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Oh the guilt

There is nothing quite like breaking down in tears while talking to your ex husband and having him try to comfort you to make you feel both dirty and small. 592 more words

Random Rantings

5 Tips for Vacationing without Kids

You’re offered a vacation for you and your significant other, all expenses paid. Doesn’t that sound exciting and completely awesome?

The hubs and I had the opportunity to take a 5-day business related cruise to Cozumel. 432 more words

Working Mom

Is Working Full Time Making Me A Bad Mother?

I’ve been on all sides of the mom fence: stay at home mom, part time working mom, and full time working mom. I did each of those roles both married, and now single. 1,396 more words


The Guilty List

Why do we carry so much guilt as mothers? I am constantly feeling like I don’t do enough, give enough and sometimes care enough. Such a heavy emotional burden we carry as mothers. 212 more words

Mom Life

You have gifts. Now, use them!

I was watching a show the other day and one guy said to another, “Good on you.” Now, basically, it’s just the equivalent of “good job” or “congratulations,” but it just has a little something more to it. 506 more words

Mom Talk

Mom of the Year (#MOTY)

It’s a phrase I hear at least weekly out of my own mouth or from a friend or complete stranger in passing at Target who’s managing a toddler, a baby, grocery shopping, and birthday gift shopping all at once.  867 more words


30 days. 30 minutes. The Challenge Week 1.

So week 1 is winding down. I started the challenge on Thursday April 9th. And for 30 days I’ve committed to spending a minimum of 30 minutes per day doing only one thing. 771 more words