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Linguine w/Chicken, Artichokes and Leeks (Monday Meals)

LOVE this recipe because it is super easy and tasty. I say that about every recipe? It’s why I make them! This takes under 30 minutes from start to finish, serves six and comes to 441 calories per serving as per… 336 more words


Balsamic Chicken Caprese (Monday Meals)

Monday Meals coming up on a Tuesday – blame my lost phone.

The original recipe called for this to be made in a slow-cooker. Which I have. 262 more words


Pasta with Broccoli and Sausage (Monday Meals)

This is one of those recipes that I have had marked for a long time but never actually made. And it’s too bad – because it’s really good. 340 more words


Chinese Chicken and Rice Soup

I placed Olive’s bowl at the table first so it would have time to cool down while I got mine and Matt’s ready. I started hearing Olive saying, “Mmm!” and “This is so good and juicy, Mama” and at first I assumed she was putting on another one-act play because Olive hasn’t been too enthusiastic about meals, lately.   689 more words

Spanish Tortilla/Frittata (Monday Meals)

My mom recently cleaned out her desk and in doing so, found a bunch of my old recipes. I honestly haven’t made this since 1999. And it’s too bad because it is tasty and easy and will certainly be back in rotation from here forward. 341 more words


Cilantro Cumin Chicken Chili (Monday Meals)

I live in Manhattan so I 100% do not live in a food desert. However, I often have a hard time finding the ingredients I need. 308 more words


Penne Vodka w/Chicken (Monday Meals)

I went to the grocery store last night with the intention of trying something new but all the avocados were like hard little rocks.  Luckily, I have had Penne Vodka memorized since high school so I went with that instead.   407 more words