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Newborn Nighttime Routine 🌙

So my son is not technically a “newborn” lol. But 3 Month Old Baby Nighttime Routine I think is just a bit much! While he has been a huge blessing to my family’s lives, he has also been a handful…… scratch that, two handfuls. 365 more words


Halloween 2017

I love Halloween it is one of my favorite holidays ever, last year i was able to recreate like 3 different costumes, this year has been so busy for me i have not had time to do any, i am hopping this week i can do   a few and share the pictures :)  here is one pic of one of the Costumes i wore last year .


why i love Makeup...

This morning i woke up wanting to write haha, ABOUT my favorite thing ever, and how did i started loving makeup so much…  everything started when i was a young little girl, my mom used to wear a lot of makeup and every time i saw her it was like the best thing ever,  so when i was  teen my mom got me my first mascara , i think i was like 13 or 14, and then when i was 15 i participated in a beauty Beauty pageant and, they used to take us to classes on how to do our own makeup, that is when i realized how much i loved doing my makeup and my own makeup and other people Makeup, And it has been a few years  and i still love it, it is my passion :D 


Coppélia-6 Months Home!

Coppélia has been home 6 months. It was a super windy day on Saturday so I took her 6 month photo on her bedroom inside out of the wind. 399 more words


First things first...

I guess I should start off where I left off. My precious baby boy! He is now 9 months going on 10 months old! Where has the time gone? 786 more words


Six month mommy

Nashypoo is six months old.  I blinked and now I have a 20 pound, chubby cheeked, two toothed (my nipples hurt) baby.  He is changing every single day.   895 more words

Fall Activities with My Family

Hello readers!

Oh my! I know I have been gone for a while. There has been so much going on that I have neglected my blog :'(, but I am back now!!!! 183 more words