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Sleep Deprivation

Well the hubs left yesterday for work and won’t be back until Friday. So of course the first night is the night that my baby girl, Lila (pictured at 1am) was partying like a rock star staying up for hours multiple times throughout the night. 94 more words


Mom Stuff: I'm Not A Soccer* Mom...

My kids don’t play organized sports and that’s okay! In fact I’ve always liked it that way, but more importantly they like it that way. Please don’t misunderstand I’m not anti team sports, and we did encourage the boys to try… 463 more words


Early Intervention Services

Hello everyone!!

Since I get an overwhelming amount of new parents writing me, I figured I would direct a lot of my content towards you all!! 505 more words

Mom Blogs


I’ve spent most of my life in search of something, that something has been hard to figure out but I finally feel like I have found my direction. 522 more words

Easiest Vegan/Vegetarian Chili Ever

Welcome to my kitchen!!

I stopped eating meat in April of this year. I stopped eating meat for a multitude of different reasons, but that’s not what this post is about. 190 more words

Mom Blogs


Yesterday we took Braxton to his yearly visit to the Survivorship Clinic at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  YEARLY! He is perfect and healthy and he is ready to eat Nana’s noodles on Thursday. 418 more words

Facing my fears, the anger and sense of loss.

There are so many things in life we take for granted, sometimes the simplest things that seem insignificant have the most value.

As I reflect back to when my daughter Sophie was born I see now that I placed value on things that were not important; while I was never a person that did not appreciate what I had or had accomplished I did not have the clarity then that I have today. 883 more words

Overcoming Challenges