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BIG CHANGE that is Motherhood

I’ve always been a big dreamer.

From childhood to college and up to my early years in the corporate world, I wanted to change the world and make it better for dreamers like me. 346 more words

Today’s the day for a little ode to Bumpa

Two years ago today we lost my grandfather. He was more than just a grandfather though, he was Bumpa. Someone I was lucky enough to have in my life for over 35 years. 524 more words

5 Tips for Thriving (not just surviving) During a Roadtrip with a Baby!

John and I currently live in Central Virginia and all of our family is in Northwest Alabama. That means that we run the roads a LOT in order to visit each other. 632 more words

Interracial Family

The power of positive

How many times a day do you say no to your kids, and I don’t mean in answer to a question. No don’t touch. No not in your mouth. 413 more words


Just a mom

She is opening her eyes at the first sign of daylight or in the middle of the night when a child gets sick or nightmares strike. 548 more words

The Journey Begins

We are Kat, Aric, and Sophia Dupre! We love all things Disney, but especially vacationing at Walt Disney World Resort. A little about us;

We live in a town in Northern Kentucky, about 15 minutes from downtown Cincinnati. 122 more words

About Us

Spring 2019: Round 2

Mother Nature played a really bad belated April fools joke on us and dumped about 6 inches of BROWN snow (that was a first) on us at the end of last week which ended up keeping us indoors. 389 more words