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16 thoughts and reflections from my Monday

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1. On reader/writer efforts…

As academics, we are always trying to bridge some sort of gap between being an intelligent reader and a clear writer. 767 more words

Verbal Daydreaming

Monday Morning: Early Morning Quiet Time

Lately I have been getting up between 8am and 9am instead of 7am like I would prefer. It’s still a good morning of course – perks of having an afternoon/evening job – but there’s just something about the crack of the dawn that I love. 283 more words


#OOTD: Josh Duhamel on Monday Morning

T-shirt BANANA REPUBLIC // Skirt H&M // Necklace H&M // Boots Zara // Glasses Derek Cardigan // Lip Euphoria

So this morning while I walked from my car to work I nearly bumped into Josh Duhamel leaving Kiss 92.5 a local radio station…fun! 30 more words


Mourning Monday Morning

The sad ending of the weekend brings… that Monday morning feeling. The feeling of having to get out of your bed is torture. But, especially if you have an amazing bed. 133 more words


Horrible Facts

Yup it’s Monday…lets shake it up and make it awesome!!


Why I love Mondays - and You Should Too!

Waking up on Monday morning often means struggling out of bed, hardly seeing the end of the tunnel, which is the new week of hard work, and just longing for the weekend, which you had hoped never ended. 194 more words


Balancing Vision with Action

I live visually. I see my life, feel the sensations, smell the fragrances, and experience the feelings, before they even happen. I see my goals. This practice has served me well. 882 more words