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7 Things I Thought I Would Be Able To Avoid as a Parent

There are things I hoped I would never have to deal with in my life. I always knew I wanted kids, so sleep loss and playing with baby poop was a given. 778 more words


Mummy brain...

Now, for my South African & American readers I should call this post “mommy brain” instead ,although I do sometimes feel my brain is indeed mummified! 737 more words

Random Ramblings

C comme dans Cerveau Mou

Mommy brain, mommy brain.
On l’entend souvent cette expression, avant d’être mère, mais on ne connaît pas l’ampleur de la chose tant et aussi longtemps que ça nous arrive pas. 375 more words

Things Noticed

Pick Your Battles Wisely

My daughter is a negotiator. I have no idea where she gets it from…. Just kidding, she is definitely mine and her father’s daughter. Its a good skill to have if you’re buying a car, at a garage sale, or basically if you’re anyone else. 426 more words

Mommy Brain

I Don't Remember - Oh, it's a Blizzard

I have decided that I am no longer going to feel badly about “Mommy-brain” as ignorant non-Mom’s like to call it. Nobody, young or old, likes to be accused of forgetting things. 292 more words

Mother Of The Year

Mommy Brain

Some people say there is a curious thing that happens to a woman’s brain when she becomes a mother.  Something to do with changing hormones that causes her brain to function differently.  605 more words


Joel Osteen vs. Eckhart Tolle

(Written January 20) This morning we finally have the long-awaited appointment to register for our third child’s birth certificate.

He was born at home more than eleven months ago, and when I called in September to schedule the appointment, this was the earliest slot available (or so they said–my inner conspiracy theorist assures me they were just punishing me for having an at-home birth, which creates more paperwork for them). 663 more words