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Mama's "real" truth about pregnancy

I have a bone to pick with modern-day mom blogs and advice-givers. Thankfully, I now have a sassy soapbox on which to stand, so I’m certain millions will flock to the sound of my typing. 1,158 more words

Mama's Life

Pablo's First Birthday

Pablo turned ONE on August 18th, and this momma got all types of feels.. shortly after his birthday he stopped nursing. That’s when it really hit me hard. 131 more words

Mom Blogger

10 Confessions of a Preoccupied Momma (Shh... Don't Tell!)

In the midst of the headache that is transferring my blog to a new host so that I can self-manage, I find that my stress level has risen a tad-lots. 780 more words


Thoughts: Bye bye Breastfeeding. A rough start and my top 3 loving it.

After two kids in two years I am really closing this chapter. I feel blessed and happy to be able to close this chapter and at the same time I feel a little sad, because it’s hard. 883 more words

Mom Blogs

Kids Are So Annoying.

Welcome to this beautiful, almost fall time of year! Lend me your ear so I can tell you what’s on my  mind today.

So there I was, sitting down to enjoy my coffee (which was on its fourth re-heat), when along came my kids. 2,366 more words


Lopsided Days

Most days, you can find me at home or at church or running errands. I’ll be wearing something I grabbed from my sister’s closet because she has the comfiest clothes, and lots of them! 761 more words


Knocking Down Giants

This is my time, and the tired side of me actually wants to pout. A mental foot stomp and arm thrash fight to escape into the physical, but I deep breath.  2,096 more words