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Living My Dream & New Beginnings

Over the past few months, I’ve felt stuck. Unsure of what I wanted. Stuck in my personal traumas. A victim of my malpractice. Unsure of what each day was going to have in store with my health. 594 more words


See to seize, survive and thrive.

Boss: Know no bounds

See to seize, survive and thrive

Entering the world of an aspiring entrepreneur is such a foreign world to me. While I am still doing a lot of learning, these past 4 years (since starting this side hustle), has been quite the adventure.  1,174 more words


College of Confidence

My friend Trish is amazing. A true mompreneur, she recently launched a new coaching program- her College of Confidence  that from what I’ve seen so far is going to lift up the students and help bring business and dreams to new heights. 447 more words


Mom Myths

It is both amazingly awesome and amazingly hard to be a mom.

It’s almost a badge of honor to be the most exhausted and the most stressed of all your mom friends- there’s a whole internet full of memes about life in yoga pants with messy hair, a coffee IV, and bedraggled moms. 583 more words


Being a full time mom-prenuer

Wow what a difference a few years makes, actually a few weeks.

I was working a part time job at our local library and running 2 at home businesses at the same time plus I am a full time wife and mother.   284 more words



It’s been a year of amazing growth. My cute little baby is now 18 months old, my husband got a new, bigger, job, I’ve taken on amazing projects that inspire me. 218 more words


Be you; Do you. The rest will follow.

Boss: Know no bounds

Be you; Do you. The rest will follow!

Embrace you for you; embrace your style. Not too long ago, as I was starting up my small business, I would often peruse other stores and online businesses to see what was hot on the market. 1,067 more words