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Peek-A-Boo Alaska, By Bernd and Susan Richter

Another board book for ages 0-4, it suggests. It’s a peek-a-boo book with flaps, which is prime for ages 4-6 months as before that they probably won’t understand it or like two dimensional objects. 255 more words

Dear 15 Year old me.

Dear 15-year-old me,

I want you to know that life is going to be hard, even though you already know that but it’s not going to get easier anytime soon. 696 more words

Tantrums, and how to deal

As I wrote in my last post which you can read here, there are tons of lessons I continue to pick from my therapy sessions. 1,147 more words


There is no one to blame.

One of the most common comments that I get from people is that, “God knows what you can handle and that is why he gave you your differently-abled daughter” 660 more words

Inside Jolly Roger's Pirate Ship, by Charles E. Reasoner

At first glance, this book is awesome. It is not only shaped like a pirate ship, but also the durable, thick cardboard pages are different shapes and sizes, revealing more of the ship as it progresses! 540 more words

The Momtrepreneur Movement

“She’s on a mission. She wants a better life with more flexibility. She wants financial freedom. She wants to impact the world, and be able to provide for herself and her family” 291 more words


Mr. Duck Means Business, by Tammi Sauer

To begin with, you have probably discovered that something that really livens up literature read aloud is accents. I read in various British accents so often to this little baby at first that when I finally read in my own voice, I got loud protests. 404 more words