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Dance, then, wherever you may be

Back when she went by Peggy Jo, rolled her dungarees and flipped her hair, my mother used to jitterbug across the smooth, waxed floor of her parent’s basement. 379 more words

Christmas Cards 2016 - #3

Mom – “You need to decide what cards to send to the Nan…. And your Nan and Grandad and Aunt and your Dad and cousins and…. 44 more words


226: Lights

Christian Bale Christmas lights.

btw, I wrote a Dragon Ball fan-comic recently if that’s your thing: https://gumroad.com/l/yjetq

Scramble Bouquet

Daily Post 149: A Rainy, Lost Tuesday

I’ve wanted it to rain for days now. Maybe even weeks. I’ve wanted it to be dark and cloudy outside while water pelts against my window, cooling the earth outside and letting a hush fall over the small space that is my world. 1,836 more words

Daily Post

Absolute Disgust

To say I’m livid would be the understatement of the year. My seven year old child was sent to the office today with a cheese sandwich and a carton of milk for lunch. 209 more words

Teen Remembers Late Mother With Musical Christmas Display

DEMAREST, N.J. — A Demarest teen is keeping up with a tradition he started in 2010 to lift his family’s spirits following his mother’s death.



Dear Santa: Lose the Elf on the Shelf...A Parent's Christmas List

Dear Santa:

So, here we are again. Christmas time. A time of generosity, warmth and love. And presents, and malls, and Santa pictures, and creepy Elves on Shelves and entitled children, and crowds, and over-priced wrapping paper, and Christmas baking, and mess, and … *sigh* 811 more words