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I know it is Tuesday… so the title should be Taco Tuesday…  but it’s not…

we started doing Meatless Monday’s about three years ago… the farmer was not happy… neither were any of my children… I told them the world is a better place if we all ate a little less meat… 898 more words

Monday Musings

Monday Musings | Primary School Book Swaps

A few weeks ago, a random memory popped into my head that made me smile. I was reading (nothing new there), and remembered a thing called “book swap” (or perhaps it had a more eloquent/punny name?) that used to happen from time to time in school. 204 more words


Camping: The Vacation That Never Was

My last post was about an upcoming camping trip. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

The area where we planned to camp was being affected by wildfires. As disappointed as we were about not being able to take the trip, our hearts and prayers went out to all those who suffered loss due to the devastating blazes. 209 more words



Here on Spotlight, the month of October will be dedicated to the subject of prayer. I cannot think of a better kick-off to such a pertinent and yet fundamental facet of the Christian faith. 1,054 more words


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Today I met three of my female cousins for — bet you can’t guess — lunch!  Our second annual get together and such fun to catch up.   76 more words

Monday Musings

Life of an adrenalin junkie..

Source: http://highlighthollywood.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Everest-Movie-Images-04589.jpg

I recently watched the movie ‘Everest’ and first things first, I must say that it’s a visually breathtaking flick. But it got me thinking on the reasons why mountaineers do what they do. 107 more words


MHM Recovery 12

Well… this one is about memory, the day to day of living with the memory problems that come along with mental illness and with complex PTSD’s shrinking of the hippocampus and amygdala (I only assume this is behind some of my difficulties – I do not know for sure). 122 more words

Monday Musings...