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Bits of Fall Around the Potting Shed

It still feels like summer here in North Carolina, but I’m ready to welcome fall! I’m slowing adding bits of fall around the Potting Shed… 367 more words

Munch, munch, munch

As caterpillars, monarch butterflies need to eat milkweed plants to thrive. Milkweed plants are quite toxic to most insects and monarch butterflies have evolved the ability to sequester the cardiac glycoside toxin within milkweed and ways to circumvent the gooey latex that comes out of the leaf. 60 more words

Natural History

more monarch caterpillar action

The desert milkweed I’ve recently planted in my yard has continued to support lots of butterfly and caterpillar activity:


life in my yard

This afternoon I spent an hour or so wandering around my yard to see what I could spy.  Of course I had my camera gear with me and recorded what I consider to be some pretty cool critters. 58 more words


It's the Little Things

I’m all choked up. It’s always when I’m tired and cranky and in the middle of something that I see the miracle. In this case by the time I got my camera and changed lenses I couldn’t find my first siting of a monarch caterpillar. 50 more words

Native Plants

Monarch Butterflies

It has been a strange year on the farm for Monarch Butterflies. It was mid July before I saw the first one. I’ve only seen a few since. 27 more words

Canadian Hill Farm

Backyard Wildlife

I never know what I might see when I walk out my back door.

One day a juvenile horned owl stopped to search for a tasty morsel in the marsh. 102 more words