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Labor of Laughter

The sound of a baby’s laugh…could quite possibly be the BEST sound in the world.

That moment of pure happiness and joy. The sound echos as sweet and innocently as the small person who shared it with everyone around. 255 more words


Toys: They're Totally for the Baby...

Bouncy, squishy, squeeky and colorful. Baby toys are definite attention grabbers, and I think that’s the point.

They are made to draw a baby in and get those little wheels turning. 327 more words


Dirty Little Crisis

The air is crisp as the autumn sun shines through a mixture of the browns, oranges and yellows that paint a sea of trees.

It’s a beautiful fall morning. 397 more words


Ninja Mom

A sleeping baby is a beautiful thing. Just watching as the tiny human you created lies there completely happy, satisfied and sleeping peacefully.

But, not only is it a fleeting moment to cherish simply because little won’t be little for long, but because it’s a shameless moment of freedom. 393 more words


Confessions: Showering Edition.

As a Mom, I find myself in a lot of scenarios that the average person doesn’t (my spouse included). I’ve decided to start a Confessional series that will allow me to share some of my deepest, dirtiest, darkest secrets as a Mom. 624 more words

Mom Blog

Princess Dad

Climbing into bed, finding that perfect position that carries your worries and stresses away into dream land as you drift fast asleep…something that seems like only a memory once you’re a parent. 471 more words


Poop Party

Ahh…of all the things you thought you’d celebrate I highly doubt you thought poop would be one of them! But, welcome to mommy-hood.

For new moms the first few days are made up mostly of feedings, checking on baby, trying to sleep and changing diapers. 257 more words