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Things they don't tell you about motherhood

When people find out you’re pregnant, they automatically offer advice. Here’s how to do this, be ready for that, don’t worry if ____ happens — you know the drill. 559 more words

My Center

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I want to be the center of her World

I want to know her joys, her struggles, her fears, her angers, her hurts, her loves, and her broken hearts… 239 more words

Last weeks milestones 

Last week brought a lot of firsts and milestones for L

  • Baptized
  • First solid poop
  • Rolled over and now sleeps on his belly
  • First time in a swing…
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I’ve always been somewhat of a hypochondriac.
I freak out over just the smallest cold, cut, or cough.
I have any type of symptom and immediately go to WebMD and diagnose myself. 1,522 more words

Your child. Online. Smart idea?

Ok, so we all know a friend who is obsessed with posting photos and videos of their kids on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and whatever other options are out there. 961 more words

Dad Stuff

Asher's Arrival: My Labor and Delivery Story

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this blog, which is not what I wanted to happen. Living in the middle of nowhere with shit internet access is really taking it’s toll on all of my technological hobbies. 1,019 more words


You the Daddy!

I have thought about Dad-blogging for the last 9 months… but I just haven’t managed to take the step. Well, I figured it was time to man-up and get it out there. 412 more words