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Maternidad sin culpa ¿Se puede lograr?

Desde que te enteras que estás embarazada o incluso desde antes no me dejarán mentir que el primer sentimiento que te da justo después de esa felicidad absoluta que invade tu cuerpo es: la culpa: Culpa si la prueba de embarazo salió negativa, seguramente algo no estoy haciendo bien, o tengo un problema. 544 more words


Lanovih 8 mesecev

Še štiri mesece in moj otrok bo star eno leto? Ne morem verjeti. Zakaj rasteš tako hitro, mali mož?

Lan je bil v nedeljo star 8 mesecev. 472 more words


Halloween 2018

So yes this month is going to be out of order and kind of random because sometimes that’s how we roll.

I took the easy route for costumes this year, I basically said “find something in the midst of the costumes and various things that we have and make it work”. 209 more words


World Kindness Day: Words Matter

Xena: Hey Lucy Deucy, do you think that’s true, that words really matter?

Lucy: Well, how does it make you feel when I call you Xena Weena? 252 more words

Miniature Schnauzer

The Moment I Lost My Name

I don’t really know when it happened. And I don’t know how. But the moment I realized it, I died a little inside. My name is what has defined me for so long. 451 more words

My Thoughts

Mama's Nighttime Routine

Self-care can be really hard to accomplish. Sometimes, we want to keep the makeup on, not wash the grime off, and maybe even skip the shower and teeth-brushing that night. 552 more words


Armstrong Elections 2018

I think the first election that I remember is 1988. I was almost 8 and my parent’s voting place was at my elementary school in the gym. 721 more words