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Dear Disney, or whatever company wants to make us another princess movie....

Sooooo I was sitting with my daughters watching “The Princess and the Frog” for millionth time, and while I appreciate Tiana.

I downright love and adore her… 825 more words

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Self Gifting: My Hack to a Little Extra Happiness

Saying it outloud sounds funny.

I buy gifts for myself to bring myself some happiness.

Self gifting is a little way we can pamper ourselves. We are our own best friend, I mean we are stuck with ourselves forever right? 172 more words

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Hair Tip - How to Humidity-Proof Your Hair

Real Simple has some amazing articles about hair care!

This article I ran across on Twitter and it had some ideas I started using for my curly, “humidity sensitive” hair – even the simple change of washing your hair with cooler water (um yeah it’ll wake you up a little more in the morning) made a difference with my curls. 15 more words

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Anxiety and Kids - Ways to Help Them Manage


Growing up in West Virginia, I have little memory of anyone talking about anxiety. It was never a hot topic at school. No one on the news seemed to discuss it (although I am not sure I ever really paid attention to the news growing up). 1,687 more words

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Baby #2...?

In a normal world having a baby is always a little bit scary. Having already had a baby it is such an amazing experience. Knowing that we got exactly what we were wishing for was so cool. 409 more words

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Strawberries are delicious! They are small beautiful vibrant red berries packed with sweetness, Vitamin C and antioxidants. They are neatly packaged and sold in supermarkets all over the country. 329 more words

PB + Oat Energy Bites + HUGE SURPRISE!

‼️SURPRISE‼️ I launched a YouTube channel! My first ever video is the beginning of a series called Bake w/ Char! In case you’re new here, Charlotte is my 2 & a half year old who LOVES to bake + take foodie photos with me, so naturally she had to be in the launch of my channel. 291 more words