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Monday Musings| Tana Challenges FreeLee

So, since this is now my only blog, I decided that once a week I would post something that’s not fiction (in case you hadn’t noticed, I had slightly hit writers block, and hopefully writing this may get me back into it… fingers crossed it works that way anyway!) So, this weekend Tana Mongeau posted a video challenging the cretin that is FreeLee. 245 more words


Monday(ish) Musings, #15, 2016

There’s something really restorative about the extended weekend that is a Bank Holiday weekend.  In a stretch of just 24 added hours, it seems our minds truly relax when the weekend’s two days become three.   39 more words

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“That’s not fair!” My three children bellowed unanimously.

I gritted my teeth in frustration because I was so tired of hearing what’s not fair. So I devised what I thought was a clever discipline/teaching tool to help those ungrateful rascals of mine. 749 more words


Monday Musings | Reader-Author Relationships in the Time of Social Media

Hi friends! It’s been a while, eh? I hope you didn’t miss me too much ;)

After two years of musing about bookish things (almost) every week, I sometimes wonder if I’ve run out of things to muse about. 360 more words

Monday Musings

BEDM Day 2: Monday Musings "When I was your age..."

I have a confession to make. I’m older than my friends.

I’ve never been the most mature of adults, and I’m quite lucky that I look young for my age (thanks mum). 251 more words

The Mistake You're Making: How to Work On More than One Project at A Time

Should I write more than one project at a time?

This question is one that is often posed to writers and the subject of a lot of debate in the writing world. 435 more words