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#MomentOfTruth - Share Your Story of How This Election Has Effected You

 Electing Trump as president is terrible, but our fight is not over till we stop caring and stop working for equality! I’m happy to learn that Hollaback(one of my all time fave orgs) and 15 other nonprofits have banded together to launch #MomentofTruth: a campaign to document a rise in post-election hate and violence. 235 more words

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Part 207 - Ambrose's Moment Of Truth

Ambrose knelt there outside her door, waiting for it to open.

It didn’t open.

Is this the end, then? Have I lost her?

Is she not even going to come out here and tell me? 264 more words

The Trash I'm Watching Tonight: The Moment of Truth

YouTube recommended this clip to me today, because its algorithm has figured out that I am a connoisseur of TV garbage.

So, that started me down a new rabbit hole. 623 more words


Luke Cage: Episode One - The Future is Hopeful

Editor’s Note: We LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Luke Cage series so much we decided to breakdown each episode for you. Starting this week! If you haven’t seen it yet you should. 1,472 more words

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Last character from Luke Cage‘s first episode is very briefly seen, but he’s there nevertheless (he’ll be properly introduced only in episode 4). In  947 more words


Megan McLaren

Recently, Luke Cage has been released on Netflix…and as usual we’ve got plenty of characters to see. Like with previous series, we’re going to alternate the newcomers from the show with the other ones (I’m sorry, this means I’ll inevitably fall behind). 781 more words


Luke Cage Binge Report: 5 Things About "Moment of Truth" (S1:E1)-A Good, But Unsubtle Man

Before we do this, we need to get something straight: Luke Cage means nothing to me beyond what Jessica Jones and now the Luke Cage… 1,784 more words

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