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Transbay Thought

That moment when

you’re on BART

hurtling through the

pitch black Transbay

Tube, knowing that at

the end of this 7-1/2 min

ride, you will arrive.

In San Francisco.

San Francisco

What I think...vs. What I know (absolutely nothing)

Sometimes I think  I have it all figured out. That my knowledge of this life and the people in it end there and everything just fits into a nice box with a bow wrapped around it until something spills from the box, punches through the box, breaks free of the box, or completely obliterates the box. 1,089 more words

The Stairs at Britex Fabrics

More photos of the new Britex location soon. For now, here’s a shot of the stairs, looking down from the second floor.

San Francisco

It's Me

Inspired by a beautiful man ~

It’s Me
– a poem by Nancy Fijan

Soft evening light drapes over her bare shoulders

And trembling stance, her mind narrows… 125 more words


2017 – a year on my china cabinet

In addition to the stories, songs and quotes on Twitter that inspired or moved me in 2017 (refer to my Dec 31 post: https://anaphoraonline.com/2017/12/31/2017-my-year-on-twitter-by-nancy-fijan/ 377 more words


My Literary Year in Review – 2017

I just wanted to take some time to reflect on what I accomplished this past year on my literary adventure.

I released three new works in 2017. 268 more words