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Feet on the beach

My tiny feet did not touch the sand,
big human said, there were twigs and pebbles that would hurt.
But i giggled so much, the air was so clean, i fell asleep out of schedule. 15 more words


Goulash and Pea Salad

I have always enjoyed my mom’s cooking.  I’m sure it was a blessing to my mom that I was never a picky eater, but that is not to say that I would not have been able to tell if her food was bad.   280 more words



Soup / Beaf, Green Pepper, Clam

GoMye0ng / Zucchini, Oninon, Minced Meat, Spring Oninon

Noodle / Flour

And Mixed all those up.


Kimchi are for Banchan… 25 more words


Messing with my baby's sleep (and other triumphs)

We had a really flukey odd occurrence last Saturday. I had intended to slowly ease Leni off her bedtime bottle (a directive from her pediatrician), but on Saturday she just wouldn’t sleep the whole darn day for some reason. 937 more words


Day 49: Solid Foods

The little guy is already over 5 months, and that means we are starting to bring solid foods in more regularly with him.  What a trip! 714 more words


My Kingdom for a Poodle Barrette

I’ve been a little stressed. Between performing, editing book three in The Tethering Series, and getting the blog tour for the release of book two ready along with brushing my teeth, I’ve had a lot on my plate. 294 more words


Let's Talk Postpartum Personal Hygiene

So you just had your baby, and you are feeling a whirlwind of emotions. You are extremely tired and have so many thoughts and concerns racing through your mind. 700 more words