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A Mother's Hope

Oh my geez

It’s been too long. Life starts to sneak away. I always have so much to say and not enough time to say it. It would honestly be easier to have a program that wrote every conversation I had down and then go back afterwards to remove the ones that aren’t important. 281 more words


Toddler Tantrum Prevention When Going Out.

Going to a friends house or a house party, can be dreadful when you have a tantrum prone toddler. The thought of my toddler jumping on a coach, grabbing a breakable item or running inside the house makes me nervous!   731 more words

Toddler Tantrums

Lost in Translation

My child is flunking a classes! Not just a class but classes and because I care I’m the new devil. I’m the clocked stranger who’s apparently trying to ruin his live because I care. 137 more words


The Every Body love your Body Project (5 minutes for 8 weeks)

“It takes no time to open your heart, but when will you do it? That is what takes the time.”

After working with women recovering from body hatred for the past decade and a half, I have noticed a few pitfalls that people get stuck in during the process of learning to love (and/or accept more on this soon) their bodies. 931 more words

Body Image

I choose option 3

So often I hear from friends, from facebook, blogs -speak your truth. What does that mean? “Truth” is perception and perception can always change. With the internet and all these opinions the truth has become an illusion. 900 more words


A Mother Behind Bars.

Fold this wash that rub my back This hurts and I don’t feel  good. Projects coming due and shoot now my dinner is burning. Over grown eyebrows and prickly legs. 487 more words