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Monday Morning Questions Post! Raees Week Edition (Part 1)

Just to clarify, you don’t have to ask me something Raees related!  That’s just my cheeky title so you can tell this week’s Monday Morning Post apart from all the others.   159 more words


Monday Morning Questions Post: OK Jaanu Week Edition!

Happy OK Jaanu Week!  I was looking forward to the break after Dangal to catch my breath between releases, but after 3 weeks, I am ready for something new to come out!   105 more words


"Good Morning, Morning Love"

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Good morning, everyone. Happy Monday. I’m sending love worldwide with this entry to “Kathryn’s Scented Gifts” list of blog posts. Whatever happens today in your life where ever you may be, know that you are beautiful and you are “blessed.” Key word “blessed.” So start your journey today with positive words whether it be prayer or just words of encouragement. 22 more words


Monday, Monday**

Monday mornings can be either wonderful or dreadful. 423 more words

I am NOT a runner.

I loathe running. Even back in the day when I was thin and played soccer, I made sure to play defense. They didn’t have to run as much. 662 more words

Decision Making

Monday Morning Questions Post to Start Off the New Year

Happy Monday!  I am working, unlike 90% of people in America, because it didn’t occur to my boss to give me the day off.  This is the curse of working for a small business with no regular Holiday schedule.   113 more words


Not Much to Reset Yet.

Though I’ve tried to ignore it, I still have to admit that the orderly part of my brain is still twitching a little bit over the fact that New Year’s Day missed Monday by such a small margin. 941 more words