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Moms Who Motivate

It’s a new month and I have never been more excited to see how fast time is flying. Why, you ask? Because a lot is happening not only on my blog but in my everyday life. 455 more words

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Lost Bank Card?

Like I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I will be “vlogging” from now till we come back from vacation/holiday. I will be posting every vlog on here. :)

What's Going On | Updates

Hey Loves! If there is anyone out there actually waits on my posts, I apologize. You see, I am trying to keep my anxiety at bay about our flight in 6 days. 201 more words

This New Smart World is Dumb

I would like to express my anger with this new world. This world of smart phones, tablets, air devices and such. It’s ripping families and friendships apart. 258 more words

Life Swap | Random Thoughts Friday

Ever wonder what it would be like swapping lives with someone else? Could be someone with money, someone who has kids/no kids, or just wanting to know what it would be like married to someone else? 223 more words

Mom Blogs

Not Appealing

Yesterday I didn’t post anything. I didn’t vlog for Wednesday because I wasn’t in the mood. It didn’t have that happy appeal to me that it usually does. 263 more words

Quiet!! I'm trying to have a moment over here!!

Its cold.  They predicted 8 inches of snow.  We got 18.  We’ve all got cabin fever.  DH can’t get on the road to travel for work, the mons-ners can’t get to school.   597 more words