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Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

You aren’t even real yet. You literally haven’t been conceived, but I feel you. We bought an outfit for a baby we don’t even have yet. 141 more words


Becoming a Mom at 25

It’s funny, at 25 (since having Kennedy I have turned 26) I think that I’m a young mother. I’m sure there’s a lot of you nodding in agreement while reading this and on the flip side I have friends my age that have children that are in elementary school already, so I fit somewhere in the young spectrum no matter how you look at it. 918 more words


Your way is the right way

Moms. There’s literally a million different kinds of them, but we all want the same thing for our little humans, the best possible everything that life has to offer. 872 more words

No touchy, touchy.

Touched out. What is that? No one EVER talked about this! I have friends and family that have children.  They told me about all the wonderful moments and some of the not so wonderful.   574 more words


A Trip to Trader Joe's 

I’m honestly not usually the one that does the grocery shopping 🛒 since Matt makes most of the delicious meals in this household. ( I do all the laundry in exchange!) But there are days when Lili and I need to go! 258 more words


Parenting Book Recommendations Video Post.

No-Drama Discipline by Daniel J. Siegel & Tina Payne Bryson

Love more Yell less by  Sheila McCraith (The Orange Rhino)

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk by  46 more words


Bob Marley

I dance in my living room at 4am. In my underwear. Little in her Baby Bjorn (did you know that Bjorn means bear? So the carrier is literally baby bear. 306 more words