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His touch send shivers within my soul
Goosebumps down my spine
Urges I cannot control
He makes me want to do terrible things
I helplessly enjoy

Temporary Reflections, 2018
J. Saunders


The Way to Las Vegas

After studying non-stop for five months with only a few short breaks, anyone can deserve a long relaxing trip that takes them away from their normal life and a break that gets them ready to study for five more months. 1,280 more words


"Nikko Carr", I Have Not Forgotten You

Whether it’d be temporary or constant, you truly never fully forget the person who first ignited the powerful emotion of  love within you. Years have past and the best you could do is to preserve this raw feeling of confusion, lust, sadness and happiness. 149 more words



I just bought tickets to see Michelle Obama speak. Yes. The Michelle Obama.

I’ve never been hit with such a wide array of emotions. I found out she was coming to speak in my town about two hours after the tickets went on sale, but I still went online to check anyway. 391 more words


My first road trip in the USA

10 years ago I moved to the USA. I thought that I was going to stay there for longer, but it lasted a year. Not because it didn’t work but because I decided to. 206 more words


Friends? What this word even means?

Včasih sem želela imeti ogromno prijateljev. Sploh nisem pomislila, da je to lahko nemogoče. Včasih sem želela zaupati kar vsakemu. To pa ni bilo preveč pametno. 1,432 more words