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3 days before surgery and still debating about size of implants

So I have been debating on size for about a week since my pre op appointment. I originally wanted 350cc but I feel like I chose that because that all the options they gave me. 45 more words

Mommy Makeover: The Plan

Looking in the mirror the other day I realized it was time to pay my hair dresser a visit. I never experienced the rumored thick, luscious pregnancy hair, but whatever hair I did gain now clogs my bathroom sink, and has officially been replaced by tiny regrowth hairs which stick up all over my head. 985 more words

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Mommy Makeover

Many women experience unwanted changes in their bodies as a result of pregnancy such as loss of fullness in the breasts and excess abdominal fat. While diet and exercise is encouraged, it may not be enough to restore a woman’s pre-pregnancy shape. 961 more words

Breast Augmentation

Breast Restoration After Pregnancy: Patient Comments

Photo: Dr. Bashioum’s daughter as a baby.

Angie writes:

For years I had believed that breast augmentation surgery would give me the confidence I needed to help me feel better about my body. 272 more words

Mommy Make-over

Mommy Make-over: Breast Restoration

Example of a typical Saline Implant (not Sue’s surgery).  307,000 women chose breast augmentation last year.

Sue writes about her experience:

My breasts went down a cup size after I breast fed my children. 122 more words

Breast Enlargement

What's a Breast Lift?

Sagging of a woman’s breasts can occur due to any significant weight change, such as after a pregnancy.  True sagging refers to nipple position falling below the crease beneath your breast.   157 more words

Mommy Make-over

Dr. Bashioum's Patient Comments: Breast Enlargement

Sheena writes:

After breastfeeding both my girls, my breasts were smaller and saggier than ever before. I was wearing a 34A bra and very self-conscious about my almost non-existent breasts. 289 more words

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