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Spreading Kindness in Honour of Dot #Good4_Dot

Dot Negropontes was a kind, gentle, driven soul who inspired so many to follow their dreams, be themselves, and help others. I didn’t know her overly well, but every time I saw her, her genuine kindness and interest in me always left me feeling warm, welcome and appreciated. 475 more words


Terrific Toy Tuesday: Mommy's Little Bike Riding Co-Pilot

“Wheeeee! That was fun! Can we do it again, Mommy?” my little girl asked. Just a few weeks ago my daughter turned four years old, and while she can still fit comfortably in her jogging stroller, for the past few months I was looking for a way where we can both get exercise, have fun and spend time together all at once. 403 more words

Tanya H. Franklin

New Moms Should Practice Self-Care

4 tips to taking care of yourself after having a baby

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, my priorities quickly shifted. I immersed myself in books that educated me on… 678 more words


Matching Floral Headbands 

Don’t mind me, just matching with my little darling once again. In the cutest floral headbands ever! I just love matching Ivy, and I’m going to keep doing it as long as she lets me. 48 more words


Mommy And Me, Matching Outfits

Lilac and I now having matching outfits, and she looks adorable as I hold her. Leopard spot print is quite retro so I find it suits me as well as my children. 13 more words

Second Life

March 18th | Adventures in Gardening

Crazy weather aside, Spring is here and Summer is coming. Aurora and I have been working hard in our little garden. Every week we are adding more to it and having so much fun working on it together. 1,123 more words


May 15th, 2017 | Mother's Day Reflections

One of the reasons I am a momma and get to celebrate and in a sense, be celebrated on Mother’s Day is because of Aurora. I am thankful to my first-born, first of her name, blood of my blood, breaker of chains, mother of…sorry (but not really). 1,121 more words