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5 Tips for Bringing Baby to Special Events

This August, Antonio and I brought Xaviana to three weddings, an engagement party, a fancy French dinner, and countless smaller parties. As a result, I feel like I’ve become an expert on the topic of bringing baby to special events. 728 more words


FREE Baby Sling!

Hello to all my new mommas!

I have a great deal for you: a free baby sling of your choice, pay shipping only. Made by mom,  151 more words



For anyone out there who read my initial post here at The Real Estate Mommy, maybe you are wondering what motivates a person to take on 2 businesses, 4 kids, 2 houses, and all the minutiae that goes with these things… Here it is: 889 more words

Vacay Glam

I see no reason why busy mommies can’t epitomize glamour, even while we are doing 759 tasks all at once, right? Toting the kids around, making meals, mitigating toddler meltdowns (Hello! 296 more words


To every new mom:

When I became a new mom, I had no idea what to expect. I had all kinds of doubts and things I was nervous about. But as I dove deeper into parenthood, I realized that society has parenting all wrong. 572 more words


When mummy is having a bad day.. it's a bad day for everyone

It’s so true, and most mothers may not realise how much their feelings could affect everyone around them, especially their kids.

I struggle with my kids at times, although my girls aren’t super duper hyper active or anything like that, and they’re well behaved most of the time. 768 more words


So Sonny is FINALLY eating baby food. At our last doctor visit I asked when he could start eating actual food. The doctor said we could start as early as 4 months but some people like to wait until 6 months. 351 more words