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Green and Yellow.

Green is your colour.

The colour of life.

The earth,

The body and mind.

The secrets of the ocean.

Green, is the colour of you. 124 more words


Live Life...

Live Life…

har pal mein pyaar hai
har lamhe mein khushee hai ..!
kho do to yaaden hain,
jee lo to zindagee hai ..!!

हर पल में प्यार है 8 more words


Take Time

To make yourself happy. Whatever activity it may be.


A few photos from the last few weeks

When I look at this photo I can almost hear the sad, droopy whuum sound from the old cartoons.

I like this photo, I feel like I’m on the path to somewhere important when I look at it. 114 more words


Beside the Frozen Lake

He walked beside the frozen lake
Remembering when she was here,
The days of love and happiness
That gave way to the night of fear, 21 more words

Original Poems

Silence's Abode

Do you know what silence is?

It’s the little child who sits in the corner of the classroom hoping to be friended.

It’s the little girl holding the firm… 44 more words