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Free Viewing of "Bought: The Truth Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma & Your Food"

Have you heard about this movie? I just finished watching it (watched it in snippets over a week’s time, which is how I get most things done). 382 more words


Your Child Doesn't Need Me, He Needs You

Well! After that last post kind of blew up my little blog over here, I was trying to think of what on earth should happen next. 694 more words

Lean In - Nearly the End

I was glad that Sandberg spent some time on the inequality/equality topic.  Not that long ago, as a new manager,  I straddled the likability fence.  I wanted everyone to like me, but found that it was hindering my ability to do my job.   326 more words

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Things NOT to Say to Expectant or New mothers

Dear General Population,

I am down to just about 10 weeks of pregnancy left with my second child. Since announcing our first pregnancy I have noticed a steady stream of “advice” coming from all angles. 558 more words



My daughter, Cassie, turns 30 today. As much as that is certainly a milestone worthy of celebrating, I will also be celebrating my own milestone today. 460 more words

I'm an Instinctive Straddler....

If you happened upon this blog post while looking for something dirty….I sincerely apologize for what I am sure you will find to be a very disappointing read. 4,557 more words


Mama Drama is a Myth - or - Five Reasons Why I Don't Believe the Mommy Wars Really Exist

None of us are judging each other. Not really. Okay, once someone told me (out loud, on purpose) that she never puts her 16 month old in a car seat because “she doesn’t like it.” I may have judged her. 1,866 more words