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help me, Google!

some mornings, the ride to school is quiet. some mornings, the car is filled with the grouchies coming out of 2 still-sleepy kids. some mornings, the kids are on fire – ready to learn and full of questions! 498 more words

A Plan for our children

It takes some time to figure it out.  Each new stage of life, each big change, needs a grace period while we all figure out how to do life within the constructs of newness.   1,000 more words

Mommy Brain

A Mommy Day

I am exhausted!

Some because it has been a busy day but I have felt like my brain hasn’t been here all day. I felt that I just kept wandering my house forgetting what I was suppose to do. 327 more words

Doughnuts and Squats


Gestational Shortsightedness

When I was pregnant with Vivian I had gestational diabetes.  I was certain I didn’t really have it because they give you enough sugar to kill you and I had a bagel for breakfast and I was sleep deprived.   830 more words

Gestational Diabetes

Is There a Cure for This Mommy Brain Thing?

Focusing is something I really struggle with lately. I know that “mommy brain” is an actual thing so it makes me feel better about my lack of concentration. 210 more words

Funny Stuff

Mommy Brain

It makes me do things like this:  write a check for ten thousand dollars when I really only owe a thousand.

I’m just trying to get my baby paid for, people.   11 more words

Prairie Parenting

Things that go "Boom"

What the hell was that?

I’m spending a few days as a guest of my in-laws at a timeshare condo. It’s a nice enough place. Like a two-and-a-half star hotel with no room service or maid service. 477 more words