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Moms Night out 

“My level of Maturity depends on who I’m with”

I did it, I’ve been drinking dancing and wondering why I’m not with mini monster.

But I had fun, although I couldn’t remember the last time I came home drunk at 00.15 AM


The Unicorn Onesie

My daughter and I went to Target the other day to use up her gift card from her 8th birthday, which was 3 months ago (I know, I suck)  We walked through the clothes aisles and looked at all the adorable dresses and shorts. 535 more words

I Cried

I got home from a long day at work.  My in-laws are gone.  Mr. MPB had to go to an evening meeting.  So upon arriving home I promptly took Baby MPB for the evening to soak up as many snuggles and laughs as possible. 596 more words


Tuesday, September 27th

Still nothing new to report! Mom is the same. Her Aunt Agnes (who lives in Quebec and is quite old now) called me all upset and concerned because she wasn’t able to understand my mom on the phone anymore. 345 more words

Thank You,Mom.

Thank you mom,

Thank you for sweeping my bedroom floor when you know I’m coming home.

Thank you for changing the bed sheet and sending my comforter to the laundry service so I would have a blanket eventhough its 39 degree out there. 138 more words

Mission Possible

Moving Miss A To Her Own Room

12 months old- That was the age we were aiming for, following SIDS guidelines, to move Miss A into her own room. When she was born that felt like forever away. 830 more words