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Daddy's Girl

She may love her Mommy a whole lot, but in the end she’s Daddy’s girl, and I’m not a bit jealous..


Overcoming Sleeplessness – The Mommy’s Guide

If you ask any mother what they found most difficult about becoming a mother suffering from sleeplessness will be at the top of the list. Every mother at some point will suffer from sleepless nights. 35 more words

Easy ways to earn extra money

Since becoming a stay at home mom several months ago, I’ve been more money conscious. I received pay checks until the end of the summer since I was a teacher on a 12 month salary. 1,051 more words

Mommy Blog

My Miscarriage Experience To Help Others Feel Less Alone

I know people will think “why are you sharing this” well this is my way of sharing my thoughts and feelings and own experience of a miscarriage.   45 more words

The Hiatus

You must have noticed this blog’s eerie silence of late. Sigh. Well firstly, our sincerest apologies for not being able to regularly visit the blog. A lot has been up with the Maasis lately and as much as we’d like to be regular at this forum, one thing or the other comes up, always and it just slows us down. 261 more words

Maasi Ramblings

Winter weather walk

I certainly never expected to have a foot of snow before Thanksgiving, but I am loving this beautiful winter wonderland!

Bonus: the snow instantly put me in the holiday mood! 31 more words


I Was 4 Weeks Overdue And My Placenta Was Badly Damaged

According to my dates from my last period/last birth my daughter born was actually one month overdue when she was born, she was not on time like the head gynaecologist has said and made out I had a missed miscarriage. 31 more words