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Mommy Wars: Which Stage Is Hardest?

Whenever mothers of young children bemoan their exhaustion and lack of time, you can bet that someone will snidely remark, “Wait until they’re teenagers. If you think you can’t sleep now!” I know. 488 more words

More Family Time For Working Mom

Three and a half weeks into my new job.  My return to the working world.  Was it a huge life change? Yes.  Was I anxious?  Yes.   816 more words

Breastfeeding Hypocrisy 

I have been seeing so many comments across social media condemning breastfeeding mothers.

“Why is it so difficult to just Put a blanket over your baby?” … 662 more words

Chicken and Egg

“You’ve gotta stop reading those mommy blogs. That’ll go a long way towards making you feel better.”

Kev and I were walking on the bike path, and although he’s the one with terminal cancer, I was the one complaining how rotten I felt. 922 more words


every day you

who gets to see the “every day” you?  Just your kids?  Your spouse?  Your neighbors?  We can change a lot within a year. 244 more words



I have spent a lot of my life letting things go.

Which is really good and healing and necessary for sanity.

Because there is just SO much.   487 more words


The Good Mom

It finally happened, friends. I got sucked into the mommy wars. In a decade of parenting, I have seen my share of mom-judgement, but I’ve been enjoying a refreshing, albeit surprising, reprieve from criticism when it comes to my parenting in the last couple of years. 833 more words