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What Am I Missing? Is There a Parent Award for Having it the "Hardest?"

And so I begin again.

We are currently back visiting family and my husband took the kiddos to the playground while I am sitting around being pregnant and lazy and wasting time on social media. 1,128 more words

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Coffee Pots and Closet Pee: Why are We Fighting Each Other?

“Foster kids are smelly. Foster kids pee in the closet. I don’t want to have any foster kids around here!” This from my 10-year-old son. My a-month-away-from-being-officially-adopted-but-still-technically-foster-kid-son. 1,357 more words


Mom Wars: Are We Really Still Doing This?

This morning as I mindlessly scrolled through Facebook, numbing my brain from the reality of Monday and all its responsibilities, I came across an article on… 925 more words


Let Go Of The Perfect Holiday

Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK?! I haven’t even carved the turkey yet and I’m already stressed! How will I get it all done? When will I have time to shop? 583 more words


The Stay At Home Mother, Most Hated By Feminsts

Chances are you know a stay at home mother. They are loathed by feminists because they are everything that they stand against. They claim mothers who stay home are contributing to the supposed war on women. 692 more words

The Case of The Mommy Wars

For a while, I followed mommy blogs and whatnot, partially for craft ideas, mostly to see that my kids aren’t insane, and I’m not actually falling apart. 534 more words



I used to be friends with a girl I have spoken about previously. I refered to her as M. To recap- I didn’t officially end the friendship, but I actively avoided her; emails, invites, texts. 416 more words

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