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"Mom Guilt": Leveller?

I had a quick conversation with a good friend last night, and it occurred to me that the “Mom Guilt” we were both discussing feeling was might actually just be an inevitable part of parenting. 396 more words


I can not choose the side that breaks my heart

I don’t let more than 5 seconds go by once I even hear the faintest cry come from my child. And for anyone who wants to shame that, please by all means, go ahead! 642 more words


Diary of a (hormonal) housewife

Mom guilt.  Yes, it is a thing.  Tonight I had to single parent the toddler, infant and puppy (my husband is attending a work engagement).  At best, it can be said that I tried.  800 more words

Let's Get Real: Will The "Mom Guilt" Ever Go Away?

The other day, Luke asked me why I didn’t go on his class field trip with him and went on to tell me that the “other moms” were there. 551 more words

Chicago Life

Teachers Deserve More, But All I Have is This Gift Card

My son just finished his first year of kindergarten.  It was a year of scholastic firsts.  He brought home his first report card, I chaperoned his first field trip, and he gave his first book report (Kenya).  360 more words


Oh hey Mom Guilt, long time no see. You can leave now.

Mom Guilt: A sense of guilt as a mother revolves around the fear of not doing enough or not being “present” (both literally and figuratively) at all times. 734 more words


Just a quick one...

“Something has changed within me, something is not the same…” My vocabulary that is.

I no longer use sentences like “I’m off to take my shower” or “I’m gonna get a cup of coffee” or “I’m going to the supermarket” 445 more words