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Diary Of A Mompreneur #1 - Confession

Welcome to the first installment of my Diary of a Mompreneur series.

Confession: this is not my first business.

When I was 7, I started a tuck shop with my sisters when we were on holiday one summer. 889 more words


Sometimes We, Especially Mompreneurs, Need to Restart and Reassess

I need to admit it has been a bad February. As a single mompreneur, I realized that the road to success in my personal and professional life wasn’t going to be all champagne and roses but this month has been especially trying. 479 more words


The Architecture of a Working Mama

written by: Beth Woodward, Architectural Imagery

Hello fellow OTE friends, as I write this blog I have a pot of carrot lentil soup simmering, I’m rocking a 2 month old to sleep and I am browsing through pages upon pages of design and construction blogs looking for the next fun blog topic. 671 more words


*bangs head on desk*

If I had a trillion dollars…

I’d use $1 million of it to get someone else to finish this budget.

No. Joke.


I'm anxious and its freezing

Divulged my worries in breakfast this morning.

It looked deceivingly beautiful outside yesterday. Sun rays glared through the window, melting the snow that collected along the windowsill. 679 more words


Its not at all like the doctors on TV...

When mom plays with the boys, details matter.

Me:  Hey boys, why don’t we add an airport to our city!?
Boys in excitement: YEAH!!!
Me: 356 more words


Make haste!

Hubby McStudmuffin (see previous entry for clarification) left for the hospital in an ambulance around 5 this morning. Heart racing, sweaty palms, the whole nine yards… 323 more words