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Learning The Advantages Of Evaluating Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is certainly a sensible approach to restore a part of the body because of a major accident or disability, but it is often used to enhance visual look. 466 more words

A few months in and doing fine

I’m coming up on 5 months post surgery and doing relatively well.

I spend most days wearing a spanks top under my clothes, because my stomach will swell if I don’t. 143 more words

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In the past decade, medical tourism had greatly increased in the Philippines. Many tourists mostly coming from America and Europe have gone to the Philippines for cosmetic makeovers. 642 more words

How Does Liposuction Work?

Liposuction surgery is one of the most popular types of plastic surgery today. Below is how the procedure generally works; the exact nature of your liposuction surgery may vary depending upon your unique case. 307 more words

Mommy Makeover

Important CoolSculpting Considerations!

CoolSculpting is the latest way to remove fat from those troublesome areas of your body, such as midsection, love handles and thighs. The procedure literally freezes the fat cells, which are eventually eliminated naturally from the body. 290 more words

Mommy Makeover

Happy Birthday Matti! My Bikini Body One Year Postpartum

One year ago today I gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Matilyn. Along with this beautiful child came 40 extra pounds which I was all to aware of as the weeks past. 82 more words

Pregnancy Tips

Moving on up

Revovery has been progressing really well. I’m almost completely healed up as far as wounds go, I have switched from my binder to spanks, I’ve submerged myself in water, I’ve been back in the gym (although there’s still things I can’t do), and I even tried dancing on a pole at a party. 129 more words