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Mom guilt and anxiety 

Now that I am older I have realized that I have suffered from anxiety pretty much my whole life. When we’re little, I don’t think we are aware of why we act or feel a certain way within certain experiences/situations. 1,253 more words


Grace in the chaos.

Chaos. My life, as I know it, is chaos.

At home, the never-ending needs of my small children beckon my attention and instant response. From feedings to kissing boo-boos to bedtime battles to night wakings, there is never a dull moment. 460 more words


Of Business Trips, Mom Guilt, and Airplane Bathrooms

I’m writing this on a plane home from a work trip to Phoenix. The guy in front of me has graciously reclined his seat so my computer is tilted at an unnatural angle and I can barely see what I am typing. 1,556 more words


The Sippy Cup Problem

So we have a bit of a problem…sippy cups. Actually it’s not just sippy cups, it’s any type of drinking apparatus that is not a bottle. 411 more words


The day I met the Regina George of PTA

You have to walk a million miles in someone else’s shoes before you can truly know what she’s going through. You have no idea what goes on inside that mother’s home, the challenges she’s facing behind closed doors so before you open your mouth to criticize her parenting just so you can feel better about yourself, stop and think how this is going to make her feel.

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Lessons I Learnt When I was New to Baking

I was a terrible cook until a year back. My kids worshiped their nani or for that matter maasi when it came to good food. One day, sometime around the start of this year, I had had enough of it. 641 more words


Split second

This morning, we had a birthday party at a local playground. The kids were all 2-3 years old. I watched as other parents sat back and observed their kids playing while I chased after mine and made sure he didn’t hurt himself on the large play structure. 594 more words

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