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Monday Manna - Love is Your Dwelling Place

Love is your home, your dwelling place.  Love is the embodiment of all that I am.  When you dwell in love, you dwell in ME. 232 more words

Monday Manna

Monday Manna - Your Assignment If You Choose to Accept It

We all want to know what our assignment is.  I believe what He spoke to me back in 2009, applies to ALL of us.  This is our assignment. 476 more words

Monday Manna

Monday Manna - Holiness Manifests in Response to His Love

Lord, show me something about Your holiness today.  I want to see You as Holy!

Holiness is more than dazzling light.  Holiness is about separation—complete and utter separation from all sin and darkness.  285 more words

Monday Manna

Monday Manna - Power Released in My Word Through You

God spoke this word to me in September 2013,  yet, it is even more true today.

Power will be manifest AS you speak it.  Creation manifested AS I spoke.  204 more words

Monday Manna - God's Ways - Part 2

I am with you. Even though you may feel alone and confused, I am with you.  96 more words

Monday Manna

Monday Manna - Rest in the Midst of the Battle

I asked the Holy Spirit, “Where do You want to go this morning?

“The mountains.”

“Let’s go, You lead,” I said.

Pictures of different mountain streams and river scenes from my past flash on my inner screen.  247 more words

Monday Manna

Monday Manna - How Truth is Received and Shared

In March 2013,  I had a bout with frustration.  While I was sharing truth, it wasn’t always  well received.  When I went to the Lord about it, He shared some insight that I needed: 252 more words

Monday Manna