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Opinions... Everybody Has One. 

This is a rant. My rant for the day, & it’s something I feel so strongly about.. I DO NOT appreciate rudeness or snarky comments about me, my child, family, or my decisions for my family..

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Never Ending Cycle 

This subject is on the never ending cycle of laundry. Before I became a parent laundry was something I utterly despised. Not to mention I had a job where I was in a uniform so I really really needed those cleaned; & only did laundry when I absolutely needed to. 425 more words


Teething, Rashes, & Exhaustion

Recently my daughter Evelyn has been showing some serious signs of teething. She has had white caps on her gums since she was 3 months old. 293 more words


My Kids' Quotes of the Week

As my kids begin speaking more, I find myself desperately trying to remember their funny comments. A few years ago, I started a quote book for my daughter and I love being able to fill it up more. 401 more words


Been a working mom, and the struggle to balance it all

I have been crazy busy in the past few days, and been off the blog in moments like these made me feel nostalgic about the… 632 more words

Pictures from the Pumpkin Patch

As a typical autumn season tradition, we visited a pumpkin patch yesterday. We had a wonderful new friend who invited us to join her and her daughter with their MOPS group at a local little farm. 316 more words


Beef Stew and A TimeHop Rewind

Let me tell you something, a good crock pot meal can turn any day around. I posted this recipe one year ago today and in honor of… 439 more words

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