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True love is...

Sharing a cookie with Barbie because toys have to eat, too!


Let Me Have My Turn: An Open Plea

Last month my best friend of a million years welcomed her first child into the world. It was a difficult pregnancy. So difficult that many times she swore this would be the only child she would ever carry. 840 more words


2/5 This much I know.

So, parenting.

I don’t know, I’m sure some people manage it, but in my experience it is impossible to have a baby, and then not let said baby take well and truly over your life. 1,685 more words


I'm Not Doing This for You: Why We All Just Need to Calm Down

If you go on the Internet, you know that mothering is a practice completed for the exclusive purpose of making other people feel badly about themselves. 860 more words


Because Duchess of Wales was Taken

When I left the corporate world and all of it’s glory there were a lot more confounded stares than congratulatory pats. Apparently expense reports, bonus plans, and yearly reviews are more vastly understood than I had originally anticipated. 465 more words


The Road to Nothing

I was looking for the sewing machine’s pedal when the avalanche of stuff came crashing down.

I started crying.

Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation. Maybe it’s hormones. 330 more words


Armor of Smiles

All right, girls, change of plans.

Grand visions for posting inspiring letters containing all I know of love, life and strife are clearly not pouring forth the way I thought they might when I created this blog a few years back. 641 more words