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Dad of the Century

I’ve been back to work after maternity leave for seven months, and I recently took my first overnight business trip to Chicago.

If anyone tells you work travel when you’re a parent is like a vacation, they’re on drugs. 180 more words


Mom Working

When my husband and I decided to get pregnant, I was unaware how it would impact my career. A 26-year-old mom in advertising, I found I was treated like a teen mom. 769 more words


Yo Bro? Oy Vey!

Yo! Bro? You’re six kid! What do you mean Yo and Bro?

Having a conversation with my children, especially my older one now-a-days, can be quite the comical experience. 305 more words


How is the door laying on the floar!

Today was a stay in day, cleaning cooking and tryimg to keep up with the tornadoes I call kids. So nothing really exciting.

But ollie did somehow manage to take lilymays bedroom off its hinges! 100 more words

Product review. ;)

The Samsung RL4362.

I have fallen in love with a fridgefreezer (perks of being a mother, house hold products are just the best). So this product of Sony is classed as a five star ratings the energy class is A+. 310 more words



Do you have any idea what it’s like trying to stay true to yourself but fit into a society that thinks it’s indecent to want/think about/crave sex all the time?! 1,095 more words


My First True Love

My sister Stefanne



why was I mean to you
was it sibling rivalry


I told you dad left

when you were born

I don’t know why I lied… 481 more words