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From mommy guilt to mommy grace.

The second you pee on a stick and get a positive pregnancy test mom-guilt will hit you.
Are you healthy enough to carry this baby? Eating enough? 661 more words

Mom Guilt

Why I'm done with BabyCenter & Dr Google

After about the up tenth time of the same conversation with my Mother, I have realized it’s time to get rid of Baby Center. I should have done it awhile ago after the last… 374 more words


Childcare Frustrations

Hillary Duff did an interview with Redbook last month – talking about being a divorced parent, of her four year old son, and all of the mom guilt associated along with it.  623 more words

Sick children, mom guilt and the weekend that was

This weekend I was up to my eyeballs dealing with a very sick little one.

Poor Willow has been struck down by a mystery illness and I have been struck down trying to figure out what the hell to do to make her feel better. 378 more words

South Africa

No Smoking

Sometimes I worry that I am a little too forthcoming as a parent. I swear in front of my children, I let them listen to all kinds of music, and am fairly lenient with what they watch, at least to an extent. 526 more words

Going Away 'Mom-guilt' Baking

‘What are your plans for the day?’

I work part-time so there are days in the week when I’m off. Sometimes, on these days, when my hard-working husband asks  767 more words


Why Being Pregnant Was The Worst Time Of My Life

They tell you that pregnancy will be the best time of your life, you’ll glow, be radiant and bask in the glory of new life! And don’t be mistaken, I did feel that way. 1,273 more words

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