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You're Worth It

About a month ago, I took a vow to make myself more of a priority. I’m a mom, a wife, and a full-time NICU nurse, who runs on tons of caffeine and little to no sleep… 551 more words


Daddy's Girl 

I recently read an article called My Husband Didn’t Know He Needed a Daughter. It struck a cord with me, the difference between her husband and mine is that my husband longed for a daughter. 793 more words


Think Before You Type

The world my daughter is growing up in…scares the hell out of me.

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Shopping Cart 1, Momma 0

A glimpse into this mom’s life: Before my right knee graces the floor, my body turns cold.

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My Daughter Can Communicate with Me <3

SCREAMING FROM THE ROOFTOPS!! We FINALLY have found a way for Lenn to communicate her wants!

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