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Learning to love myself so that I can love her.

I just don’t want her to grow up feeling rejection.  I don’t want her to feel unwanted or unloved.  So I hover. I helicopter.  At 19mths, I helicopter over her at the park or indoor play places even though I know in my head that she needs to learn independence.   864 more words

Mommy & Me...Wednesday...

Well, Monday was one of those best-laid-plans kind of days. But I couldn’t wait till next Monday to share this one with you all! If you’re new to this series, I give you two coloring sheets – one for you and one for a younger child. 244 more words

Mommy & Me Mondays


“You cannot drink from an empty cup.” This bit of wisdom is ancient and ubiquitous, and we all know the modern-day analogy of putting the oxygen mask on our own face, first, so we’re able to assist others. 1,002 more words

Cherish Time With Your Little Ones

Do you ever wish you could just relive special moments of your life? I do. We all know that is not reality though. All we could do is relive those times through memories and pictures, if you happened to capture it on film (or in most cases these days, on your camera roll in your phone).  229 more words

Mommy And Me

Time flies...

It’s amazing the feeling. You would never think you could love a human being so much as  your child.

You want to see them grow, roll over, start solids… and starting crawling… you want to see them succeed. 91 more words

Fall Days with Zu

I remember being pregnant last Fall and thinking, I can’t wait for next year when I can show my baby all of the beauty that Autumn has to offer. 154 more words


Musikgarten: Family Music for Toddlers ages 16 months - 3 years

Do you want to introduce your toddler to the joy of music?

             Come to Lindsay’s Musikgarten!

Join us each Saturday at 10:30 AM from November 5, 2016 – February 4, 2017* 167 more words