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So Now I Am a Mom

Now that I am about to have my third kid, I’m thinking it is time to become a full-time Mom. You’d think I already was a full-time Mom, wouldn’t you? 395 more words


30.05.2015 - First Visit from the Midwife


The midwife came today for my first visit. She was really nice which I’m so happy about – I’m still feeling really nervous about everything. 193 more words


Why I Do And Don't Blame My Mother

I remember being about 7 years old, sitting in the passenger seat of my mom’s car. It was dark out, and there was a ton of traffic on Boston Road. 1,358 more words

2 Books Guaranteed to Help Clear Your Path! (Part 2)

We all have memories as kids in social situations that stick with us, most of them lessons we could apply to our lives today. Do you ever think about how you would have handled the situation differently if you had a higher level of confidence or emotional stability? 374 more words


Why we love the Derek Shepherds of the world

After becoming chronically ill in February, my couch and I became fast friends.  Always an active girl, I never laid around on the couch all day, but it seemed to be the only place I could go.   1,055 more words

"Where's Mom? I Need Mom!"

Barclay must have been begging for help during the night without a mother to hear his desperate pleas. Kay (Mom) has been out of town for a week. 512 more words


Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!!!!!

So today is my mom and dad’s 34th wedding anniversary! Hurray! Congratulations to my wonderful parent’s for being able to put up with each other for thirty-four whole years and are STILL going strong! 223 more words