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My 8th Birthday

Here are all the pics from my amazing 8th birthday that included a backyard camp-themed party. Camp Beawaka! Woo hoo!!!


Beautiful End to a Training Day

December 5, 2020

I took this picture last night at sunset. It was a beautiful exclamation point. Yesterday was my mother’s birthday. She celebrates with the angels now. 191 more words


A little update

So today has been very relaxing.
Mom got me the ice cream I was craving, I already ate it. It was delicious! She bought these icecream bars called magnums, double chocolate and strawberry kind, yum! 102 more words


Sleep, it's such a precious thing.

It’s been awhile, y’all!! Life happens, and I honestly just didn’t feel inspired to write anything that I thought anyone would care about. Although, I don’t know if anyone cares to read about anything I feel inspired to write about anyways, but I at least like to think there’s one person! 730 more words

Mom Says...#3

Today I lost “The Great Battle of Remote” against my brothers. Soon after, with all hands-on deck, an intense video game battle commenced. Aware of the fact, that this gaming session is now gonna be a whole day event, I retreated to my room. 159 more words


Working out with three kids during Covid

May 2020- December 2020

I talked about this a little in a previous post but had so many people comment or message me recently about how I look. 1,225 more words