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The Return of Sting - Onerom Art

Onerom art inspired by the return of Sting to the WWE

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Wrestling in the Clinton Years: Mistaking Verbs for Adjectives.

By Martin Dixon (@BunnySuicida)

WCW Monday Nitro,  June 10th 1996.

Hello and welcome to Wrestling in the Clinton years,  the wrestling blog that can’t wait to see Joe Gomez debut on this episode.   2,456 more words


Kick Out at Nitro! - June 24th, 1996 - "They've got baseball bats, the coward jerks!"

Alright, people. Gather around as The Champ continues the weekly episodic story of love, lies, invasions and shenanigans that is WCW Nitro!

Tonight starts with the 2 man team of Larry Zbyszko and Tony Schiavone as they welcome us to a sold out arena in Charlotte, North Carolina. 2,385 more words

Shane D

Kick out at Nitro! - June 17, 1996 - "WCW Answers the Challenge"

Welcome back, everyone, to another thrilling installment of Kick Out at Nitro!  We’re a day removed (in 1996 time) from The Great American Bash.  We have four Horsemen again.  4,113 more words

Shane D

Kick Out at Nitro! - 6/10/1996 - "A big surprise."

Ladies and gentlemen, WCW-ites, we are back after a bit of a hiatus with another week of WCW Monday Nitro!  This week we will see if the invading outsider will make good on his promise to have a “big surprise” for all of us! 3,768 more words

Shane D

Wrestling in the Clinton Years: Who Cares? It's only violence.

By Martin Dixon (@BunnySuicida)

Hello, good evening and welcome to Wrestling in the Clinton years, the only wrestling blog that genuinely believed Kofi had a chance against Brock Lesnar. 2,103 more words