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Just When You ... #mommywars

I wrote a couple weeks ago about returning to the paid working world. The compulsion thrust itself at me on the heels of believing we would go penniless due to the impending college bills for our three sons. 1,714 more words


Motherhood Musings

It’s 9:30pm, the kid is in bed (at least until 11pm, possibly until 2am), and I’m having a beer while I wait for my husband to return from a work trip. 773 more words


The stranger I cried with at Walmart today....

Today at Walmart, I was scanning my few items in the self checkout and noticed a young mama behind me trying to scan her stuff and hold a screaming baby. 407 more words

Daily Life

to watch or not to watch

We started a new screen time regimen. Today is one of our no screen days for the kids. There are already pros and cons to this new plan, we are barely a week in. 601 more words

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

I’ve been pretty quiet here at Centering Down this week. But behind the scenes I have been making BIG PLANS.

I thought today I would share a glimpse of them with you. 136 more words


I am a M&M cookie mom.

It is the night before the preschool Easter party and I don’t have the required 6 candy filled eggs or cookies I signed up for to take to the party.   560 more words


My Mommitment to You

Dearest readers of One Mother to Another,

So often these days when I fire up Facebook, I’m bombarded by the labels and designations that we mothers use to categorize each other. 867 more words

Everyday Motherhood