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That time that I was made to feel worthless...

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I’m not sure why I have to write this,

I don’t even know why or how this can still be a thing. 882 more words

The More You Know...

Kicking It Off With A...

If you’re sick to death of the sound of your own voice, you find yourself hiding in the bathroom to get away from your kids, want to throat punch your husband at the mere suggestion that he’s had a rough day at work, have a few mental breakdowns each day and are pretty sure you should be medicated, you’ve found your people.   567 more words


How NOT to write about the science in sleep training literature.

As someone who has devoted her life to empirical research, it is really, really hard to read journalistic accounts of “studies” which totally miss the mark.   3,253 more words


Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

I saw a commercial the other day that really captured my attention.  It was on YouTube and I usually skip them as soon as I can, but this one really had me hooked. 474 more words


Love the new Yoplait mommy commercial and yet...so many questions

Have you seen the new series of ads from Yoplait?

They’re sassy, acerbic takedowns of the Mommy Wars culture. The Mommy Wars are the single dumbest thing to emerge in American pop culture since JNCO jeans. 425 more words


Parenting with help: why mom friends are so important

On Tuesday, I forgot to pick my kids up from summer camp.

Well forget isn’t technically the right word. I mean, I knew they were there. 659 more words


How Have We Gone From "It Takes a Village" to Mommy Wars? 

I love when friends share Bible verses on social media! It always makes me smile knowing that others take the time to read it and are encouraged by the word. 1,157 more words

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