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It's Not Me, It's You

Dear Mom Guilt,

Listen…you’ve been there for me since the very beginning. Right from the time I poured myself a glass of third-trimester/doctor approved wine you’ve been hanging around. 519 more words

Musings, Rants, And Everything In Between

Pinterest. A fail may be a win.

I am someone who completely lacks creativity.  Actually, that’s not entirely true.  The entire truth is that I lack creativity AND ingenuity.   Ok, ok.  The entire entire truth is that I lack creativity and ingenuity….and I do not follow directions well. 910 more words

Taking Back the Village

Last year, I wrote a post about being kicked out of a so-called breastfeeding support group on Facebook for asking for advice on gently weaning my 13-month-old daughter. 1,130 more words


My Journey to Grace

After becoming a mom I began to notice all the criticism that gets heaped on new moms. Everyone has an opinion and they’re probably not keen on you doing things in a way that they deem “wrong”. 933 more words


It’s been a fairly brutal two weeks. I came down with what I termed #MomCold2015. It started off as sinus congestion with a little bit of a cough. 442 more words

Cabin Fever

The Blessing of Chia

Somewhere in my daily busyness I heard about a mom putting chia seeds in her child’s yogurt.  I googled “chia seeds” and read a few articles ( 173 more words

Mom Guilt: The Working Parent Edition

Want to hear something ironic? I work for a parenting magazine, and a huge part of my job is finding fun stuff for people to do with their kids and sharing the stuff I find with the community. 1,326 more words