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Being an Egg Donor?!

Okay, so what? Donating eggs? Like chicken eggs? No, no,no lol I’m talking about YOUR eggs! Human Baby eggs haha So what exactly does this mean? 1,158 more words


DIY Baby Food

Something that I always wanted to do when I became a Mother was make baby food for my little one. Now that my sweet Vivi is eating solids, I have plenty of opportunities. 789 more words

Mom Style

The pool is deep

Girlie runs to me and says
“owside.” She wants to play
outside in the yard. I gather
courage, presentable clothing
two pairs of shoes and we… 389 more words

It Came Out Of My Head

My First Post!

Hey! So my name is Sam and I’m one part of this blog. The other half is Elyse, you will see plenty of posts from both of us! 355 more words


Valued Employee

I was featured in St Luke’s June Happenings Newsletter as the Church Dog. I am a valued employee. Below is the main picture. Just click the link and scroll down to page 2 to read the whole article. 96 more words

There's an App for That

We live in an astonishing age. Technology is so advanced these days that it has been incorporated into our daily lives. There is no way to avoid it and it’s bound to become even more integrated into our routines. 384 more words