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Evict Fear

This will sound stupid, but I’ve never taken a walk around my neighborhood by myself. Being super private I  don’t even walk in the park because I feel enormous pressure to greet fellow walkers. 273 more words


Why Clutter is Killing You

Besides obvious clutter around our homes, there is hidden clutter– messes even the neatest of neat freaks miss every day. These messes are chameleons blending into our routines and hiding right under our noses. 317 more words


Separate to Grow Closer

Separation anxiety affects mostly children yet teens up to age 18 (about 4-5 percent) can suffer as well. This type of anxiety is described as different” from normal clinginess. 591 more words

Moments Of Peace

Home is where your heart is

I know that the stars do not shift when  we are together.Nor does the moon strengthen its pull on the tide, For we are nothing and no matter how much we acquire much of what we do shall be without consequence… 54 more words

Learning How To Fail

Failure. I hate using the word in relation to anything, but the reality is we all fail. I’ve failed in many instances from jobs to personal achievement I set out to accomplish with my whole heart. 473 more words

Moments Of Peace

2017 Wellness Reading Challenge

2017-wellness-reading-challenge  Click on the link to download a printable document. 

Calling all readers!! If you love a good book join me this year for some life-changing reads. 258 more words

Moments Of Peace

How Finding Truth Leads to Great Peace

Can you recall any damaging words that loop like a clip on a security camera in your mind? What about some decisions still digging into your soul refusing to let you have peace?Combine those words and those decisions create an identity of who we believe we are.  477 more words