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Days 3 & 4 Post Op

Well, I wasn’t really planning on posting anything until after my follow up appointment on Monday but I’ve got some time and some thoughts on these past couple days that could be helpful. 524 more words

The Big Day!

Well, surgery day has come and gone! I really didn’t have many expectations of what the day would hold but it went pretty close to exactly how I would have imagined it. 870 more words

Big Week!

The week is finally here! On Tuesday I will be having my surgery and I am so excited. I am surprised that I am less nervous than I am but I know that may change as Tuesday gets closer. 317 more words

Breast Augmentation

The Various Processes Involved In the Mommy Makeover Surgery!

After giving birth, the mother remains happy and excited about having a child forever. The same can’t be said about their body! Of course within just few months of time, they absolutely start becoming tired of their body for sure. 461 more words

Cosmetic Surgery

My boobs are killing me.

Well, I’m like- 90% sure that my boobs are killing me. Yup, I’m getting right into it. (I hate small talk.) I have some serious shit to say about this, so get ready to read! 2,862 more words

The beginning...

I keep asking myself how in the world I am going to process having plastic surgery (again) and then getting my fitness level back to where it is now. 439 more words

Here’s how much downtime you’ll need for top cosmetic procedures

Thinking about an enhancement before summer vacation or a big event? You might need more time to recover than you think. While you may be up and moving a week or two after your procedure, your results could take a lot longer to show. 879 more words