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What is it like?

So, what is like being me, a mommy with Asperger’s? What have I been feeling? What is the difference between me and other moms?

I have always been very opinionated and dead set on my values and what I want and don’t want not only in my life, but now Levi’s life. 505 more words

Grooming with Mom- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Lucy Ace Reporter on the Groom Beat here. Today I am reporting about news in the lives of our Mom’s grooming clients instead of on new dogs coming to be groomed. 443 more words

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Am I Really Pregnant Already?

It was the summer of 2018. I had just gotten married to my boyfriend of over 4 years (On Friday, June 8th) at the courthouse. We planned on having a bigger wedding later that year, but we also wanted to start a family and figured we were married and ready so why not stop using protection? 837 more words

Mom “Hole Me”

All day today I’ve been thinking of writing this post. One, because I needed to remember it for myself on days when I feel like I’m drowning and need to set myself back into reality and two because I think we all sometimes just need that gentle reminder that we will survive, this will probably make my book too. 1,995 more words

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Choosing a Pediatrician...

Hey there! I know its been a while since my last post, and I apologize to those who follow me.

After a couple days of him running a pretty constant fever, I scheduled Zane an appointment; where I learned he had a cold, and it would likely be 7-10 days before the symptoms fully left him. 501 more words

Best Part About Fall...Soups

Having Mom here has been great for my tummy! Fresh and yummy dishes are served daily. And they are all anti-cancer dishes. But the soups have been the best… 14 more words

Food Weekends

My Best Friend.

She is my favorite soul in this world! She completes me in a way I never though I needed! She Asked me this morning before school, ” Mom, Can we just have a mommy daughter date before I go to Kindergarten?” You at that face!! 145 more words