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The Hidden Blessing: Father

Before I say anything, I have a question for you all.

What is the Blessing?

It’s one of those questions that won’t have a variety of answers. 810 more words


Banana Peanutbutter Oats

Somewhat healthy… Haha

For the oats

30g of porridge oats

1 heaped tbsp 0% fat Greek yogurt

1 banana

1 egg

1tsp baking powder

3 mini Resses peanut butter cups, or 1 large… 60 more words


Date file: The little guy

December 2018, January and March 2019

At this point I’d slept with two people: EB and Traveling Salesman. Neither lived in the area, but I was feeling randy and didn’t want to be around recently ex-husband. 1,500 more words

It Takes a Greater Love to Forget the Last

I was in 8th grade when I got my first girlfriend. To make a long story short, it didn’t work out. To me she was beautiful and fun and I cared for her deeply while being overly ambitious about how our relationship would last. 777 more words

On the 8th day....

Seven days ago, I woke up around 3am passed out on our couch with a half gallon of melted ice cream smeared everywhere. I unstuck myself from the leather, peeled my clothes off, put on my jammies, and crawled into bed with my slumbering husband. 304 more words


early morning in

early morning in
mom’s backyard, robins strutting through
blades of uncut grass

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: uncut