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A Mommy Makeover is a group of cosmetic surgery procedures performed in a single stage. These typically include a combination a tummy tuck, breast enhancement with implants or a lift. 204 more words


Get Back That Youthful Glow After Pregnancy with Mommy Makeover Surgery

Mommy Makeover is one of the newest advances which have taken place in cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgeons use any number of different cosmetic surgery procedures during a mommy makeover so as to provide women with the body they desire. 585 more words

Mommy Makeover - Our Most Popular Procedures

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During pregnancy and breastfeeding, there are many changes that will happen to a new mother’s body. A mommy makeover is a customizable plastic surgery procedure that combines multiple surgeries to restore a woman’s body after pregnancy. 36 more words

Mommy Makeover – Rediscover Yourself After Childbirth

Mommy Makeover – Overview

Pregnancy affects body shape badly especially the specific areas like tummy, breasts, hips and legs.In complete nine months hormonal and physical change take its toll on a new mommy. 679 more words

Mommy Makeover Surgery In India

Mommy Makeover Options

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A Mommy Makeover is a customizable procedure that combines two or more plastic surgery procedures catered to each individual. Pregnancy can take many tolls on a woman’s body, so a Mommy Makeover can restore and improve the body back to its pre-pregnancy shape. 66 more words

Mommy Makeover; el mejor regalo para mamá.

Para muchas mujeres el embarazo es el momento más bonito de su vida, pero un embarazo deja sus huellas en el cuerpo femenino.

El llamado Mommy  Makeover, término que se podría traducir como el cambio de imagen de la mama, surge como una modalidad promovida por grandes artistas internacionales que acaban de ser madres y desean recuperar la perfección de su cuerpo tras dar a luz.    551 more words


Explore Your Mommy Makeover Options

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Pregnancy can take a toll on many parts of a woman’s body, such as having deflated breasts or loose abdominal skin. However, every pregnancy is different and not all mothers experience the same changes to her body. 61 more words