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Here, at Summer’s End

Where the summer went I don’t quite know. Although it’s not official for a few more days yet, I can tell that it’s over. All around me the world is ready and moving into fall. 507 more words


Inspiration is everywhere!

Inspiration is everywhere!

Yesterday, I got some new neighbors. Here they are…

Aren’t they amazing? The best part is that I’m going to get to watch real magic being performed before my very eyes. 166 more words

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Monarchs Over Fields of Gold

In recent days the life cycle of monarch butterflies has unfolded before my eyes. My post on late summer white-tails will have to wait.

Monarch caterpillars are feasting on the leaves of milkweed, with several sizes or instars visible. 116 more words

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A Skipper, a Ladybug and a Monarch Caterpillar on my Honeyvine Milkweed

Look what I found on my Honeyvine Milkweed yesterday afternoon. A skipper, a ladybug and a Monarch butterfly caterpillar!

This is a Silver-spotted Skipper  He was pretty flittery, and then when I read about him I found out that is a trait of skippers, which are… 304 more words


Monarchs and Milkweed

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have noticed August posts to be centered around a particular squirmy insect…

In early August, my mom gifted us a beautiful tropical milkweed plant, which has apparently been quite popular with the monarchs. 247 more words



Two weeks ago I found a monarch caterpillar on the back of a milkweed leaf in the field across from our home. He was so tiny he was barely noticeable. 243 more words

EEK! My Caterpillar Is a Teenager

A few blog posts back, I wrote about finding a monarch larva and promised an update. He was very, very tiny when I found him, barely noticeable on the furry back of the milkweed leaf. 155 more words

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