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The Fine Art of Listening

(It is said that when we talk, we are only repeating what we already know, but when we listen, we may learn something new. Why, then, is listening such a dying art? 732 more words

What are Bonus Points?

Another week of fantasy football rage comes to a close, as many big guns fail to fire in GW3. This was a fairly high scoring week though, with an average score of 45 worldwide, and 110 points at the very top. 502 more words

How To Play

Monday Musings.

I attended a professional training programme i started weeks ago. I sat with a colleague of mine from Lagos and stared at the big textbook. Then we flipped open the pages and looked at each other. 673 more words


Consulting Room 1

Growing up anywhere in the world, almost every kid aspired to be a doctor at one point in their life. It carries a lot of prestige. 2,564 more words

Monday Musings

Coupons And Promises

I found a 30% off coupon in the bottom of my purse for one of my favorite stores. Upon closer examination, and to my regret, the coupon had expired. 588 more words


MHM Recovery 9 - Excess Emotion

Forgot to put an intro card on this video – where is my head? I dunno. *eyeroll*

So, excess emotions? Straightforward right? Nope. Not only are we talking about being overwhelmed by emotional states in illness (such as despair or anger), we’re talking about regaining emotions after being flatlined for a long time and not knowing how to express them. 288 more words

Monday Musings...

you get to choose.

“i will get to tell people i found the person i wanted to spend the rest of my life with when i was 18”

not many people get to say those words, but i do and i feel extremely blessed. 784 more words

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