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Stepping Out

Last week, we spent most of the day inside while Stella the Blizzard raged on outside. I say most of the day because my toddler wanted out, and she wanted out bad. 425 more words



I know.  It’s cliche.  Working from home, a shot at the beach, with “My Office”, or “Working hard” as the caption.  Really though, for me it’s where I find my sea glass.   236 more words


Pause....for your world will wait when you are ready

Boss: Know no bounds

(The blog for the aspiring novice entrepreneur boss)

Pause….for your world will wait when you are ready

It wouldn’t be real if I never blogged about sh*tty moments & how there will be circumstances when you want to revert into your cocoon. 853 more words


Hello Spring !

Happy first day of spring! Here in southeast PA we are still dealing with the melting snow from the ONE snowstorm we had this year. Now that it is officially spring, I am hoping that the snow is behind us. 131 more words


10 Tips for startup Business Owners

  1. Focus. Focus. Focus
    Many first-time entrepreneurs feel the need to jump at every “opportunity” they come across. Opportunities are often wolves in sheep’s clothing. Avoid getting side-tracked.
  2. 683 more words

Winter's Last Hurrah

The Northeast was recently walloped by winter storm Stella. I ventured out Tuesday morning to get all the supplies for the week, taking advantage of my husband’s day off and toddler free shopping opportunity. 469 more words


I Struggled Horribly!

Many of us were raised to live our lives a particular way. You know, work a job that keeps you “just over broke” for 40+ hours a week, for 40 years and left to retire with only 40% of all the money we’ve earned within this time. 567 more words