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VBAC Success & Pure Bliss

After reading about Kai’s birth story, you will find this one is a complete 360. I still can’t even believe it myself. Based on my past experience I went into this one with not many plans or expectations. 915 more words

Bathtime for mom

From the moment I wake up I already feel the stress of my day ahead. The school run feels me with dread all the rushing, coat on coat of. 485 more words


I wonder what the Nazgul actually eat.

My son likes to nurse just before getting out of bed in the morning. I guess kind of like I need my energy juice (coffee), he needs his. 336 more words

ToysRUs Haul! The End of ToysRUs

I am one of those parents that will actually miss ToysRUs! We didn’t shop there very often, but it was definitely a part of our family routine. 555 more words

Family Life

To the mom who doesn't fit in.

Raise your hand if you’re the awkward mom. *slowly raises hand* I even raise my hand awkwardly. Ugh. I’m a super introvert. I’m awkward in social situations and I obnoxiously focus on my kids when I’m uncomfortable.  433 more words

Mom Life

Our Journey Continues...

As with anything that has to do with a child, time is flying and we are rapidly approaching Isabella’s second surgery. No, not in a few weeks, more like in a few hours.  713 more words


Tattoos? No Tattoos?

My husband is covered in tattoos, he has one full arm sleeve, half the other arm, chest and back tattoos and one half leg sleeve. Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re extremely attractive, I’ve always loved tattooed men but my children are FORBIDDEN to get tattoos! 278 more words

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