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Nursing: What the Books Don't Say

Dear Expectant Mother,

Considering breast feeding your little Bundle? Perhaps you think you know what to expect. Maybe you plan to “try” nursing and see how it goes. 588 more words


Getting into it

Thank you to everyone for your feedback.  I really do love to write, and I’ve often thought about trying to get a blog (such as this one!) or a website going.  876 more words

Weaning the weight of wistful nostalgia

I am in the process of weaning my almost two-year-old daughter. Although I have enjoyed a wonderful nursing relationship with her since she was born, it’s time to break it off. 778 more words


Judgmental Vomiting and the Internet Curtain

Why do people feel it is okay to say whatever the hell they want to on the internet? I swear so much of what is said would never be uttered in person. 1,169 more words

Social Justice

The First and Last Time I'll Say "Mommy Wars"

Allow me to begin this post by stating that I absolutely hate, loathe, despise, and detest the phrase “Mommy Wars”. It insinuates that mothers are no more mature than preschoolers bickering over which candy is the best in the whole wide world (which is Reese’s without question, by the way). 756 more words

7 Quick Takes Vol. 9: Retroactively Motherhood-Themed

Time for another 7QT Friday! Hop over to Kelly’s for more! These are sort of themed around motherhood (or my kids, who made me a mother) even though Mother’s Day was last week. 411 more words

Why I'm the Worst Mom You'll Meet at the Playground

If we ever meet at a playground, beware.

According to an article I read that identified nine types of moms who are “the worst you’ll meet at the playground… 1,051 more words

Spiritual Growth