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Food for Thought: Thank You for Trying Something New, Little Girl!

“No thank you!” is usually the response I get when I offer my three old food she’s never had before or  just believes is yucky, which is just about everything. 322 more words

Tanya H. Franklin

Homemade Mexican Rice Bowl

Woke up with a little anxiety over all the things that have to be done this week and, well, with a big craving. You know how crazy I am about huevos rancheros but with the lack of tortillas and abundance of left over pollada (deep fried Peruvian chicken), I knew Izkai and I would be very content with a rice bowl for brunch. 52 more words


Reflections on 2016 with My Little Girl

Excited After a Stroller Jog

Just about three years ago I started my “Mommy’s Baby Steps” blog chronicling my experiences as a new mother and the experiences of my little girl discovering the world around her. 443 more words

Tanya H. Franklin

My Home Will Never Be Clean Again

OK, so I was never really the cleanest person to start out with. Before settling down with Jake I lived in a 1 bedroom bachelorette pad which was a disaster Friday- Tuesday from turning my entire apartment into a dirty walk in closet & hole in the wall bar with my friends. 1,921 more words

Grandma Cleve's Visit!

We had the pleasure of hosting Grandma Cleve as our first guest of 2017.  She stayed in Denver for 10 days, but split her time between us and Aunt Ashley/Uncle Zach/Caleb’s place.   253 more words

Avery & Mommy

This little one. {{GUSH}} If I only knew back then what I know now. (These photos were taken 10/2015) She has been to my house so many times and we love her like one of our own. 68 more words

Rochester NY

To Dream ... When Mommies Don't Get to Sleep Anymore ...

Being a mom (or dad) means that you will occasionally or frequently lose sleep. Tell you something you don’t know, right? I’ve only been a mom for nearly three years, but I can already imagine how I… 458 more words