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Fashionable Quote of the Week by Yves Saint-Laurent: A Story for Mother's Day

My mother was a well-dressed woman. She liked to go out, and when she went dancing we children would follow her, marveling at her beauty as she awaited our goodnight kisses. 280 more words


That Fashion Vortex called 'My Mom's Closet'

First of all, I’d like to greet all the super moms out there especially, my mom a very happy mothers’ day! This strong and beautiful woman has always been the inspiration for my desire to explore and to try anything. 174 more words

Golden Island Señorita

Fashionable Quote of the Week by Gabriela Hearst

My whole family used to use this seamstress, Tota, … growing up in Uruguay there were no fancy stores around – the nicest thing you could do was get European fabrics and have things made … We wouldn’t buy a lot but for each important stage of life or big event we’d have something made. 234 more words