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Last character from Luke Cage‘s first episode is very briefly seen, but he’s there nevertheless (he’ll be properly introduced only in episode 4). In  947 more words


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Recently, Luke Cage has been released on Netflix…and as usual we’ve got plenty of characters to see. Like with previous series, we’re going to alternate the newcomers from the show with the other ones (I’m sorry, this means I’ll inevitably fall behind). 781 more words


Luke Cage Binge Report: 5 Things About "Moment of Truth" (S1:E1)-A Good, But Unsubtle Man

Before we do this, we need to get something straight: Luke Cage means nothing to me beyond what Jessica Jones and now the Luke Cage… 1,784 more words

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TV: Luke Cage S01E01 Review – Moment of Truth

In the series premiere of Luke Cage, Luke struggles to find his role in Harlem, the city comes to life, Stokes/Cottenmouth gives his best Kingpin impression and Luke saves an old Asian couple and their restaurant. 777 more words


Luke Cage - Moment of Truth (Review)

There is a lot to be said for how the Netflix television series choose to introduce their central characters.

The first season of Daredevil opens with the eponymous vigilante laying a brutal smackdown on Turk and breaking up a people-smuggling ring, clearly establishing the world of the show and the character’s rougher edges. 4,634 more words


Epilogue: The unexpected tweak.

Okay, So I’m writing this 2 weeks and 2 days after things got cleared up.

Who would’ve ever thought that we get to change the ending. 1,036 more words


Don't let it GO

In the loneliness and gloominess of the cloudy day, I tend to see myself getting inclined towards the darkest of the feelings. This is not who I am and want to become. 606 more words

Moment Of Truth