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Momfession: Three Days of Mom...ehem...Me-Time!

I’m faced with the first real amount of time away from LO and I’m full of emotion.

I can’t wait to leave… 371 more words


MOMFESSION: The Mysterious Nap Time Horror.

That terrifying moment of suspense, excitement, worry…all bundled up into one intense feeling. 415 more words


MOMFESSION: First-Time Mom...Syndrome.

Washing every piece of clothing three times before baby can come within 10 feet of it…

Reading every baby article that exists regarding teething, sleepless nights…and um…poo… 552 more words


MOMFESSION: Faster than a Speeding...Baby?

“I can’t wait until she’s crawling.”

Yea…that’s what you say until you realize what that entails… 262 more words


Midweek Confessions 

Well, we’ve survived half the week, friends. Spring has finally sprung around here and it feels soooooo good. The boys and I spent the entire day at my sister in law’s on Monday after school drop off and it was honestly the most fun I’ve had in months. 789 more words

MOMFESSION: Getting Your Hands Dirty

Today’s Momfession: I’ve gotten poop on my hands…on multiple occasions! 448 more words


Momfession: She Reads Minds...

Every mom out there believes her baby is the smartest, cutest and funniest (which is how it should be)…but how many can brag about a mind reader? 434 more words