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Finding Clarity in an Aimless Walk

There’s a certain freedom in taking a walk to nowhere. Implicit in this course of action are time and energy to spare, as well as space to think (or not). 284 more words



A blaring noise of drums in a jungle of chaos,

It disturbs my peace,

A restless me goes in search of peace,

Running helter skelter like a wild beast, 69 more words

A Moment of Peace

Is so hard to find,

Yet we strive for it,

Search for it,

And spend the time to work

Just a little harder

So that in those moments, 192 more words


In Times of Trouble...

The last week and a half has been a tumultuous time for me.

Last Tuesday, I had a car accident in my 1974, light blue, Super Beetle. 817 more words

Car Accident

These Little Gasps of Air

So. We finally submitted the Questbridge College Match application. You’d think if it opened way back in August, we wouldn’t have been worrying about deadlines, but no, true to family form, we were finding little things we missed even a few hours before the 11:59PM deadline. 791 more words

Real Life

Pebble #6 : Inner Peace…

My friend Prasanna’s blog post about Inner Peace made me write this one.


How did you feel when you read that phrase? What was your first cut thought?  170 more words


June: inconsequential moments

It rained heavily all morning while I read the weekend papers, all lights on to brighten the gloom. Then the rain grew lighter and at some imperceptible point, stopped altogether and the sun began to break through. 670 more words