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Taming the Toddler Tantrums

Ok Mama… here we go again. It’s Tuesday Morning, and your sweet little angel does NOT want to go to school. There are tears, and screaming… a lot of screaming. 745 more words



I woke up the morning of November 20, 2017 like any other morning at 5:20am, prepared to take the pups outside, feed them, and start making hubby’s breakfast for when he needs to walk out the door. 552 more words


Uterine Lining and Estrogen Level Check

Whew! Just made it back from our adventure today. We spent more time in the car than in the clinic — it (I swear to you) took 20 minutes total by the time we checked in to the time we left the clinic to do everything. 217 more words

Gestational Carrier

Dear Mommas

Dear Momma,

You love your family so dearly. No one else could ever love them like you. From the moment you knew you were expecting your entire life changed. 520 more words

Growing up....

Tonight was my sons last high school football game and thier Thanksgiving. Game and would you know tonight was the night he gets an injury and it had to be his knee … he is a runner track and hurdler and I feared this when he said he wanted to play football his last season of high school . 311 more words


A short story
By Rebecca Ramdhan

     There are many stories that float around about having one parent instead of two. Stories that differ from mine, because people are different, and you can’t just guess as to what happens in someone’s life. 982 more words