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We Can Do This

She kissed his lips and tasted chocolate.  It was his weakness, his greatest pleasure, besides her of course.   He preferred the dark, pearl-shaped confections from the specialty shop on the corner.  588 more words


Fresh Paint

Millie reached high, spreading the pale blue hue toward the ceiling.  The roller made a satisfying “thk, thk, thk” sound and the smell of fresh paint filled the room.   686 more words


Blame It on the Music

As she cut across the dance floor, moving deftly among the crowd, Jen was nearly to the other side when a hand reached out and pulled her back.  596 more words


Lightening Her Load

It seemed as if the rain would never end.  This was the third day in a row that Nora woke to the sound of it against her bedroom window and, looking out through the space between the curtains, she cursed at the gray, cloud-filled sky.  990 more words


Photographs and Memories

She was tired of feeling lonely when they were together.  He loved her, of course, but it was not the kind of love she craved.  She picked up the picture and held it close to her face, willing herself to remember what it had been like in the beginning.  783 more words


I Miss the Rain

We get four inches of rain per year.

It’s dry and dusty here

In the Mojave Desert.

I watch the tumbleweed roll on by,

From the window, 179 more words