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She Stole My Twix! Baby's First taste Of Chocolate! It's Like Baby Crack!

It was so funny how she grabbed it from my hand. Once she tasted it.. It was over. There was no getting it from her little fingers! 7 more words

Frugal Rambling

Friday Favorites

  1. This nail polish from Sallys is AMAZING! Its not new but I just started using it. It’s called gelous and I dunno if it’s a top coat or a bottom coat, it’s very nondescript.
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Little Mama Did Her Nails Today: SO CUTE

She paired Clowning Around with Pinwheels! Aren’t they adorable? Pinwheels was our second to last Throwback Thursday, so it is no longer available. However, we still have Clowning Around! 157 more words

Mystery Hostess

8 Pregnancy photo ideas

I’m sure being pregnant for some people must be one of the best times of their lives but also one of the most awkward and for some ladies worst times of their life. 87 more words

Little Ones

A day in the canals

I adore LA for its diversity and get excited when we venture into areas we don’t frequent very often.  The Venice Canals are one of those beautiful places.   200 more words