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Ten on Ten: The Unconventional Edition

Let’s just be honest.  I forgot it was the tenth.  Motherhood does lots of weird things to a person…not the least of which is that I hardly ever write the date anymore.   294 more words


My brain has become swiss cheese

Or at least, mush. Today I found the cheese I had finished shredding for pizza and put into a sealed container three days ago, IN THE CUPBOARD. 214 more words

Oh, bananas!

Mommy brain is a real struggle!

We order groceries from Fresh Direct every week. It’s very convenient and you can usually get things the next day. 141 more words

Mom Chronicles

When cookies fail: 5 things I wish I could memorize

I swear that ever since I became a mom my long term memory has vanished. A friend told me that she read something about long term memory loss being a primal instinct to allow a mother to focus on her child’s short term needs – ie “feed me ma”. 307 more words


HELP, I have Mommy Brain!

This post is for all the new parents out there.  I know I am not the only mom who has and is going through the “mommy brain” fog that happens after having a baby.  898 more words

Marriage And Family

The Day I Lost My Dog

Once upon a week or so ago I hit the freeway with two dogs, a baby, and all our stuff crammed in to every spare nook of my compact Chevy Cruze.   779 more words


A (single-working-mom) blogger's promise

Hello again – it’s been a while, I know….I’m sorry.

Cardinal rule #1 of blogging: consistency is key  (ie. even if you post 1x a month, make it 1x a month).

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