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Letter to Zeke

I know a lot of mothers talk to their babies while they’re still in the womb, but I just feel too silly doing so. A letter seems much better suited for something like this. 413 more words

These are MY Boys.

I don’t know a lot about racism from experience; after all, I am white. I am not mistaken for any other race. I have however, been working with a group of boys from a local school. 990 more words


Bipolar Mom

There’s so much stigma surrounding mental illness. So many people have something to say about a condition that most don’t understand. I am a bipolar mom of two girls, a newborn and a four year old and everyday is an adventure. 689 more words


Last Week's Activities

Just a few things we did last week.

The Baker family came to visit!


And then, we went to Saint George, UT and saw When You Wish at Tuacahn Amphitheater.


Mother Muse Search: Winner Stories

We hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Summer day and these stories of the lovely mothers we are proud to call our clients!


Gloomy days are nice sit and think days

This summer so far has been pretty wet and gloomy. There’s been some nice and warm days, and some gross muggy days but I actually like the days that are a little chilly and rainy. 639 more words


Setting Yourself Up for Success! Long Range Planning Part 1 – The "To Do List"

Okay, so this was not originally going to be my next post, but I was encouraged after reading my former colleague Susan Riley’s (now current Education Closet professor’s) post on her website regarding her long range vision/plan. 1,012 more words