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Mommy wars: the vaccine debate

If you are part of any mommy group online or in real life it’s no secret that 2 topics can get even the calmest person in the world to possibly explode: circumcision and vaccinations but I will talk about the later. 1,291 more words

Why All Moms Need A Twin Pass

“I’m the mother of twin toddlers” is a phrase I often use when writing. It’s a true statement, but it’s also the ultimate parenting get-out-of-jail-free card. 142 more words

Breastfeeding, Part One - Saying “no” to the “Mommy Wars”

Hi there, readers, welcome back!

There’s been a lot going on in the news (isn’t there always these days?), so I wanted to take a step back and discuss some issues related to parenting in order to nurture that part of your soul as well. 730 more words


Passing judgement

I’ve stopped judging moms. I’ve stopped judging anyone, really. You know why? Life is hard and we all struggle.

I know how it feels to be that lonely mom, aching for communication with someone before you forget how to speak. 326 more words


I got the idea for this post when I was volunteering at my daughter’s school and a fellow mom acquaintance dropped a snide comment on me that had me like, 1,877 more words


That Stay at Home Mom IS Judging You: Here's Why

Do you ever feel like moms on the “other side” are judging you? The breastfeeding moms? The working moms? Do you ever feel like that article they shared was a subtle jab at you? 379 more words



Many of us gentle mamas of non-sleepers have learned to suffer in silence.

We’ve learned to bite our tongues rather than open up about our sleep-related struggles to friends, family and health professionals. 398 more words