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I sing. They sing. We all sing in Korean.

That one time I auditioned for a Korean classical music composer:

It was an interesting month before I auditioned for Lee Ahn Sam, who according to my Mother-In-law, is a world-famous Korean composer and Juilliard graduate. 881 more words


All hail the Nurses!

His screams filled our house on an hourly basis. Sleep was not an option. I assured myself nothing was wrong, however I could not for the life of me, figure out how to stop my tiny human from screaming. 872 more words

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things – Ward Edition

I think when you’re pregnant, people just buy you all kinds of stuff, and you register for all kinds of stuff, because stuff is cool and cute, and WHY NOT?! 1,255 more words


#Gingerbaby: An Origin Story

We went into getting pregnant with a pretty open mindset. “There’s no way we’ll get pregnant right away because it takes years for some people.” Turns out we aren’t some people. 714 more words


Fritz The Elephant

Fritz woke up on a Monday morning with the faintest feeling that he was forgetting something. This made Fritz somewhat worried, as he was an elephant, and elephants are known for their impressive memory. 618 more words




Pritha’s Perspective


Home is where heart is. And heart is where your family is! Our family is where we belong .Where everyone is different in their own way and has a whole new perspective towards life. 1,443 more words


Starters Here, Mains There & Dessert.

One of my fondest food memories started at one end of Sea Point and ended on the other.

I grew up in Cape Town with my mom. 313 more words

Cape Town