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Passing Penmanship

My oldest boy is learning to write. He can’t quite get those tricky w’s, and he writes his sixes backwards.

Right now, he loves homework. I mean not just a little, when he’s sent home with an assignment, it’s like Christmas morning for this kid. 228 more words


Red Crayons

Yesterday we took Quinn on a preschool tour. She was dressed the part, demanding a “big red bow”. She recently requested “bright red boots” and her grandparents brought her some Hunter wellies over. 495 more words

10 Anxiety Filled Situations Only Parents Will Understand

As a first time parent, I have moments where I have severe anxiety.. that twitch in your eye..that “Oh god no!”.. I have taken the time to list out my top 10 parent anxieties for your enjoyment ((in no particular order)). 539 more words


No More Blue? What To Do?

As many of you can see, I changed my hair in the last couple of months! It’s been a great change I must say. Hot showers! 43 more words


Safeguarding my children's stories

Before they came into this world I had plot lines and narratives scaffolding in my mind, outlines and blueprints of their stories sketched in pencil. But like any story that’s given room to grow and roam and veer off the plotted points from A to B to C, they began to wander into their own exposition, their own conflict and rising action, and it’s only now that I’m beginning to fold my own plans and tuck them away. 301 more words


Life Lately: Into Spring.

I have been thinking a lot recently about how the way I spend my time ebbs and flows, and the things I choose to focus on changes. 642 more words

Happy Easter!

We had such a great Easter this year! Cheeks enjoyed hunting for eggs and obviously loves receiving gifts :) We celebrated with family and grubbed out hard :) … 24 more words