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13.5k today. Thought this would be the easy city part. Just doesn’t seem the same when it’s not up and down rocky hills with Celia along and icebergs in the distance though. 110 more words


Mona Hatoum

In her current exhibition at Tate Modern, Mona Hatoum’s practice explores her interest in political unrest. Her large scale installations include light bulbs, electricity, barbed wire and cages providing for a unique approach to political art. 56 more words


Pray for peace, stability and hope

It seems every day there is another unsettling piece of news. Of killings, coups, political unrest…

And of course for those involved, it is not news, but death, losing your home, your family, your well-being. 124 more words


Gleanings: Mona Hatoum, Andy Warhol, Megan Abbott, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Ty Dolla $ign+TC...

In her film ‘corps étranger’, Mona Hatoum brings us, with a special medical camera, literally inside her body. We enter more or less all of her orifices as an eye, and we see her mysterious, vulnerable, gross, beautiful, pulsing interior territories. 718 more words


Mona Hatoum at Tate Modern

I’m on leave at the moment and have just been to see the Mona Hatoum exhibition at the Tate Modern. I’m not really into doing review pieces, but I do like to comment where I have found things to be thought provoking, or to inspire an emotional reaction. 365 more words



bound in to

bound to

bound from

… and spun off into my own/our own/your own

but threaded into legacies which pass down


to hands… 15 more words


Don't Smile You Are On Camera (1980)

Mona Hatoum’s performance recorded 36 years ago in Battersea Arts Centre (currently on view in Tate Modern) uses video image and audience bodies to explore and challenge our experience of gender, sex, identity and technology. 369 more words