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A Moment In A Daydream


It’s grey out this morning, the house is cold and still. I couldn’t be more excited.

Steeping tea, the aroma of earth and sweet herbs dance through the air. 439 more words

20 Somethings

photo journal of Andrea

Andrea uses her strong will to organise herself a visit to South Africa from Ireland with her son, Tadhg and her very special friend, Sophie. 122 more words

Contemplative Photography

Hauntingly Elegant

Beautifully dressed and seemingly fragile, these two ladies have a distinct look of sadness that has been captured by the photographer at E.W. Corwin, in Ottawa, Kansas. 32 more words

Moments In Time

Jimmie Boyles

I am always thrilled when I find a photo with some type of identification markings. This particular photo was purchased in an antique shop in Texas a few years ago. 654 more words

Moments In Time

Little Red

How I wish we knew his name … Little Red or Prince Harry?

Moments In Time

South Dakota Lad

A dapper young lad dressed in his finest for his formal portrait. I suspect he would have preferred to be in a pair of overalls, fishing pole in hand, sitting on a river bank. 15 more words

Moments In Time


The flicker between day and night; when the sky erupts in beauty… it’s in those quiet moments she gives pause to the space existing between them…

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