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Monday Musings

Another fabulous week; glitz, glamour, honour, pride & suffering. I’ll start with the pain first and get that out of the way. Miss Chloe had minor surgery to remove a growth on her bottom and she also had some teeth removed…poor little might is in discomfort both ends. 638 more words


Morning Quiet

We live in a world full of noise. Everywhere we go, there are TVs and cell phones and radios. I work in a library, and even there, now that we no longer require silence and hush people, it can be noisy. 1,021 more words

Christian Living

How to deal with Parental Anxiety #ParentTalks

For many of us, parenting is a role that dominates a large chunk of our thoughts and, consumes a major part of our working day, irrespective of whether we go out to work or stay at home. 1,242 more words

Everyday Life

Madrona day 4 (belated)

The last day of Madrona is like the last hour of a night out partying. Everyone is exhausted, but no one is quite done. We know it’s time to go home, and we are ready to go home, but… there is still so much party left to be had. 683 more words



Can you identify Satan’s schemes and tactics in your life?

“..so that Satan will not outsmart us. For we are familiar with his evil schemes.”  1,156 more words


Monday Musings 2/19

I’m trying to stay awake while writing these musings. I’ve been monitoring my sleep recently, which means I need to skip catnaps that I occasionally take in my van when I take my kids for a drive. 720 more words

Patrick W. Marsh

Monday Musings

Yesterday was just shy of 70 and today’s high will be in the mid-20’s with fresh new snow. Elsa however seems to relish it, munching as much of the snow that was left earlier on the north side of the street as she can. 26 more words

Standard Poodles