!

I think I have officially “liked” every inspirational page on Facebook. My feed is full of them all day, and I love it! It is moment-to-moment inspiration and reminders of the person I am striving to be. 793 more words


New Month, New Me?

I know many people make their New Year resolutions as of January 1st, while I personally have never believed in that. Why wait until a new year to be a better version of yourself? 767 more words

Mom Blogs

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. (Recipes Included!)

I used to despise Sundays. Before I had Cambria, I stressed more about work. There was always the fear of the unknown at the office. Once I had Cambria, my stress moved on to leaving my precious little girl to return to work. 597 more words

Mom Blogs

Joining the world of mommy blogging

My daughter is 6 months old, and motherhood is taking up too much of my brain space. I need a place to dump it… thus born a blog. 176 more words


The worst blogger on Earth.

I’ve been attempting to figure out how so many of my fellow bloggers have the time & energy to blog as often as they do. I tell myself I will come home & make myself a quick dinner & blog on the days my kids go to their dads but I end up falling asleep or get carried away by the snarky shows I like so much. 420 more words

No more driving Ms. Daisy!!

Yes, that is correct! That is me in the photo,  SUPER excited and at a bus station. As you can see, the kids do not share my enthusiasm as much, except maybe for the little one, as she prepared for our excursion with her coloring books and crayons and thought it was just as exciting as the merry go round at the zoo. 435 more words