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Forty Year Stinking Thinking

I’ll be forty years old in August. The pull to evaluate my life so far has been very demanding on my mental capacities. I’m realizing how much I haven’t accomplished and how much I haven’t done. 242 more words


An Apology Letter To My Blog

Dear Blog,

I am sorry. Please accept my sincerest apology for being away for so long. It wasn’t anything you did or didn’t do, it was all me. 185 more words


You breathe in while I exhale

You breathe in while I exhale.

Every molecule of our existence

is suspended in a moment of time.

Energy, moving in an undulating wave,

is passing between us. 117 more words


Help Find This Missing Blogger

Missing: Robert S. Eilers

Missing Since: February 2015

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Beard: Red/Gray

Weight: ?

Last seen typing on a laptop. Believed to be very distracted. 38 more words


A Night with Matthew Morrison: "Finding Neverland" preview (March 18, 2015)

It’s been six weeks since I experienced Neverland, so I guess it’s time I finally tell you all about it!

A couple months ago, I realized that the first week of previews for… 1,790 more words


Beautiful Day

The sun is shining, my laptop in hand, my dog at my feet, a view of the mountains in sight, a slight breeze, buds on the trees, freedom to just be…feeling blessed and grateful at this moment in time. :o)

You Think You Have Time

Stella stared at the ceiling, trying hard to keep her eyes from drifting toward the numbers glowing blue on the clock beside her bed.   Just a few more hours… 726 more words