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When cookies fail: 5 things I wish I could memorize

I swear that ever since I became a mom my long term memory has vanished. A friend told me that she read something about long term memory loss being a primal instinct to allow a mother to focus on her child’s short term needs – ie “feed me ma”. 307 more words


HELP, I have Mommy Brain!

This post is for all the new parents out there.  I know I am not the only mom who has and is going through the “mommy brain” fog that happens after having a baby.  898 more words

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The Day I Lost My Dog

Once upon a week or so ago I hit the freeway with two dogs, a baby, and all our stuff crammed in to every spare nook of my compact Chevy Cruze.   779 more words


A (single-working-mom) blogger's promise

Hello again – it’s been a while, I know….I’m sorry.

Cardinal rule #1 of blogging: consistency is key  (ie. even if you post 1x a month, make it 1x a month).

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7 Things I Thought I Would Be Able To Avoid as a Parent

There are things I hoped I would never have to deal with in my life. I always knew I wanted kids, so sleep loss and playing with baby poop was a given. 778 more words


Mummy brain...

Now, for my South African & American readers I should call this post “mommy brain” instead ,although I do sometimes feel my brain is indeed mummified! 737 more words

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C comme dans Cerveau Mou

Mommy brain, mommy brain.
On l’entend souvent cette expression, avant d’être mère, mais on ne connaît pas l’ampleur de la chose tant et aussi longtemps que ça nous arrive pas. 375 more words

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