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How it all started... meeting Daddy

My boyfriend and I got together in the Summer of 2013. He gatecrashed my house warming with a mutual friend and sparks flew the first night. 532 more words


The damage is done.. 4 against 2

It’s been three years since I’ve written on this site. There has been so much change in my life. Growth, happiness, babies, loss.. so let’s do a quick intro and update: 471 more words

Preparing For Our First Baby

Hey everyone. Zach writing today. It has definitely been a long week and we are so excited for the weekend. We have a lot on the agenda that we really want to get going soon. 642 more words


Telling Time

There aren’t enough hours in the day, but yet time seems to drag on. You look back and wonder where the time went while simultaneously counting the seconds to the next event, day, hour. 344 more words


I know I cussed you out last year, but are you accepting preschool applicants?

Anyone who knows me as a parent knows I’m a little crazy. I blame it on a combination of postpartum anxiety, my very Italian family and a short list of childhood disappointments. 974 more words

Ταξίδι στην πολύχρωμη Βαρκελώνη. (27/01-02/02)


Στην Βαρκελώνη είχα ξαναπάει πριν 10 χρόνια περίπου. Η λατρεία του γιού μου για τον Messi και την Barca, με έκαναν να την ξαναεπισκευτώ για 6 ημέρες. 112 more words

Reia's 1st Birthday!

Hi, Friends!

Just like that, 12 months flew by with the quickness! Reia Dylan is officially a one year old and a few weeks ago, we celebrated with a very colorful birthday party! 1,103 more words