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Rio I. Davis, Super Genius

Having a kid with ADHD is like living with a mad scientist. Think: the Absent Minded Professor, Dr Emmett Brown from Back To The Future, Pinky & The Brain‘s Brain or Wile E. 1,587 more words

One Underdog You Gotta Root ForĀ 

Dear reader,

I hate to cut this blog short but I’m soaking up every second of some precious family time with my sisters at the beach {yay!}. 144 more words

Two Moms, One Question: First Year Reflection

Hey, villagers! We’re starting a new segment here at Raise A Mother, where Shannon and Lindsay take on the same question and each give their own view in a joint post.

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Introduction to Daddyhood

Being a father is something that comes so naturally to all men. After all, it’s the product of the single thought that invades our mind on a bi-second basis – sex. 342 more words

Winnipeg Dads

Tales of a Helicopter Parent: My Survival Story..

A Helicopter Parent is defined as “a parent who takes an overprotective or excessive interest in the life of their child or children” and I’m almost positiveĀ that in a visual dictionary, there would be several photos of my mother (pictured above) in various states of distress over the whereabouts, actions, and well being of my brother and I. 872 more words

A Tale Of Zero Binkys - Update

Hey guys!

So today marks THREE weeks since we have been binky free in the Sosa household. It honestly wasn’t as terrible as I thought it was going to be. 328 more words

Boy Mom

Motherhood With Mason

You know how you plan every little detail for when baby arrives? Things such as “baby will sleep in a co-sleeper just fine”, “I’ll exclusively breastfeed baby and on demand”, “When baby sleeps, I’ll sleep”. 690 more words

First Time Mommy