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My Mother Knew I Was Being Abused

  I was 5 years old, and I was terrified. A big scary policeman with a lady I didn’t know had just come to our house and taken me and my brother and baby sister away from mummy and daddy and taken us to a house with people we didn’t know. 18 more words

We Survived the First Year!

We survived the first year! With all that was going on in our lives when baby girl was born I’m proud to say it. For most the first year is easy with a little help from family. 122 more words


It was clearly too much to ask that we all avoided getting sick from the water issues on our family vacation.

Thankfully, so far Baby MPB still seems fine.  191 more words


Roast Pheasant

October 18, 2016

So we’ve been struggling financially for the last few months. At the start of August DHS screwed us out of a month of our food benefits. 717 more words


October 12, 2016

Recipe for Croutons (by Pioneer Woman)
Serves 9. Prep time: 5min. Cook time: 10 min

3 cups Bread
1\4 cup Olive oil… 199 more words

Granola Bars

October 12, 2016

Ok, so for the most part my life is pretty boring, so I’m posting some recipe’s that I’ve tried recently.

First I’ll post the original recipe, then I’ll write any changes that I’ve made to the recipe, and the results. 421 more words

Why I Created A New Blog, Again - With My Children Anonymous

As I sit down to write this post I’m faced with a lot of emotions. The biggest being Fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of acceptance, fear of failure but mostly fear of understanding. 485 more words