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Toddler Wearable Vocabulary Counter

I came across this new product called the Starling. The brains behind this great invention are brothers Jon and Chris Boggiano and Nicki Boyd. It’s a small wearable device that your child wears around. 122 more words


Dear Other Moms

Dear other mom in line at the grocery store,

If I seemed desperately friendly when I said hi to you as I unloaded my bread and milk today; if I seemed a little off my rocker as I loudly shouted my greeting to you over the very loud protests of my contradictory (it’s a phase) two-year-old, I hope you’ll forgive me. 858 more words

Babies And Toddlers Oral Health

Three Truths Every Young Mother Should Know

Your true friends will reveal themselves

Part of being a young mother is accepting the fact that you will often times live a life that’s drastically different from your peers. 390 more words


Slap-Ya-Mama Meatloaf

This is slap-ya-Mama good meatloaf. I have been trying to create the best meatloaf recipe for YEARS now. Every time I make it, it’s almost terrible. 435 more words


An Introduction to Me and My Motives

Hello there!

I’m going to write a super brief intro about myself and this whole blog thing so we can get down to the nitty-gritty. :) 560 more words


3 months!!

that’s right!!  my little Noah is 3 months old today!!  and we went to the city health center for his monthly height and weight check!  he’s growing heavier and longer!!   107 more words

Daily News

How To Make Funky Spiders For Halloween With Styrofoam Balls

Things you will need:

  1. Styrofoam balls


     2.  A set of paintbrushes

    3.  Acrylic Paint

   4.  Pipe cleaners (Cut each piper cleaner into 3 pieces)

    5.  A palette… 148 more words