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Foster Care

Jimmy doesn’t swim in the river
Mummy doesn’t like life that way
He’s waiting for the next big rainfall
Fighting time and yearning to play… 76 more words


Wellness Wednesday!🌿

Something I’ve learned along the way is..

Your health is your wealth.

I’ve never been one to be “healthy”. I’ve always ate junk, never drank enough water, never exercised… pretty much lived as unhealthy as it gets. 737 more words

Home Business Struggles

The Exploding Chair

Oh, uh, hi Mommy. Are you home from work already? What chair? Oh, that chair. Well, you see, Mommy, I was just sitting here minding my own business and it just kinda’ exploded. 101 more words

Dog Blog

How to survive your 3rd trimester during the summer

Now, I wouldn’t call myself an expert on pregnancy by any means. However, I will state that both of my pregnancies have resulted in me being pregnant in the third trimester during the hottest part of the year. 572 more words


About me

As a first time blogger I wanted you the readers to get a little bit of information about what I’m going to be posting about. By reading my title it’s a bit obvious that yes! 45 more words


7 Telltale Signs You Live With A Toddler

The moment your baby presents himself to the world and belches his first cry, a mother’s life is forever changed.

So does the home. And a few years after the baby’s birth, you can see from every corner of your house- including its walls and floors, that a toddler has truly taken over. 749 more words


Two Months

I have a two month old baby boy today… his name is Lucas.

He has been nothing but a wonderful little bundle of joy and I’m so thankful that he came into my life. 225 more words