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5 months in and running on empty 

Just when I thought we had got our **** together with sleeping at night, we seem to have hit a rocky patch. I could cope with the two or three feeds a night and extra sleepy cuddles in the morning, but now we are up every single hour and at 4am we are WIDE awake. 365 more words


Throwback Thursday ~I Am A MomWho

From the time the little mini monsters come out of our bodies it is a constant cater to everything pertaining to their well being. Our own well being suddenly becomes extinct. 294 more words


Earn money California peeps

I came across a website called OHMconnect.. Now this for California residents only. All you do is connect your Electric company provider to OHMconnect and you earn money doing it! 69 more words

A Letter To The New Mom...

(This is a revision of a letter I recently wrote to a new mom.  I decided to post it as I am sure that there are many new moms that are feeling overwhelmed and may need this encouragement today.) 448 more words


When my top ten list fails, that is I do all the right things and still have an episode – mania or depression – it makes me want to spend the whole day in bed sobbing. 252 more words

Ecoegg-laundry egg review

I am one of these people that like to buy in bulk, as a result there are giant boxes and packets and tons of tins in my kitchen cupboards. 357 more words


Babywearing-4 months in 

Throughout my pregnancy I knew I wanted to babywear, although I didn’t know people called it that! The thought of having my baby close to me, hands free, cuddled all day really appealed to me. 711 more words