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Oh wait, that’s the pug!

Ever since having my baby three months ago, I have felt like I have a whole new brain. It’s a brain that’s always on high alert, and is constantly making me worry about anything terrible happening to my little angel. 373 more words

Stay At Home Mom

Tired Mom Tells a Story

“Mom, tell me a story. ’bout the real Goldilocks, not just Goldie and Bear.”

“Ok, sure. The real Goldilocks. Right, so… here we go.”

Onesuponatime, there was a girl.

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Mom Life


Oh, you didn’t know it was a scientific term?

Well, it isn’t. BUT IT SHOULD BE.

As you may already know (or will shortly find out), you don’t only lose your marbles while pregnant… as it turns out, even years after bringing baby into the world, you still somehow manage to forget where you left your damn car keys (they’re probably in the fridge) or how to compose a comprehensive sentence on a regular basis. 379 more words


Food for Thought: Brain-boosting Bliss Balls

Lack of sleep, stress, illness, poor diet and pregnancy can all have effects on our brain health.  A recent article was published on how the grey matter in a pregnant woman’s brain is altered, so when her child is born, she adapts to respond to certain cues – her baby’s! 225 more words


I am that “Mom”

Today I became “that” mom. You know the one. The one you judge behind her back, silently, or not so silently. The one you gasp at, or belittle for doing things you would “never” do… 631 more words

Soothing Smoothie for the Mom-to-be

Nourishment during pregnancy is obviously what your, and your baby’s body, needs to grow and thrive. Postpartum nourishment is also so important, as our body is trying to heal, produce milk, balance hormones, and function through “mommy brain” episodes. 162 more words


Day 9- Does Mommy Brain Exist?

This is such a great question in which I question my sanity on almost daily now being a mom of two. My mom, who is a mother of three, had a great statement about this the other day. 1,076 more words

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