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Board games - starting fights one spin at time.

I hate most board games. I do not say that lightly, I mean it wholeheartedly.

We start out as kids on easy games like checkers, Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders. 409 more words


Germs...like Jesus are everywhere.

I think of the song “Every Breathe You take” (The Police) – every cough you fake, every sneeze you make, I’m inhaling you. Every single day, every word you say, even more escape, I’m inhaling you. 589 more words


School pick ups infuriate me!

Why can’t people park in a space or pull into the actual pickup lane if they believe they have a faster walking child than the rest of us who have dawdlers? 63 more words

Mom Rant

Am I the only one driven crazy by Youtubers?

As I sit upstairs in bed typing this, my son is watching football on the TV and some obnoxious youtuber is ranting very loudly on another “screen” aka his phone, about college football (I had to ask what the hell the topic was of this particular video because I couldn’t even understand through all the ranting). 451 more words


"What do your kids want for Christmas?"

Tis the season.

I get this question a lot this time of year, obviously. As a Mama, I know what my kids want and I’m begging you to listen to what I have to say before you buy any kid a present. 245 more words

Family Issues

The dad bod is not sexy ! 

Why is it that men feel after they get married and there’s a kid in the mix they can give up.


No you can’t ! 335 more words


First Summer Done.

Well it’s been a great summer and this week it is officially over. The last time I blogged about how my son was not eating. Well to all mommas out there the eating has begun and it is fierce! 276 more words

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