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Postpartum Surprises

-written January 28, 2015

So here’s the thing, I am wholeheartedly convinced that only other moms will actually understand what I am describing below. ¬†This is because only a mere 7 months ago I would come across descriptions of motherhood like I’ve laid out below and think I totally understood what that was like, or what that felt like, but, as it turns out, I had not even a speck of an idea what actually went down. ¬† 1,218 more words


Just call me Captain Sidetrack

Most of us have heard of “mommy brain” or “pregnancy brain”, and honestly I thought they were both just kind of lame excuses for being pulled in 100 different directions at the speed of light by nagging responsibilities and small humans. 374 more words


Surprised by Hope

I woke up the other morning surprised by hope. It wasn’t the emotion I thought I would or should be feeling that particular morning. But, there it was. 467 more words

Mommy Brain

Becoming an intern

Finally! I officially became a naturopathic intern! It’s been quite of a journey. According to one of my colleagues, our class has completed 92 exams and 107 assignments during the past three years. 475 more words


Pregnancy Brain: Is it still there?!

Is it just me or does pregnancy brain stay on the brain, well after you’ve delivered? For me, that seems to be the case. I would even go so far as to say it worsened with each child! 546 more words

In My Neighborhood

Mommy/pregnancy brain: I can't remember anything....

To give you an idea of how bad my mommy brain is:

During a 4am feed a few nights ago, I thought of writing about some of the silly things my sleep-deprived self has been doing lately (aka mommy brain). 439 more words

Mum Life

A Bit of This and That

I worked on numbers, sight words and days of the week with my boys before they finally agreed to eat breakfast. I cleaned the refrigerator and the kitchen and forced the kids to go play outside on this beautiful day. 250 more words