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Finding Strength on the “I Can’t Do It Anymore” days

I can’t do this anymore”. It’s a phrase I find myself muttering at least a hundred times a day.

At 3:15am, when I’m standing alone in the darkness, patting, patting, patting the warm back of my tiny human. 639 more words

"I have food to eat that you know nothing about." - Jesus

This post is for those who have felt guilty for:

Not feeding their children organic foods…

or gluten-free…

or only farm-raised, cage-free, antibiotic free meat and eggs…. 1,080 more words

"Mom-Guilt"... It does exist

I’ve seen blogs about “mom-guilt”, I’ve read many of them and boy can I relate! Mom-guilt has to be one of the worst things EVERY! Seriously.   1,051 more words

Already guilty about being a bad parent?

I’ve seen so many posts, and read so many blogs, on the subject of guilt.

Things us mothers feel guilty for, even before our baby is born. 413 more words

Mommy has to go to work.

How am I supposed to leave you behind? How will I ever get through my day not having your nubby little fingers grasp at sweatpants as you try to take big boy steps? 285 more words


My "failure" with breastfeeding 

I don’t pretend to be knowledgeable in many things but after having two kids and dealing with the struggles of breastfeeding, bottle feeding, formula, and other feeding related topics I do feel like I have something to share that might be helpful to other mommies and any mommy-to-be. 747 more words


I am starting to think that mum guilt should be recognised as a new form of anxiety. Like anxiety, it’s not easy to get rid of, it is difficult to control, and it can be consuming and scary (what is more terrifying than the thought of not being a good enough mother to the people you love the most?!) 612 more words

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