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Moving is for the Birds!!

I have to admit, I have not felt like blogging for some time now.  The things that have been weighing on my heart are trivial, in the big scheme of things.   459 more words


True love is...

Sharing a cookie with Barbie because toys have to eat, too!


Islamic Audio Books: Let Their Imaginations Run Wild

I stumbled upon Miraj Audio a few months ago when many of the Mommy Bloggers I was following shared their excitement of Islamic audio books, more specifically Mirja Audio. 279 more words


Byte sized #4: The golden oldies edition (Friday fun)

Faux dek for this piece: As fresh as a Far Side cartoon.

Lots of running around today. There’s a long post brewing but meantime, a few old favourites. 153 more words

Byte Sized

The 39 Best Parenting Hacks of All Time

I love my family dearly. But having a family can be hectic and stressful at times. So when I get any little tips and tricks to help me make family life a bit easier, I am going to jump on it. 1,431 more words

Money Saving Ideas

The ones you know.

I’ve had a tough time blogging recently for a few reasons. “Lack of inspiration” is the blanket term, but it’s actually more complicated than that. When social tensions spike, I find myself with so many thoughts– many of which haven’t been vetted by my brain. 1,220 more words

Baby on the Go: 5 Family Travel Tips

I have this feeling that Xaviana is going to be a jet-setter… Before she was even born, she’d been to more places than I had in the first twenty-four years of my life! 939 more words