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sisterhood and siblingness

a few of you have asked how darla is transitioning to sisterhood. a few of you have estimated based on this blog that things are going well for us in that department. 487 more words

Momma Needs A Minute...

late night confession poem

the house is quiet and still
save for the sound of thunder in the distance.
she butters her secret poptarts under a cover of darkness, 24 more words

Momma Needs A Minute...

mothering the mother, parenting the parent.

this may not look like much to you, but it was a game changer for me. that’s me putting my feet up and getting a little extra rest this past weekend. 839 more words

Momma Needs A Minute...

-- on pause --

this feels like a life in limbo. i feel rooted to the ground, unable to make movement in any direction until this new being is born. 286 more words

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invoking the goddess

true life story from my quirkiness files: i carry two of these headbands in my purse and one in my tote bag at all times. i have several more stashed in my room. 301 more words

Momma Needs A Minute...

right now, as a woman

am i right in stating that it has been pretty darn heart wrenching to be a woman lately? is anyone else feeling that?

i will try to refrain from pretentiously stating what “conversations we should be having” as a culture. 1,332 more words

Momma Needs A Minute...

fellowship of hand surfers

as i’ve been driving around on this weekend, this weekend in which we’ve been blessed with exquisite weather for kicking off into summer, i’ve noticed the small sign of kindred spirits extended out car windows. 473 more words

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