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No Time Like The Present

We ask God, can you fix this, make it like it was? We want Him like He has been in our past. We hope for what He will be in the future while ignoring Who He is in the here and now. 405 more words


What is missing?

I am reading, hearing and seeing more and more topical sermons, studies and programs on why so many are not attending church. They all have lists, numbers, statistical findings on…. 610 more words


Moving on, step by step.

Wednesday at 4:30PM I meet with Nuerology department/stroke clinic. My checkup mostly and new questions.

They said I would have the headache the rest of my life. 506 more words


Celebration Time

I was recently at a celebration, it was my first time out away from both children for basically an entire day. The morning I had a local mom2mom sale to do with my mom which kept me away from my youngest the entire morning and into the early afternoon. 885 more words

Self Awareness

Old Time Religion

The Great Awakenings, revivals and growth of His Church through the eons has been when churches worshipped the Almighty God. When the word Awesome was reserved only for Him, we worshipped Who He IS, The Author and Finisher of our faith; The Alpha and Omega. 383 more words