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I'm too old for this shit.

We took the youngest to the trampoline park today for Tot time. I learned several things today, such as “time does not heal all things”, shown today by my empty bladder that still cannot jump on a trampoline without a little bit of surprise dribble added in for extra fun. 475 more words


Sleep is the greatest thing on the planet...

Why does the bed time routine with kids take so long? I do not understand, some day you are going to regret all the lost minutes of sleep you let slip away trying to avoid nap or bed time. 580 more words


I have good news and bad news

Well, the good thing is that about 45 days ago I signed up for 30 day challenge at a HIIT30 gym here in my town and  even though I didn’t go as many times as I would have liked, I actually lost weight. 68 more words

Swim lessons save lives.

My son was about 2 years old when he jumped butt naked into the deep end of a friend’s pool when no one else was in there, his dad dove in after him, but he had already kicked himself to the surface. 644 more words


Board games - starting fights one spin at time.

I hate most board games. I do not say that lightly, I mean it wholeheartedly.

We start out as kids on easy games like checkers, Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders. 409 more words


School pick ups infuriate me!

Why can’t people park in a space or pull into the actual pickup lane if they believe they have a faster walking child than the rest of us who have dawdlers? 63 more words

Mom Rant

Am I the only one driven crazy by Youtubers?

As I sit upstairs in bed typing this, my son is watching football on the TV and some obnoxious youtuber is ranting very loudly on another “screen” aka his phone, about college football (I had to ask what the hell the topic was of this particular video because I couldn’t even understand through all the ranting). 451 more words