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They Hatched!!

I am now the proud foster parent of three tiny monarch caterpillars!  After watching a female monarch butterfly laying eggs on my milkweed on Friday, I started looking for eggs and found four possibilities.  238 more words


Monarch Caterpillars

I had been noticing quite a few Monarch Butterflies out in the prairie so I went looking for caterpillars. I found three of them late in the day. 20 more words


Tomato and Kid Volunteers

“Ah, summer. What power you have to make us suffer and like it.” ~ Russel Baker

Playing in the Dirt

You already know of my…

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Grand Dependency

The caterpillar and the milkweed cleave one unto the other. Unless the Monarch butterfly can find a milkweed plant to lay her eggs on her future caterpillars are doomed. 155 more words

Natural Phenomena

The Sweet Scent of Milkweed

The sweet scent of milkweed was calling me as I wandered around at dawn, tea cup in hand, wearing a sweatshirt against the unseasonal chill in the air. 219 more words


Got Milkweed?

T-Shirt seen for sale…

Why yes we do have milkweed… 22 more words


A Suitable Place

The monarch caterpillar thrives on milkweed. We have two small plants in our front yard. The monarch eats it, grows nice and fat and lays its eggs on the underside of the leaves before wandering as far as forty feet away to find a suitable place to become a chrysalis. 189 more words