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One Moment More

Just one moment
And our hands
Would have gone
To touch

Just one moment
And the feelings
Would have been
All too much… 297 more words


#605 — Shadow;

Spent in the span,
Of a few days and nights,
I am that shadow from a past —
A burnt moment,
From a burnt moment in time.

#freeverse #micropoetry


Finding Momentas

It was a moment of clarity. A moment where you understood the entire scheme of things going on around in the nearby of your thoughts. It tells you all about the big and the tiny details that you were thinking about the few hours before this moment. 690 more words


dramatic as moment

in its own part

and well as its own normal

and circumtance

and its own  level

and held as its own switch

and spoken as its own theme… 42 more words


My Makrab My Adventure

Have you ever been gather with your class mate and did something fun with your friend until at 2 am o’ clock?. Makrab is the one of another way to make greater relationship with your classmate friends, have you ever thought that is difficult to talk with someone you want to talk to but he/she is too introvert when in a classroom?, the answer is Makrab also, you must be wondered Why i post this theme? 1,004 more words