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Day in the Life: Mothers Day

7:00am – The clocks went forward, so we lost an hour in bed last night. The little tyke was still asleep but we decided to get him up, otherwise his routine would be completely thrown out. 592 more words


Who's The Writer

Picture yourself enrolled in a 4-year university, Stevenson University to be exact. You have just accomplished the goal of completing high school in 2011, and now you plan to graduate with a Bachelors degree in Business Communication in 2015. 71 more words

M. O. C.

“I could draw you a picture
I could write all my fears
I could read you a scripture of tears
And I know, no matter how much colder… 457 more words



Hold on to the pram and walk next to Mummy,
So the early memory goes,
Look up to see you and know that you’re there, 61 more words


Introductions Are In Order

If you’re reading this then you’ve stumbled upon my blog, which is this case welcome! I hope you stick around and enjoy what you end up reading. 479 more words


It has been a while.

Why hello there,

I Know it has been a moment, but I needed a small time to think about where I wanted things to go with my writing and with my health, I was in a bad point and I had no idea what I wanted to do, But I finally feel something when I write now I feel like my heart is truly in what I am writing, I know it sounds kind of dumb but I finally feel like I am meant to do something besides take care of people and my house. 24 more words


Baby Must Haves at 5 Months

So, my little Millie girl is 5 months old tomorrow. That alone is enough to blow my mind and I’ll probably cry a few bittersweet tears when I take her monthly photo tomorrow. 443 more words