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Mom's special day

Mom’s birthday outing on Thursday went as well as it could, perhaps even better then most expected. She had zero problems with anything and her face lit up as the celebration of life returned to her face and she smiled from ear to ear without any prompts. 146 more words


A Pantone 2132 C night

We close our minds to the things we do not want to see.

We hold on to the idea of what we think is right. 123 more words

Heart Out


Every time I see a peanut or a peanut product I feel a very strong need to shower and scrub myself down before touching little man. 87 more words


Day 1 But Really Day 3

So as I was eating a candy bar at my desk while my co-worker next to me was eating her healthy kid-day snack, I realized I should be eating better. 181 more words


Getting Closer

Wednesday I made dinner and I asked Joe to cut up a few pieces of chicken for the kids (Kai’Dyn, Riot, and TJ’s niece and nephew). 623 more words

Suicide Awareness


I know that siblings do not always get along. I have a brother, I remember what it was like when we lived under the same roof. 273 more words

Our Biltmore Trip

As you might have read previously, we took Mom to Biltmore in Asheville North Carolina for her birthday. Although it rained everyday we still had a good time and a couple rainbows to brighten up our day. 229 more words