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The Balancing Act

Being a stay at home mom, I feel like I really should have it together all the time. But I don’t. It’s not even close. As a matter of fact, I am a mess. 737 more words


It took a 71 year old in shiny silver shoes and a leopard print jacket to remind me that even though I am a mum now, it’s ok to keep a piece of me ‘forever young’. 518 more words


Entertaining a toddler - your presence is enough

If you are exhausted and your chores are piling up because you spend (almost) all your waking hours entertaining your toddler (or preventing him/her from either destroying your house or flinging himself from the kitchen table), wake up ! 29 more words

School Of Life

It's OK to Judge, Just Don't Be a Jerk

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The first step is admitting you do it. The second step is doing it the right way. Read how to avoid being a jerk. 

San Francisco Moms Blog

A-Z Challenge J: Judgment day!

Today I want to talk about this phenomenon that occurs between women, especially mothers in which we are all judging each other. I try really hard not to but I can’t say I’ve never been guilty of thinking judgmental thoughts. 256 more words

I Hate Myself

So, my mom shows up for a visit, just in time yesterday. She lives about 12 hours away and is here for 11 days.

Last night, my daughter wakes up screaming. 907 more words

I think about killing myself

I would never ever actually do it. But, daily, almost, the thought pops into my head. Is this life really THAT bad?

My 2.5 year old is the strongest person I know. 599 more words