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Getting Your Hands Dirty

Today’s Momfession: I’ve gotten poop on my hands…on multiple occasions! 448 more words


Momfession: She Reads Minds...

Every mom out there believes her baby is the smartest, cutest and funniest (which is how it should be)…but how many can brag about a mind reader? 434 more words


Momfession: Obama & Trump

As a journalist…I usually avoid sharing my political opinion but my social media feeds¬†are kind of driving me nuts. This is my OPINION: 498 more words


Momfession: 'The Walk of Shame'

The infamous ‘walk of shame’ is one we all have our own ideas about. But, once you become a parent it changes ever so slightly. 471 more words


Thank You 2016

As many said goodbye to 2016 with bitter smiles and drunken dismay, I closed the greatest chapter to my life. (By 11:00 p.m. #momlife)

2016 may have been a year we said farewell to far too many great actors, musicians and leaders; a year we experienced one of the ugliest presidential elections and a year of conflict and violence…but it was still a year that brought me more happiness than any other. 189 more words


Labor of Laughter

The sound of a baby’s laugh…could quite possibly be the BEST sound in the world.

That moment of pure happiness and joy. The sound echos as sweet and innocently as the small person who shared it with everyone around. 255 more words