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(More than) Enough for Everybody

This post is mainly to encourage my fellow entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, dreamers, boss babes, and trailblazers crazy enough to start something from nothing. Those of you that design a work life dream out of pure passion, ambition, blood, sweat, tears and love for your product or service and the clientele you serve. 478 more words


Challenge Yourself to Naturally Spring Clean Your Home!

Ahhh! Isn’t that what you want to be saying when you step into your house. Thinking to yourself… it is so good to be home. :) A great way to brighten your home and get fresh air and healthy smells in it is to do a couple tasks each day or even just one. 130 more words


What I Love The Most

Foto ini ga akan saya upload di ig @aaliyahzoey.id juga, karna kata suami saya terlalu pencila’an 😀. Lha abis gimana, saya foto pake baju yang saya suka, dandan cantik, di taman yang bagus kayak gini dan ada laki² yang ngeliatin saya terus ya masak saya ga loncat² kegirangan 🤣 237 more words


Katya in Red

Foto ini dibuang sayang, ga akan dipake karna gimanapun saya ngeditnya, tetep aja ada bayangan totol² di bajunya. Kesalahan foto di bawah dedaunan 🤣

Ceritanya udah lama ga install path kan, trus beberapa waktu lalu saya install lagi dan buka² postingan disana. 200 more words


Katya Dress in Black

Setiap abis produksi baju atau khimar, pengen rasanya langsung foto² biar bisa punya katalog jd bisa upload di ig dan bisa kirim via whatsapp kalo ada yang nanyain. 183 more words


Are You Standing In The Way Of Success?

If we’re being absolutely honest here, everyone does this. I’m not a psychologist, or knows the origin or reasoning behind it, but we are internally and emotionally affected by how others see us.  409 more words


The Magic Hat Trick!

Have you ever just sipped on your Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks with extra whip and extra caramel drizzle (evidently my fave!) and just thought to yourself, “how do I multiply the hours in the day?” I mean seriously, from making sure the kids eat breakfast in the morning, to ensuring that the hubby has lunch to eat, the baby’s diaper is changed, and somehow you manage to pull yourself together. 450 more words