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Grateful for Time

When I was ten, my parents sent me to the best place I had ever been in my life: summer camp. We rose early, ate well, and played outdoors all day – hiking, swimming, archery – I would have happily stayed until school started again. 1,877 more words

Piedmont Gardening

A Very Hungry Caterpillar

The two days before my last monarch caterpillar formed its chrysalis, it was easily eating three to four milkweed leaves per day.  Seriously, this caterpillar meant business!  41 more words


Magical Milkweed

Silken threads released from seed pods glisten in the sun.
The seeds float like tiny fairies on the breeze.
Landing softly
And whats not to love about a plant that is the sole food of the Monarch caterpillar. 30 more words


This and That

Here are a snapshots taken with my cell phone while working in the garden this Autumn. The Green Rose (Rosa chinensis viridiflora)  is blooming.  The bush was suffering, but is now having a comeback.  162 more words


Insects on the Farm

Lots of insects around the farm in late summer. It won’t be long and they will all be gone. The Wooly Bear Caterpillars are all over the place now. 44 more words


Monarch Caterpillars in fall

We haven’t had a freeze yet, so those monarch caterpillars are still chomping down on their milkweed leaves.

But these days they have to share, as the leaves are getting scarcer.

Backyard Habitat

Fall is Here!

With so many projects on my list, it worries me that the Holidays are just months away. On the other hand, I’m also excited that Fall is here, which means I can get back out in the garden and not worry about shying away from the heat! 976 more words