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A new start – the source from which something new springs forth

I love caterpillars as much as I love butterflies and moths. Their shapes and colors are astounding. 79 more words


Monarch Munching

Before the snow and the freeze, I took this shot of a Monarch Caterpillar munching away on this Butterfly Weed.

I was wondering if the caterpillar made it through the cold snap. 29 more words


Monarch Lunch

I collected these Monarch caterpillars, but not for my lunch.  I found them on some sick looking Butterfly Weed with few leaves and moved them to healthier plants so the babies could have their lunch. 19 more words


From Cougars to Butterflies

My camera came back from the shop nice and clean!! I had a “scratch” it looked like on the sensor, but it was just lint or something. 134 more words


Distractions, Distractions

I’ve been trying to ignore everything going on outside the windows while I finished up All’s Fair in Love and Wolf–two red-bellied woodpeckers, cardinals, house finches, blue jays, bluebirds and house wrens coming to eat. 185 more words


Here, at Summer’s End

Where the summer went I don’t quite know. Although it’s not official for a few more days yet, I can tell that it’s over. All around me the world is ready and moving into fall. 507 more words


Inspiration is everywhere!

Inspiration is everywhere!

Yesterday, I got some new neighbors. Here they are…

Aren’t they amazing? The best part is that I’m going to get to watch real magic being performed before my very eyes. 166 more words

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