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"Am I a Good Mother?"

Being a mom has got to be one of the most rewarding things. My baby brings me so much joy each and every day, sometimes my cheeks hurt from smiling so much! 544 more words


New name, new baby, new blog, same Sara

Welcome to the new blog!  Life has certainly changed since the Sara*ndipity days, and that felt like it necessitated a new blog.

The biggest change other than my last name?   533 more words


Please try to understand

I’m sitting in a closet. Preparing my baby’s next meals in an old, dusty closet that hasn’t been cleaned in only God knows how many years. 921 more words


A Lesson in Forgiveness

I’ve been avoiding this blog post.

Every time I go through my notes, I skip past the ones for this post.

Well, no day like today, right? 601 more words

The Guilt of Having the "Perfect Number" of Children

Story Time Mamas…

I’m going to get real with you. One thing that I have a really hard time with, is the pressure and internal guilt of “how many kids” is the ideal family? 241 more words


Big Emotions

I feel my phone buzzing in my pocket as I start to wash breast pump parts in the community sink at work.  It’s 7pm, bedtime.  My husband has called me so I can still be a part of my almost-4 year olds bedtime routine even though I am at work.   1,145 more words


Moms in closets...yes they are real

We have all seen the videos of the moms in their closets, Hiding from their kids. Sometimes they use funny filters to talk about being in said closet. 1,090 more words