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'Children should be seen and not heard': Why are Mothers made to feel guilty for leaving their homes?

Motherhood can be a very lonely existence without the right support networks; I have rambled on before about how integral I feel it is to… 960 more words


And then? Life happens...

So I’ve been quiet again for a few days – but making every effort to stay determined to keep blogging.

This weekend was absolutely fantastic, I planned my blog, got some free time, was completely and totally inspired by a blog I read about playing more and through that achieving all your goals – (more about that later this week) and I did play this weekend. 277 more words


On Balancing Everything

Today I did not wake up on the right side of the bed. And I didn’t wake up on the right side of the bed yesterday either. 677 more words

Mom Blog

Failure & Mommyhood

*Sorry, my grammar is all over the place in this one.

I think the one thing that has shocked me the most about becoming a Mom is that the past, my history, still counts for so much of my thoughts some days. 665 more words

The Exasperation of a Blank Baby Book

Blank. Just blank. The empty page after empty page of my eight-month-old’s baby book stared at me in accusation. Even his name wasn’t filled in. Really? 546 more words


in which I find that spy novels really resonate with me

The Expats with some laundry. TOPICAL! Yes, I moved some of my husband’s underwear to the bottom of the pile before taking this photo, because he asked me to stop putting photos of his underwear on the internet. 858 more words

The Squeaky Wheel

It has been said:

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

As head “emotion and behavior mechanic” of our family, I must say there is undeniable truth in this old adage. 1,518 more words