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Transferring Caterpillars

Sometimes even with the best intentions of feeding the caterpillars well, they get lost finding food. Especially the little guys (1 and 2 instars). I’ll check on the caterpillars first thing in the mormourning(my dog realizes he doesn’t come first anymore..at least during butterfly season) and usually I find one or two caterpillars who are wandering to find food even though it was right next to them. 442 more words

Monarch Butterfly

20170702 Burwash, Cumulonimbus, skippers

Photo:  Distant storm scene, seen from  Burwash

We made a brief trip to Burwash as it looked like a storm was brewing up there, half way to Sudbury.  213 more words

Female Monarch Butterfly

We went to the Davidsons Mill Park to look for dragonflies by the water. On Sundays the Butterfly House is open between 10 and 12 noon. 120 more words


Finding a Place for Metamorphosis

I spotted this Monarch caterpillar crawling on a large clay pot.  It was far from the Butterfly Weed, so I thought I would keep an eye on it. 246 more words


Insect Investation: Monarchs and Swallowtails

Investation (noun) – 1. A harassing helpful or troublesome joyful invasion.

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Monarch Caterpillars, Milkweed and WWII


There has been much concern about the dwindling  numbers of Monarch Butterflies.  An organization called Monarch Watch has been encouraging everyone to plant Milkweed, also know as Butterfly Weed. 310 more words


Monarch caterpillars are eating all the milkweed!

There are three sites in San Diego County where monarch butterflies overwinter, one in Grape Street Park in Balboa Park,  one in Presidio Park in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, and one at the University of California San Diego Coast Site on Azul Street. 167 more words

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