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3 months ...

it’s been 3 months. I posted a rant this morning & a friend of mines was like don’t let that happen again. I get it. I got it. 681 more words

MOMMY AND BABY... we often change our roles and understandings

MOM:  come to mommy!

BABY: u came to baby.

baby cant walk mommy.

MOM:  u miss me o nah?

BABY: mommy no love baby.

MOM:   435 more words


Mommy Monday's 

Hey loves ! So I know a lot of bloggers/vloggers do weekly up dates during their pregnancy . Well I wanted to document this pregnancy since I didn’t get a chance to do that with the first . 267 more words

We Asked 30 Women To Describe What Terrifies Them Most Abount Pregnancy In Exactly 5 Words

1. “Vagina to asshole tearing happens!”

— Johanna, 24

2. “Hemorrhoid clusters for a butthole.”

— Jade, 25

3. “Bloody crusty scabs on nipples.”

— Taylor, 21… 218 more words

Little Joys

I’m typing this while laying in bed. Not that that’s important, I just thought it was worth mentioning. I’ve never written a blog post from bed before. 543 more words


There are 24 hours in a day and it is recommended that at least eight of it is spent sleeping.  Another eight goes to your job/career, then 30 minutes for physical activity. 

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Deep Mommy Thoughts