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What pretty flowers she said
While reaching out to touch them
Before napping again
Until eyes opened unseeing
To be closed by gentle hands of war… 37 more words


A Bend in Time

When I’m giddy (that word makes me laugh every time I read it and I’m not quite sure why) with excitement time tends to slow down. 236 more words


Sleep Training?

See that beautiful girl?

This is Miss Penelope Rose-Lynn. She is our last baby. There are four of them. Ages 12, 8, 2 and Penny who is 9 months old.

761 more words

Talent is overrated 

I’m pretty sure there’s book dedicated to this topic and if that’s the case it must be true.

Ok this is in no way bashing those incredibly gifted individuals but I just don’t think talent is necessary. 470 more words


God Has Not Given Us a Spirit of Fear

Have you heard about the mom who saw someone watching her son at Costco? Or how about the mom who swears her daughters were being targeted for sex trafficking at Target? 938 more words

Mom's Musings - 12/30/63 and 12/31/63

“Saw Steven in the afternoon – He drank 4 ozs. of formula – looks like Philip only he has a rounder face and fatter cheeks.  Spoke to Philip on the phone; he kept repeating ‘paint a wall’ and ‘wagon’.” 77 more words


Quick Tip Tuesday: One Weird thing!

Okay, so… the tip this Tuesday is a bit weird. Bear with me. I discovered this very early in my mom life. My son was 5 or 6 months and he wouldn’t stop crying. 370 more words