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Life with a toddler 

Is it just me ?

Some days I want to pull my hair out and lately with the lack of listening and temper tantrums that come out of nowhere it’s even worse. 194 more words

Semi-Sweet Dreams

This one is about bed sharing. I may get a touch ranty so I am sorry, but not sorry, in advance.

Yes, my 18 month old sleeps snuggled up against me as close as we can get,usually his face laying on mine. 394 more words

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My New Project Is...


I have spent the last week hinting about my new project and now you have it…a mommy fashion/lifestyle blog. You maybe wondering what the heck possessed me to start this project. 152 more words


Hawk and Daughter

Look, Mama, she said,
I think I see a hawk.
And just like that, the ducks,
who had been so happily nibbling
under our bird feeders, 78 more words


Vancouver and everything after.

I hyped the heck out of my week in Vancouver and then never followed up with any reflections on the actual experience. In case you’re at all curious, here’s an attempt to gather my thoughts. 993 more words

Mommy Blog

Outfit of the Day: Desert Doll

You’re only as old as you feel…and all that youthful jazz. Oh how I love good baby doll dress!
Dress: Forever 21

Self Reflection on Being Told I'm a Bad Mother

When someone calls you a bad mother, no matter who that person is and even if they are equivalent to an internet troll, it’s not something you just brush off.  378 more words