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Eating out: Pizza Express

Before a spot of Christmas shopping we decided to treat ourselves and go out for lunch today, but where would be suitable for a toddler? The little tyke is active, easily bored and a bit of a messy eater at the moment. 469 more words


Tension and Turntables

It was a typical Saturday in that the boys were oscillating between playing nicely and pushing each others’ buttons. In an attempt to keep the peace and remove a certain younger brother from the mix, I retrieved our old record player from the basement. 510 more words


Shaving cream!?

There are two bottles/cans(?) of shaving cream/gel(?) in my bathroom cabinets. I’m a little unsure of what they’re called as I’ve not really had any men living in my house. 174 more words

Bandaids and Lollipops 

I sat across the table yesterday from a group of women who were broken, tough, battle scarred and had walls a mile high.

They looked me in the eye and said, “we don’t trust anyone.” We met for 1.5 hours. 690 more words


My Pregnancy.. in short

I’ll start by saying that everyone’s story is different. Not all pregnancies are the same and not everyone is supposed to feel a certain way about them. 507 more words