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Help the Monarchs...Plant Milkweed

The Monarch Butterfly is on the decline and may to added to the endangered species list.  Some of the reasons for their decline is deforestation of their winter home in Mexico, increased crop production and pesticide use throughout the continent.  167 more words


Caterpillars-Contemplating Their Transformative Nature


I live in eastern Pennsylvania and like millions of others along the eastern coast of the United States we are in a deep freeze. 129 more words


One Lucky Lady

This lucky Ladybug was hanging out on the Butterfly Weed.  I do believe her belly is full.

Aphids have taken over the plants and only one lucky Ladybug has found them. 10 more words



Good news from the US Fish and Wildlife Service that they have initiated a program to plant milkweed in order to raise the numbers of Monarch Butterflies.   16 more words


Mini Monarch Munching Mercilessly on Milkweed

On my morning rounds today I discovered eight more monarch caterpillars on the milkweed. At this rate, the plant will never grow! The eat faster than the leaves can sprout. 30 more words


Day 2 Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, Part 1

Meet Kanapaha Kermit! He will be gracing the Violet Fern garden with his presence just as soon as it warms up a bit – hopefully by watching over a small pond soon to be planned. 703 more words

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Plant Defenses Against Insects

By Pamm Cooper for UConn Extension

Photo: Illinois Extension 

Historically, insects have been the most important bane of the plant kingdom. The fatal attraction that exists between plants and insects has woven an intricate balance between good and evil, survival and devastation, and benefits versus harm. 737 more words