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An end to the Mommy Wars?

[I]t appears the sheer amount of time parents spend with their kids between the ages of 3 and 11 has virtually no relationship to how children turn out, and a minimal effect on adolescents, according to the first large-scale longitudinal study of parent time to be published in April in the Journal of Marriage and Family.

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Being A Wife

When Men Mother

Last week, I wrote about the so-called “Mommy Wars” — the stay-at-home mom vs. working mom clash — and profiled some very strong opinions on the matter (my own included). 642 more words

Museum Of Motherhood

Mommy Monday

Sometimes, I have to steer clear of Facebook. Not because its such a waste of time, but because people will often post articles about child-rearing that either make me cry or get my really fired up and test my self-control. 37 more words

Waging a (Mommy) War

Well, the mommy war is certainly being waged out there, folks. And the battleground is splashed across online media. Proof? Check out Liz Pardue Schultz’ piece in xoJane: … 682 more words


It Takes a Village

Nothing gets the internet in an uproar quite like an article about stay at home moms or working moms.

In the past week, I’ve come across 3 different articles about stay-at-home mothers. 709 more words


It Doesn’t Matter How Many Commercials Similac Makes, I Am Still Judging You

Over the last few weeks, my newsfeed has been full of people sharing this video, calling moms (and a few dads) to unite together in the spirit of sisterhood and end the judgmental attitude among mothers. 1,169 more words