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Mom Guilt: End of Summer Edition

Summer is winding down – some of you have already sent your kids back to school. My big kids go back after Labor Day, so we have a week left of summer fun. 2,547 more words

Encouragement, Dear Momma


Its’s one calling that can cause great guilt and insecurity in one fail swoop. 

The one calling that tests every ounce of grit and determination you possess.  890 more words

Quiet Morning just you and me!

Baby Sullivan,

I feel a lot of guilt about having to work and leave you all day. Often times I feel like I need to make up for it when I get home in the evenings. 203 more words

Working Mom

Friday vibes: August 19

This week I had my first taste of, what I assume will one day be, “working mom guilt.” I had a particularly great week in the office: pitched a winning idea to a client, caught wind of some exciting new projects, and got the creative juices flowing in some inspiring brainstorming sessions. 339 more words


It's Okay To Focus On Yourself

Mothers and women in general so often forget to take care of themselves. Society says we are selfish to prioritize our own self care. Aren’t we supposed to pour our… 552 more words

Jealous of his sickness

My hubby is sick. Nothing serious, just allergies that have him stuffed up and miserable. But, I’m feeling jealous. He took a 2 hour nap after work. 183 more words

The Part-Time Working Mom Guilt

Part-Time Working Mom Guilt (noun): the feeling of guilt when you miss your kids while at work combined with the feeling of guilt that you didn’t do enough on your day off… 436 more words

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