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 No Time Outs for Mommy!

Weekdays are insane once you become a parent. How many of you can relate to this routine?

It’s like Groundhog Day! My husband helps as much as he can, for which I’m very thankful. 1,277 more words

Mom Blog

Mom Guilt & Balance

Warning: written from a very vulnerable and honest perspective. #life

Dearest Lovelies, this mom guilt thing is not a concept…but this feeling is new to me. 316 more words

Working Mom

How NOT To Jump Off A High Dive...

You know what’s really hard to do when you are a Type A personality?

Not be a Type A personality.

As I mentioned in my last post I am on a journey of letting go of some perfectionist leanings.   901 more words


The Haunting

Just another morning spent slow-roasting over the fiery coals of Bad Mothering…

Son no. 1 complained of an earache last night and again this morning.  We’ve been in a stretch of decent health and we have play dates on the calendar, and as this is a Friday, this put us right on schedule for a kiddo to get ill.   869 more words

Mom's a Working Girl

Our daughter Lillie joined our family in April. After a very long week in the hospital, I was home on maternity leave with her for what seemed like the longest and simultaneously shortest 9 weeks of my life. 736 more words

Episode 5: Mom Guilt

Baes, if you’re a mom, you already know You’re Doing It All Wrong. Not only are you hashtag blessed, but you’re also probably hashtag guilt tripping 24×7. 57 more words


Midnight Coffee Break

I did it! I finished a whole cup of coffee without having to stop or get up! Mr.NoNonsensePants is asleep and I put Little E… 581 more words