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The Toughest Mom

Mom will never get to read this so I’m going to expose her. On Tuesday, May 21st, 2019, at 13:10, I suddenly felt the need to write about what has been circulating inside my head for days. 558 more words

My Poor Mom

My mom wasn’t poor, it was just a bit sad that she didn’t have a normal child in me.

Even sadder was that she didn’t have another amazing child like my little brother Ryan, she had me instead. 666 more words

Strange But Never Mundane.

Spot signs of Sepsis in your baby! Without checking their temperature 🤒

Spotting signs of Sepsis in your baby early is so important.

I had never heard so Sepsis before my baby was diagnosed at 8 weeks. 172 more words


Alphabet Soup Name Craft

Today in Preschool land, I decided to do an activity specifically aimed at my older children to help them with letter recognition and recognizing the letters in their names. 204 more words


Amy’s egg fast day one!

So. I started this little egg fast yesterday. I figured out on Friday that I’d be starting on Monday… so when I woke up found myself up 2lbs than my steady plateau weight of 153-155 (so I weighed in at 157 and some odd ounce… damn the wine I had consumed over the weekend) I knew there was no time like now to start. 641 more words


Children are...

Children are a blessing…

Children are a gift…

Children are a blessing…

Children are a gift…

Children are a pain in my…blessing…

Children are a gift… 206 more words


Packing The Lily Jade Anna Diaper Bag

When finding out I was pregnant the first time around, the thought of having to possibly never use my purses really sadden me. I never thought I’d be so highly obsessed with diaper bags as I am now haha. 537 more words