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A Letter to Charleston


On September 14th, you made your dad and I the happiest people on this planet. That night, your dad was at the store and I had asked him to grab me some wine and some pregnancy tests because I always liked keeping those tests on hand. 744 more words

Ramblings of a rusty blogger

I used to love to blog but stopped doing it several years ago. After the loss of our unborn child, writing has once again become very freeing for me. 50 more words

The first 48!

When it comes to fostering-to-adopt you, it fits different guidelines than a typical fostering guidelines.  They want to prepare the kids and the family with whats to come, so they do kind of similar to a meet and greet with the foster kids and the adoptive family.   584 more words


Lets go to the playground

Nothing would please the little tyke this morning, “Right, thats it!” I declared “Lets go to the playground!”. We needed some good old British country air in our lungs to boost our energy levels and more importantly, we needed to lift the little chaps mood. 428 more words


Looking back

I’m the kind of person that has a plan for everything, so as you can imagine with a big life event like having a baby; I had been planning it for ages. 449 more words

Lucky number 7!

SO… so much has happened in the last 2-3 days that I am still trying to comprehend it all! This past Wednesday, Shane received a phone call, that will now forever change our life.   372 more words


My Dog....

…reminding me daily of what lies ahead. LOL.

Expelling some bile while simultaneously playing fetch. Multitasking at it’s finest. A glimpse of what is to come right? 11 more words