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What Changed When I Started Working

For one thing, going for gatherings became easier. I had a ready answer to, “so what do you do?”. Yes, I know I being at home with the kids is “commendable” and one of the “toughest jobs in the world”, and that I should never have felt bashful about being, well, just a mom. 783 more words


Breastfeeding when teeth appear!

It is drummed into all of us “breast is best” whatever whatever, I hate the breast vs formula argument. I couldn’t care less. I breastfeed because its easier for me and my baby and I enjoy it. 152 more words


Being sick and looking after a baby

Apart from the odd cold I generally don’t get ill, however with a 6 month old to look after my body decided it was time to have a 24 hour sickness bug! 259 more words


Group Exercise Classes for Moms Combine Fun, Fitness & Family

Dilemma: A mom wants to work out, but doesn’t have childcare available, or doesn’t want to pay for or use childcare while she’s at the gym. 559 more words

Strong Body

Having a moany day 

I’m not feeling sorry for myself or in need of validation or attention, I’m just writing this to make myself realise that I should snap out of my silly mood! 222 more words


Instagram's Must-Follow Celebrity Mommies

Have you ever wondered how a certain celebrity’s children look? What they’re up to? Their particular style? Products they use? Social Media is the best way to get a glimpse into their lives, especially through Instagram. 677 more words


Should you have a routine with a baby?

I am a first time mom and therefore no expert, I am merely learning as I go along and finding what works for us.

When I became pregnant I was pretty laid back about how I was going to parent my child. 507 more words