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Supplements proven to help with healing. Alot to take before and after


So I went and picked up my optional pre-surgery supplement program today. I’ve been researching all the recommended supplements to take that promote healing.¬† 356 more words

After Major Weight Loss- I'm 17 days from having the "mommy Makeover" surgery. Here are my before pictures.

First dont judge the bathing suit pictures below. The ones taken of my stomach and breast, these are OLD bathing suits from my teens that I pulled out of storage. 356 more words

Doctor Selection

17 days till surgery

I originally met with 4 doctors. Even though price was important, I wasn’t price shopping. I wanted to hear different opinions and thoughts on what my body needed. 265 more words

My stress level

So I am approximatly 2.5weeks away from my surgery and I am freaking out. I had my blood work done yesterday to make sure all my organs are working currently. 321 more words

The basics..

So most of these pictures you see me sucking in, I promise to post better before pictures so you will be able to really see the difference. 104 more words

So what's the deal?

I am approximately 2.5weeks away from getting what is called The Mommy Makeover surgery. It will consist of a tummy tuck, implants, and breast lift. 80 more words