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Wrestling in the Clinton Years: Bafflebowl.

By Martin Dixon (@BunnySuicida)

So you’re back.  Unless this is your first time reading so in that case, you’re here. Welcome back to Wrestling in the Clinton years,  soon to be a movie produced by Michael Bay.   1,568 more words


Kick Out at Nitro! 5/13/1996

It’s time, once again, for another WCW Monday Nitro recap from your friends here at Kick Out at 2! This episode comes from Nashville, TN, and is the go home show to Slamboree. 2,041 more words

Shane D

Kick Out at Nitro! 5/6/1996

It’s Nitro time again, ladies and gentlemen!  Welcome back as we continue along our journey into 1996 and as we move towards the end of our first volume of 1996.  2,240 more words

Shane D

Kick Out at Nitro! 4/29/1996

Welcome, everyone, to another exciting issue of Kick Out at Nitro!  We are the only website dedicated to walking with you through the world that was WCW Monday Nitro!  1,973 more words

Shane D

Kick Out at Nitro! 4-1-1996

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another edition of the Internet’s only chronological expose on WCW Nitro history!  I’m joined, once again, by the Colorado Kid himself, Phillip.   1,980 more words

Kick Out At Nitro

Kick Out at Nitro! 3/25/1996

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to Kick Out At Nitro!  I apologize for the fact I’m a few weeks late on these posts, but we’re in the swing of Stanley Cup Playoff and my Tampa Bay Lightning are fighting against Derick’s Detroit Red Wings, so I haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and post.  2,535 more words

Shane D

Wrestling in the Clinton Years: I am Woman, hear me swerve.

WCW Monday Nitro: February 5th 1996

By Martin Dixon (@BunnySuicida)

Hello & welcome to another instalment of Wrestling in the Clinton Years, a tumultuous trek through the most transformative year of WCW television. 3,159 more words