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The other children in America

“You just have to tell your children that the other children in America need you more right now,” he said two years ago.

This weekend was Princess’ third dance recital. 877 more words

Boston Mom

Naked Writing Project:You Can Feel Panic and Thanks at the Same Time: It's Called Parenting. (Or 'Panks.')

There’s this thing where I fear my kids.

My anxiety is so tight around my neck that I can’t really breathe. I can’t catch my breath to attempt to keep up with them. 1,039 more words


Mom guilt is real. 

Satan does a good job stealing some of the joys of motherhood.

I felt bad I didn’t ever nurse my now 3 year old.

I felt bad the one time my ring scratched her. 497 more words

Mom guilt

I had to google last night, “my baby is annoying me” because yesterday was a bad day and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t the only mother in the world who felt this way. 550 more words



I feel very inadequate tonight.

Perhaps it’s because my afternoon at work today took a nosedive for the worse when I was reminded, yet again, about how a project I was leading keeps running into complications, nothing of which is my fault or in my control. 52 more words

We are all full time moms

If I were a person who drank coffee or alcohol, today would be one of those days I would be double fisting, one in each hand.  1,098 more words


Why the internet and parenting just don't mix.

Yes, I am aware I’m a parent on the internet but hear me out.

The internet is an amazing thing. We have all the information we could ever want  at our fingertips, literally. 796 more words