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Mommy Brain

My husband always jokes that after having two kids, he no longer expects me to remember anything. I used to pride myself on my near photographic memory. 870 more words


Out of my Mind

Mommy brain… It has gotten me full force. I stare of into space as of there was a thought in there. Before, I’d have a million thoughts running through my head. 14 more words

Figuring It Out...

Momnesia and Me

I worked until the beginning of my ninth month of pregnancy and I thought my memory remained pretty darned good. With hundreds of people, issues, problems, e-mails, phone calls, and deadlines to remember on a daily basis, I was proud of the amount of information I was able to remember while I was pregnant. 841 more words

Mommy Brain

Mommy Brain

Much like Pregnancy Brain, Mommy Brain is a common occurrence among mothers. Symptoms include lack of focus, forgetfulness, and confusion. I am not exempt from this phenomena. 68 more words


Do you ever realize half way through the day that maybe you didn’t use soap when you showered this morning? Like you know you legit stayed in the shower at least 15 minutes while your spouse chased your child(ren) around the house, or your sweet ones entertained themselves. 55 more words

Staying Sane

Postpartum Surprises

-written January 28, 2015

So here’s the thing, I am wholeheartedly convinced that only other moms will actually understand what I am describing below. ¬†This is because only a mere 7 months ago I would come across descriptions of motherhood like I’ve laid out below and think I totally understood what that was like, or what that felt like, but, as it turns out, I had not even a speck of an idea what actually went down. ¬† 1,218 more words


Just call me Captain Sidetrack

Most of us have heard of “mommy brain” or “pregnancy brain”, and honestly I thought they were both just kind of lame excuses for being pulled in 100 different directions at the speed of light by nagging responsibilities and small humans. 374 more words