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I'm not 'mommy' anymore...

When it happened, it happened quickly and subtly.

“Mom, can I get a popsicle”?

“Sure,” I replied.  And then I realized.  Laila had called me ‘mom.’  Not ‘mommy’ or ‘Mama’, but just ‘mom’. 235 more words


Mommy's night out

Every mother, single moms especially deserves a night out.

A night out doesn’t always mean you have to go out with friends, have a drink, or go partying. 113 more words


Wommy Brain

Happy Thursday everyone! This morning, I came across a pinterest article (By now you might have figured out that I am a pinterest QUEEN lol) called… 935 more words


The Mommy App

We all want it, but can we have it. Now, full disclosure, I have not scoured the internet to see if this exists. I mean, I’m a mom. 318 more words


NOSEy Chloe 

 My daughter has been very congested lately so along with having our humidifier on I been also been using the following products: Nosefrida and Boogie Wipes… 64 more words



This blog features reviews from many different things that I spend my past time enjoying as well as my life’s happenings. I would like to take this time to give you a little information about me. 328 more words


Dear All Mommies,

Happy Mother’s Daaay.. ♡♡

Untuk semua IBU.. yang mendapatkan kesempatan melahirkan buah hatinya ke dunia. Untuk semua Ibu, yang memiliki kebesaran hati untuk membesarkan anak yang bukan mereka lahirkan sendiri. 441 more words