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Mommy v. Brain

I don’t know if science has established a timeframe in which mothers “outgrow” the damage to the brain caused by their children, but I can say here today that it might well be possible not to. 303 more words

Kanga Vie

June 12, 2016

I didn’t expect to get any response at all on previous blog posts, so first, thank you. It brightened my day after it had registered that the likes were on my blog. 380 more words


Is Mommy Brain Real?

Pregnant women know the feeling of “placenta brain”–  you forget details, don’t remember your husband handing you something or a co-wroker asking you a question. You are clumsy, slow and sluggish. 128 more words


Bommy Mrain

So, this mommy brain. Is fer real. I can list a number of doozies, some of which I’ve already shared on the blog, but most recently, intertwining two blog posts into one. 238 more words

Family Files

So, you know how you’re just living life, and you’re always thinking, “This would be a great blog post”, “That would be great to blog about”, “I’m going to take lots of pictures and then blog about it.”?   245 more words


The Start of My Day

My day started earlier then normal.

For whatever reason, unknown to me, my son started making noise at 6:15am this morning. That is a whole hour earlier than normal and I was still sound asleep.  591 more words

3 Things I didn't believe were real before I had my baby

Mommy Brain:

Mommy Brain is real. I have experienced it and… wait, what was I saying?

Oh yes, I for sure thought this was just code for being tired. 604 more words