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Not So Typical Mom

I’m not your typical mom. I always thought I would be. On my journey of motherhood God decided in his wisdom to give me one incredible boy with ASD and one incredible boy with motor delays and well, our family can seem a little quirky.   576 more words


I’m so tired I can’t see straight.  My last post was an all day affair; I just couldn’t get going.  I’m going to bed in about 30 seconds, or as long as it takes to post this little ditty.   67 more words

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There's a War Going On...

And I’m not referring to conflicts in other countries.  No, this conflict is going on right inside my house.  It’s the tupperware/container wars.  I’m guessing everybody has this.   461 more words

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Loquacious, garrulous, chatty or talkative.  These are the adjectives that describe Buzzard.  Considering where we started, this is something of a miracle.

As I’ve said before, when Buzzard was 2, he was diagnosed with autism.   634 more words

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Lost Children

Traveling with children is such an experience of fun, excitement and heartburn.  The squabbles, the impatience (when are we going to get there? a gazillion times), the bathroom breaks.   789 more words

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Hiatus Over

My hiatus is over, so all of you who signed up to be notified of posts will now be pestered once more.

Yesterday I had something happen to me that hadn’t happened in a while.  458 more words

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