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Kamilah Bella

Do you believe things happen for a reason? Good or bad, that it is a plan in the works that God has prepared for you since the day you were born?

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National Poetry Month: JJ Reads - Mommies

In my home, I have a book called Poetry Speaks to Children.  I will be highlighting a couple poems from this book during National Poetry Month.  43 more words

National Poetry Month

To the Broken Women

As I sit here feeding my sweet baby in my head I’m thinking, “Can he please hurry up and finish this bottle!” I sit in pain until he finishes just thinking my knees…my back…my hips. 255 more words


Modern Day Heroes

“Mommy! Can you snap the back of the cape on for me?” Weston asked me as he held out a Captain America cape. He was dressed head-to-toe in Captain America attire, complete with combat boots and a helmet. 754 more words

The Journey Begins

Hi Everyone and welcome to my new personal blog! I am really excited to be able to share this journey with all of you who either relate to my story or is here to learn more about parenthood and the big topic of this all, Spina Bifida. 548 more words


The Waiting Game

Oooh…my back is beginning to hurt. Baby is getting heavy! I am one week and two days away from having a full-term baby (39 weeks of pregnancy)! 696 more words


The Journey Begins

How cool is it that the first post on this blog instantly gave me such an apt blog title! Indeed, the journey begins for me (and Claude). 801 more words