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Unbearable Smugness

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And for once I’m not (just) talking about cheating ex-spouses.

Kid #3 has been pretty excited about the opportunity to go on a school trip to France. 517 more words

The Present

What's your morning like?

Some days you wake up and you feel like you have it all together?  Wait…That is not me at all.  I wake up every morning after hitting snooze for the at least fourth time.   414 more words


Day 8: Moms Have to Stop Being So Hard on Themselves. #PositiveMomChallenge

Why are we so damn tough on ourselves as moms? We receive these “rules”, people constantly telling us “you should do this” and hear an overwhelming amount of  “well I did this and it worked fine for me” from people who should have no say in how we raise our children. 319 more words

Mommie's Growing Up

Today was a first, my first day leaving my kids home with Grandma sick while I went to work. It has gotten to the point that my job just can’t be rescheduled when the kids are sick. 646 more words


Mom Guilt

It has been a very interesting journey being a working mom. Before I was pregnant my husband and I decided I would be a working mom. 668 more words


Let’s talk a little about business travel. This isn’t a new topic for me, but it tends to be top of mind when I’m about to go on a business trip. 800 more words

Other Thoughts

The Bitterness In My Parenting

I was chatting with a friend and a seasoned mom about her grown kids, and how she’s moved on to grandma status. She was marveling over how big my kids are already. 606 more words