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Give yourself a break: Cat: Nat tackle Mom Guilt

If you guys don’t know who Cat & Nat are, you’re missing out. In their latest #momtruths video, they tackle mom guilt, and it’s awesome.I was away two nights this week – taking a program on Teaching and Training Adults, as part of my professional/personal development, and I actually felt bad for being excited for alone time! 212 more words


I'm A Fraud

Maybe it’s because for most of my adolescence my peers managed to remind me of every single flaw I had.  Ones that I didn’t even realize were flaws but just differences that either I was able to choose or not.  1,125 more words


Truth #11 : Being a SAHM &"it's so great"

Truth: When someone asks me how it’s going being a sahm I always feel obligated to answer “oh it’s so great! Best decision ever” …. even though that’s a lie. 529 more words


one for you, one for me

When I was thinking about what I wanted to call this blog, I quickly came up with “The Mommy That Goes” – because let’s face it, that’s what I do. 474 more words

Truth #10 : Brown Paste

Truth: I am SO sick of cleaning up that brown paste off every surface of my children’s eating surfaces after every meal.

Here’s the story… 186 more words


Truth #9 : The Ear on My Arm

Truth: My husband reached for my hand, I extended it and looked down at my arm and completely lost it. Weepy mom over here tonight. 376 more words


Truth #8 : I have POOP in my hand!

Truth: My kid proudly announced at the store: “Look at me, I have POOP in my hand!”…. oh ffs…

Here’s the story… 283 more words