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Love of a Mother

If you were to ask me in high school what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have said, “an accountant, a financial officer, something with numbers!” I was never the type to daydream about getting married and having children so that I could mother and love them. 245 more words


A Conversation with Auggie

Me: Auggs, could you please get your shoes on? (Auggie runs out of room).

Auggie: (returns)

Me: Right. So about those shoes? And did you put jammies back on?! 24 more words


Summer Time Baby Essentials 

The beautiful summer weather has by now approached us all. The glimmering sun, the endless blue skies, the white puffy, marshmallow-y clouds. It’s all fun and games until the REAL hot heat hits and humidity. 291 more words


What are Women?

This summer I made a difficult decision to take off work to spend time figuring out how I want to move forward with my life and how I want to spend my energy. 654 more words

Health And Wellness

Needing a change.

Being a mom of three has been a defining term for me. When asked describe yourself, that is the first thing out of my mouth. If I asked you to describe yourself what would yours be? 123 more words



Hello, or Hi, or Sup?

My name is Amanda. Recently, my therapist told me to start journaling to help sort out my feelings, and to get my anxieties visible and possibly under control. 311 more words

Baby Hell


Well, my son is sleeping and I have time to start something I have wanted to do for a long time…a blog. So here it is. 493 more words