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I’m-not-crazy Lace elects to leave the show and Ugly-toes-and-cankles Olivia quickly takes her place as drama queen. But she has some competition from Amber and GI Jubilee. 893 more words

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The Originals 'Save My Soul'

A lot happened for each character in March 23rd’s episode of The Originals. Before we get started on the recap and review of ‘Save My Soul’ let’s recall some important things that happened in last week’s episode: 1,512 more words


Reality Recap - The Bachelor - Season 19, Episode 6 - #TheBachelor


Shower-shy Brit and She-might-be-a-widow Kelsey were abruptly bumped off Athletchic’s favorite list last week. So we had to do a little Soule–searching for a new favorite. 954 more words

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Reality Recap - The Bachelor - Season 19, Episode 4 - #TheBachelor

The Bimbo

You’re smart. You’re professional. So how could you possibly be addicted to The Bachelor?

Well you’re not alone—there are thousands of us. And if you missed last night’s episode, you probably are too embarrassed to ask co-workers what really happened,  so here’s a down and dirty recap for you: 818 more words

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#LHHH Hazel E Spills The Tea On Relationship With Young Berg


It looks like Hazel E actually may understand the reality of her and LHHHollywood co-star Yung Berg’s relationship.

It has been painful to see their interaction every… 110 more words

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'Castle' recap: Mystery in Montreal

Season 7 | Episode 2 | “Montreal” | Aired Oct 6, 2014

The inherent issue facing Castle’s seventh season is the fact that the mystery of what happened to Castle and the questions surrounding his disappearance are always going to be more interesting than the murder of the week we get with each episode. 898 more words

Teen Wolf and The Fosters a typical Monday night for this girl

Tonight I just finished watching my typical shows that are on tonight and that is The Fosters and Teen Wolf. I use to be a religious watcher of Hart of Dixie and Beauty and the Beast but as soon as The Fosters and Teen Wolf came back on, watching those shows ended. 630 more words