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A Cat Confession

Last week I was ranting to my husband about needing to know the statistics on death by cat tripping at the top of the stairs. 978 more words


Stay at home mom

Ahhh so it’s happening! Week one of being a stay at home mom was a success … dare I say, though, that I am no less tired than when I was also working from home? 212 more words


I Swear Whoever Came Up with Screen Time Guidelines Must Not Have Kids

Do you know how much screen time (TV, iPad, DVD, computer use etc) your children are meant to be having each day? Well, according to the… 792 more words


Growing up too fast.... 

My son is going to be 14 months in a few days… I remember when he was about 4 months old I was so stressed out and thinking when will he just be able to play by himself for a bit?! 275 more words

Change is Nature's Way of Saying STOP SCREWING THIS UP

As a writer, I think this is beautiful. As a mother, I am horrified. HORRIFIED. And disgusted. You have a fucking village, you savages! I’ve got a village of 5 people and 4 of them work full time but we still manage to take care of my kid. 50 more words

Mom Life

Sometimes you have a bad day, and that is ok

Squishy was in a great mood this morning, and couldn’t wait to leave for adventure school. He woke up with a smile on his face. The dreams last night were fun and exciting, not scary at all. 410 more words

Nature School

Mom Guilt

As a working mom, I both dread and dream for Back to School in the Fall.  I dread it because I really do love being homework free, seeing the kids behave like kids and not have to suffer through study and project stress, and I love that there is an atmosphere of calm around our apartment.   765 more words