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The Road to Nothing

I was looking for the sewing machine’s pedal when the avalanche of stuff came crashing down.

I started crying.

Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation. Maybe it’s hormones. 330 more words


Armor of Smiles

All right, girls, change of plans.

Grand visions for posting inspiring letters containing all I know of love, life and strife are clearly not pouring forth the way I thought they might when I created this blog a few years back. 641 more words

My Baby Is Going To Preschool

Our son turned 4 last month. I didn’t think too much of the age change. Cenzo has always been slightly delayed due to his premature birth, so we don’t look at age very closely. 618 more words


I’m a lover of hashtags but this one makes me crazy 99% of the time, unless it’s in a purely sarcastic and funny way. I used it this morning on my Instagram post because as I was unloading groceries (from yesterday afternoon-I am soooo on top of things) I discovered this at the bottom: 803 more words

Mom Blogs

Mother's Day...a day late

I know. I know that you’re supposed to post Mother’s Day blog posts before the day itself. I know that you’re supposed to post a photo of your mom looking all hot and young with you as a cheeky grinning toddler on Mother’s Day.   767 more words

Mom Blogs

Hilarious Mothers Day Happenings

My 4yo is making me look like the WORST mom ever! For Mothers Day he wanted to draw me a Walking Dead picture. He commissioned his father to do the work and it was completed under John’s direction. 135 more words

Mom Blogs


We’re watching the Never Ending Story while folding the Never Ending Laundry.