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Pumping At Work: The Everything-You-Need-To-Know Guide for Working Moms

There’s no other way to say it. Pumping at work is a pain in the ass! I know… I’ve now been doing it for 16 months. 2,518 more words

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Life is in the Blood: The Gospel According to Biology

Life is in the blood.

Every month we bleed, we lose a bit of our life.

We bleed when we miscarry, we lose the life of another. 315 more words


Is Back Always Best?

I am writing, once again, at 1am. It has been awhile since I have written a post at this time, but I can’t sleep. I guess all moms are up at this time at some point. 527 more words


8 months a madre: a mantra

This past Sunday Mo hit eight months. He is sitting up like a pro, laughing at things that tickle his funny bone, gaining the first of his teeth and eating solids. 807 more words


What kind of mom are you?


I’m a worrier.  A worrywart my grandmother called it.  I worry about what others think even though I may claim not to.  Goodness knows I try not to worry about who may be judging me, but sometimes it just sneaks up on me.   828 more words


Advice for Women Entrepeneurs

Since founding APPCityLife six years ago, I’ve often vacillated between guilt and gratitude – guilt over not being a stay-at-home mom anymore and gratitude for the many opportunities for growth.  725 more words

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Why I'm Devastated that my Baby is Enjoying DayCare

Yesterday, I picked Austin up from the Childminder. He was flying along in his walker with his Batman cape fluttering behind him. He cried when he saw me and put his arms up for me to lift him, but he couldn’t fool me – he had been smiling. 518 more words