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Micro Management pushed me to hire Me

So what about the boss? Maybe you have a really good one that has good people skills as well as good management skills to help you reach your goals. 296 more words

Tasha M. Scott

Tasha M. Scott, Personal Development/Business Growth Coach, believes that women seeking to live out their dreams and fulfill their purpose can discover hidden treasures within by following four basic paths on the journey to… 259 more words

Featured Entrepreneur

Mothering, Entrepreneuring and Vacationing. Oh My!

This week, the Husband (Russ) and I are preparing for our first real vacation since our son (Rory) arrived. Really it’s a business trip for Russ but he gets to bring a guest and it’s all expenses paid to an all-inclusive resort in Riviera Maya Cancun so we’ll take it!! 510 more words


Imagine That & 5 of MY Weeks Motivation!!

While on the road traveling home from an AMAZING vacation and not blogging since Easter I decided #motivation was my subject today!! Have a blessed day!! 98 more words


The Gift Of Dreaming

  I love that children are born with the gift of dreaming.  Nothing is too big for them to be or do in their minds.  What did you dream of becoming when you were a kid?   601 more words

Small Business

Did I Really Choose This?

I have moments of doubt daily. Moments when I wonder why I chose to own my own business instead of working for somebody else. I mean, I have a college degree. 671 more words


Get out of town!

This weekend, I was afforded the chance to literally get out of town. After a hectic week juggling play rehearsals, Easter speeches, work research and planning and newsletter preparation with Mommy duties, I was eventually ELATED to also find out that I’d be virtually unplugged due to intermittent cell service! 228 more words