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Monday Mentionings: November 23

Most of what I have to share this week is pictures of Jazzy! Best week in pictures ever! Last Monday was my last week in Las Vegas! 619 more words


Backless Dress


Happy Monday my friends, hope you had a great weekend!  I was going through some slideshows from Paris Fashion Week on A Love is Blind… 129 more words


SAHW: Monday Post (7/13/15)

I’m going to cross my fingers and hope that no one on his side of the family tries to find my Social Media stuff online… I was told something very disturbing yesterday… The ONLY “good” thing about the conversation is that after 10 years, the light is finally bright enough to see… AND I’m not the only one that has seen it… It makes me miss his mom even more… Especially since she was the ONLY one in my corner… I’m not going to specify any more than this because IF they are spying on me… I don’t need them to know that I know… let’s just say… I’m very upset that my child will never get to have ALL of her family together at once… Both sides that is… And that’s all I will say! 236 more words

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SAHW: Monday Post (7/6/15)

A little early again… I like to try to do/post around 4pm everyday…

Today we had a doctor’s appointment (link down below)… I’m very tired and am gonna take a short nap before we head down to the office… I need to fax my hospital papers… Nothing more than that… I’m caught up on my blog… I ate… just need to have the dishes done, do a couple of loads of laundry and some other things but since I can’t be on my feet more than an hour or two… I need to have someone else do some of the things on my checklist that I have in my head… so… 36 more words

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Not Really, But Good Enough!

aka, We Have a Winner in the “What’s Your Excuse?” Contest!

Thank you to everyone who played along last week.  As of today, still no sign or signal from that guy, so in lieu of an actual excuse I had to pick a winner from y’all’s entries. 522 more words

Rambling On...

SAHW: Monday Post (6/29/15)

Another early post but… that’s okay cause I have a lot to do… I have a few phone calls to make… bills to set up/pay… catching up on my blog… Catching up on the “Plan With Me” videos I watch on YouTube… I need to do a lot basically!! 20 more words

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SAHW: Monday Post (6/22/15)

Unfortunately I haven’t gotten to celebrate my first wedding anniversary with my husband at all today cause he’s working but it was an overall okay day I guess… I vacuumed the living room, cleaned the kitchen some, did the dishes, had a nice lunch, caught up on some “Plan With Me” videos on YouTube, got some clothes washed for Sis, planned some more for this week and started next week’s, and some other things… 62 more words

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