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My active little one

So we are officially in the 3rd trimester (woohooo) and it has been very eye opening. Baby Zoë is constantly getting bigger and trying to explore her surroundings. 147 more words


Mommy's Pet Peeves....

As moms we all have them…. Pet Peeves… I thought I’d share a few of mine….

My kids drawers looking like disasters literally hours after I just refolded and NEATLY put away all of their clothes.   256 more words



We had a few days of being down with a stomach bug last week, but we rebounded just in time to see a ballgame.  We bought the tickets at the beginning of the season, so on Saturday we made our way to Fenway Park. 16 more words


El primer viaje de papá

Hola niñas!

La verdad es que este post surgió a raíz de que mi esposo se fue de viaje por trabajo hoy y nos dejó solitos a Sebastián y a mí. 696 more words


The Search for the "Perfect" Yaya (Part 1)

All moms (and dads!) out there can totally relate to this topic. We have all been there.  That dreaded moment when we badly need help at home in order to survive and not to go all-out crazy. 1,458 more words


Fish in a Bag

My kid got a fish from a school festival. The wonderful, heartwarming story of how he obtained this fish should be reserved for another time, but just know there are still great people in this world. 608 more words


6 mesecev po porodu: Moj velikan


V torek, 11. septembra je Lan praznoval že kar 6 mesecev! Ne morem verjeti, kako hitro čas beži. Še malo pa bom odšla nazaj na faks.😕 372 more words