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Oh Crap, There's Stupid in the Water

I think we have an epidemic of stupid in my town. Seriously, maybe they’re putting drugs in the water or something because the moms in my town that are on Facebook are seriously lacking in the brainpower and reading comprehension departments. 498 more words


I don't normally judge parents except....

I don’t normally judge parents except when I see something that is really going wrong. I may not have seen how your child was acting before, lady in the car at the gas station, and maybe he deserved a little talking to and an explanation that his behavior needed to change, but he did NOT deserve a bottle of water/Gatorade/whatever it was to be thrown in his face and to be yelled at and threatened! 728 more words

First Time Mom

Mom Rant: Bus Stops

Today’s mom rant is brought to you by our local school system.

Last Friday, the school district published a list of bus stops. My oldest is entering kindergarten and she has 2 younger siblings. 292 more words


How I Became a Morning Person

I was always a night owl. I think I embodied the term well in every sense, except for maybe having feathers – I enjoyed staying up late, ate more at night, and had more energy at night as well. 694 more words

Mom Rant: YMCA Swimming Lessons

In case anyone doesn’t know, I have 3 young kids. Two of my kids are old enough to want to play in the water and swim and be goofy in the summer. 1,050 more words


Nursing swim suit friendly 

So, yesterday as I was hanging out at the beach, it was hot and gross, and there was no way I was going to bring out the nursing cover.. 385 more words



I really want to apologize to my kids. I fucked up and completely miscalculated. Not a big surprise, knowing how much I suck at math and science. 947 more words

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