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L’artiste britannique d’origine palestinienne Mona Hatoum est l’une des représentantes phare de la scène contemporaine internationale. Le Centre Pompidou lui consacre aujourd’hui une première grande monographie qui réunit une centaine d’œuvres élaborées entre 1977 et 2015, et démontre la pluridisciplinarité du travail de l’artiste. 96 more words



With words turning black,

borrowed from the dead.

These tip taps

and hums,

that we piece together like a jigsaw

constantly reminding us those who whispered before us.

History is Now: 7 Artists take on Political Britain

As a 20-year-old student I am statistically set to boycott the general election in May alongside 2 million other young people. As a nation we are constantly concerned with the fact that young people are not engaged with politics, and that we can’t determine why. 512 more words

We share

Do we share the folds of our eyes,

My mother and I?

Is our time mirrored,

In the mirror we observe, in circular motion?

Our movements folding over pockets of time, 30 more words

"Twelve Windows" by Mona Hatoum… The Tale of Unwinding from a "Clichéd Reality"

Houston, TX — I was 10, when my mother introduced me to the art of Palestinian Embroidery, or as we call it “Tatreez.” Red and black were the two main colors we used, probably because at that time (late 80s) other colors were hard to find. 805 more words


Mes infortunes de garde national

Bon jour, mesdames et messieurs

Este blog tem como figura principal o autor Alexandre Dumas, do qual sou leitor assíduo. Há muito tempo frequento a Livraria Francesa, na rua Barão de Itapetininga, junto à Galeria Califórnia. 698 more words

Open Call: Oriel Wrecsam Residency

Oriel Wrecsam was built in 1973, and has shown some of the leading figures in the art world over the past 40 years, including Mona Hatoum, Shani Rhys James, Joseph Beuys, Helen Sear, and Rose Wylie to name but a few. 324 more words