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Not Writing on Vacation

(I apologize. I had writer’s block. I still may, but I’m sitting down to write any ways. Good luck, reader.)

One of the reasons I haven’t written in a while is because we went on vacation. 513 more words


Momming with PTSD (update)

I started this blog because I wanted to show the world the inner mind of someone with Postpartum Depression.

I am not able to do that anymore… 358 more words


Monday Motivation

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”

-Louis L’Amour

Today has been a great Monday. I am currently experimenting with a Weekly Goals list as well as a daily To-Do list to help me achieve those 5 goals.

346 more words

Why Modern Mommy?

Modern Mommy… why did I choose this particular title? Truthfully, it just made sense. The word modern comes from the Latin word modo meaning just now. 142 more words



I tried opening my eyes. It was difficult I must say. All I could feel was some gentle loving touches all over my body. Back then, I didn’t know what it was but I loved it anyway. 629 more words

Blind Mommy Monday

So, being a mom no matter what is difficult and I would never try to compare my struggles being a mom with ANYONE.  I just want to provide insight into what it is like being a mom with a vision problem.  297 more words