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Woah, a rant out of no where!

Well I didn’t really want my first post back in some time to be a rant but hey, here we are and I’m ranting.

What in actual f—— is going on with people? 605 more words

Single Mom Weekend

Not sure if this is how things will keep going… It’s definitely opened my eyes.

It started on Friday.. I went to the parents house to hang out and get out of the apartment when my significant other went to work. 739 more words

Can I Get A 'Hell Yeah' For Mediocre Parenting?!

I admit it. I was one of those moms that said, “my kid will never …” I thought I had a say in how my kid’s personalities would form. 981 more words

Momma Has Lost Her Mind.

What kind of man are you raising?

(Putting a note out there. This post has my Christian beliefs at it’s core. I am no one aside from my faith so it is integrated into my thoughts and perceptions, and how I live my life. 2,139 more words

Encourage Sons

An Inconvenient Celebration?

I love the holiday season. I love the festive lights, the feelings of goodwill and the stories of our various beliefs and how we all celebrate in our unique and special ways. 891 more words

What Really Happened

“Student of the Month” is Stupid

“I’m pretty much guaranteed to never be Student of the Month,” my oldest son tells me. He is in the third grade. This is a harsh thing for an 8 year-old to believe. 863 more words


6 Particularly Irritating Baby Trends

I’m easily irritated lately.  And I’m learning that I, ah, just don’t understand some baby trends.

I had no idea most of these were even… 1,080 more words