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It's been a long long year

It’s been a long long year
Since that night was so clear
The night you almost left
I nearly felt bereft

Began a quiet night… 160 more words

Poetry, Prose, & Short Stories

Is fate a real thing?

*Social Media

*Post #12

Ok let’s be real here….as a single mom of 3, it’s hard for me to believe in fate…

however I still do. 164 more words

Social Media Class

Oh wait, that’s the pug!

Ever since having my baby three months ago, I have felt like I have a whole new brain. It’s a brain that’s always on high alert, and is constantly making me worry about anything terrible happening to my little angel. 373 more words

Stay At Home Mom

Why i choose to be a stay at mom?

Hello everyone,

I am a stay at mom,and mom of 3 and a half month old girl

I am frequently asked that when am I going to join my work or start looking for any other job, But why don’t people understand that I am already working on my baby. 344 more words


What Am I Doing?

What am I doing?  Starting a BLOG?  As if I have time??  And who really cares what I have to say?  Do I even have anything to say? 

569 more words

Biggest, best promotion, EVER!

This is a first for us and it’s a big one! Our Mommy & Me sessions became too popular. So we decided to do something crazy. 156 more words


#projectyouandme 1

YOU: getting into everything and laughing as you do it • smiling and splashing on our balcony in your three inch pool • being so observant you point and notice the bird flying by • coming up to tell me hello before your next messy mission • loving life as a one year old toddler… 45 more words

Stay At Home Life