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Monday Morning Questions Post, Baahubali Week!!!

Baahubali 2 is finally here!  After such a very very very very very long wait!  I am debating whether I spring for the $25 opening week tickets or keep holding off in hopes that the prices drop.   80 more words


What did they expect?

When they raised
a little girl
backstage at rock concerts,
little neon buds in her ears
so as not to damage infant drums;

a little girl in faux velvet dresses- 45 more words


Monday Morning

True to form, Catherine walks into the office visibly bristling.

I watch her discreetly from my desk as she empties her laptop bag onto her desk rather noisily. 488 more words


When you need some power to face Monday morning.....

If you are like me, the journey to Easter was a blessed and rich one. Contemplation and reflection during Lent, Holy Week with the honor and suffering of our Messiah, Passover, Good Friday, and finally (whew!) Resurrection Sunday!! 357 more words

Daily Life

The Day After Easter

So Easter is over now; the chocolate eggs are on sale and the white bunny dolls are in the clearance pile. It’s Monday, and everything is back to normal. 696 more words


Monday Morning Questions Day After Easter!

Happy Day after Easter!  I still have a 3rd of a chocolate bunny in the freezer, so the holiday isn’t entirely over yet.  Although I do have to go to work today (boo!), so I want your questions to keep me entertained while I am here! 73 more words


Morning Prophecy 

I will find myself

on the way with you to my

bottomless abyss.