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What pregnancy has taught me about life so far

20 more weeks until my October due date and I’ve somewhat managed to find a sense of calm within the storm (most days). This newfound sense of peace (some days) I credit to bits of wisdom I’ve gathered while going through the motions of pregnancy. 1,193 more words

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What Changed When I Started Working

For one thing, going for gatherings became easier. I had a ready answer to, “so what do you do?”. Yes, I know I being at home with the kids is “commendable” and one of the “toughest jobs in the world”, and that I should never have felt bashful about being, well, just a mom. 783 more words


An American Ramadan: Weaving The Cultural Fabric

“Bring your girls to come see my Christmas tree, I want to show them my ornaments and lights.” In her late 40’s, living alone, and working as an accountant in cooperate America we hardly saw our passionate Italian neighbor. 669 more words


Breastfeeding when teeth appear!

It is drummed into all of us “breast is best” whatever whatever, I hate the breast vs formula argument. I couldn’t care less. I breastfeed because its easier for me and my baby and I enjoy it. 152 more words


Mom Things I Learn During Yoga #3: Trust Yourself

Whenever I’ve done yoga, no matter the style or instructor, one thing has always been consistent. When it comes to whether a pose is being done ‘right,’ my teachers have always referred to each student’s best judgment and understanding of their own body: 848 more words


Chicken and Egg

“You’ve gotta stop reading those mommy blogs. That’ll go a long way towards making you feel better.”

Kev and I were walking on the bike path, and although he’s the one with terminal cancer, I was the one complaining how rotten I felt. 922 more words


One Birth Story

There are two reasons for sharing my birth story in this particular way.

First, online discussions about birth are too often fraught with tension, either focused on quantitative details (length in hours, degrees of tearing, number of interventions, etc.) that can be used to compare/measure us against fellow moms; or devolving into endless debates with battle lines drawn on natural/medicated or vaginal/c-section grounds. 2,913 more words