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Tried it... And Failed, Consequences and Repercussions

Life Lessons Learned

When your kid tries your patience- in public- and the feeling of humiliation washes over you it’s hard not to beat them on the spot. 793 more words


Afterbirth Aftermath

Let me start by saying that I’ve never been happier to not be pregnant. The second that the game of poop or baby was won by baby, my back stopped hurting. 817 more words

A Thrift Queens Domain

A Creative Moms Love Of Thrifting…

Secret: I love Thrift Store shopping.
I am not simply talking about Goodwill shopping or stopping by some high-end resale merchant. 1,267 more words


A Girl’s Name is Miss Carter

Well, it finally happened. The magical game of Poop or Baby ended with baby. I was indeed not pregnant forever!

Now that I have started to regain my brains, I am pleased to tell all five of you that read this thing… I am not quitting the blog! 759 more words

I just wanted to stop in this first Friday & say thank you! To the growing following, to my fellow Mom Creatives, and the supportive readers. 93 more words


Merry Christmas to All!

I hope all of you are snuggled up with someone you love! ​

Photo Friday

My first pregnancy VS my second

It’s almost humorous, how starkly different my first and second pregnancies are. My first pregnancy, I was in complete awe of all the changes happening to my body. 619 more words