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Motivational Monday

It’s time to set new goals and work hard! Forget the things that may try to take your happiness and press on toward your goals!


I'm not just a MOM, I'm a Bodyguard too :)!!!

I’m always thankful for mornings where I don’t have to stand guard by my son’s bed. Ms. Alba has been doing an amazing job interacting with her brother today and I couldn’t be more proud. 129 more words


Who has made me be the person I am today? My friend and I talked about how children grow up to mimic certain traits and actions their parents display, and I immediately thought of my mom. 726 more words


Walking alone....


It’s been about a month since the last time I heard your voice. It hasn’t gotten any easier. As I was walking to work today I wanted to pick up the phone and call you and tell you UGH WHAT A MONDAY MORNING! 314 more words



Celebrated Mom’s 60th Birthday on 25th March in Bangkok…Sharing a poem I wrote for her…


The Girl With A Heart Of Gold

Balances Being Subtle & Bold… 111 more words

60 Years

Small Tribute

My Mom won the battle but lost the war. She finally out-prayed her myriad of friends. They would come to visit her in the nursing home and always leave by telling her, “I’m praying for you Dorothy.” They just didn’t understand that Dorothy had her own prayer, “I’m ready, Lord, please let it be tonight. 366 more words

The 5 Internet Habits of Highly (Un)Motivated SAHMs

You’re a stay at home Mom? What do you do all day?
Oh not much really. Raising kids, cleaning, doing laundry that never gets done. 501 more words