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Monday Mood Board #15

secret supper club – birthday surprise

It was that time again. My sister flew to Palm Springs for my birthday which was on the 19th.  We had the pleasure of meeting a very talented entertainer at a local nightspot  who told us about this secret supper club.  226 more words

Monday Mood Board #6

I’d never join a club that would allow a person like me to become a member.” – Woody Allen.

This seems like a pretty cool club though.. 238 more words

Monday Mood Board #2

The Destination


The Table Setting

Something bright for a Spring brunch

Ideal RideFoot Jewelry


Admirable characters, clothing, cars.

Him: What do you expect to get out of being so nice to me? 22 more words

Monday Mood Board 12

Ahhhhh… it is finally here – GRAD WEEK! I am officially done with all of my undergraduate classes and finals and now it’s time to relax before the big day Saturday. 199 more words

Monday Inspiration

Monday Mood Board 11

Ah, I cannot believe I am saying this but this week is my last week as an undergraduate! By Friday, my classes will be over and my exams will be finished. 139 more words

Monday Inspiration

Monday Mood Board 10

Happy first day of May! It finally feels like spring to me – I’m wearing shorts, all I want to do is study outside, andddddd my school work is finally slowing down (woo hoo!). 163 more words

Monday Inspiration

Monday Mood Board 9

So, this past week was very stressful for me for both good and bad reasons. I had a lot of schoolwork including presentations, tests, and papers and busy travel plans that included flying (something I am afraid of), driving, and meeting lots of new people. 188 more words

Monday Inspiration