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SAHW: Monday Post (6/29/15)

Another early post but… that’s okay cause I have a lot to do… I have a few phone calls to make… bills to set up/pay… catching up on my blog… Catching up on the “Plan With Me” videos I watch on YouTube… I need to do a lot basically!! 20 more words

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Milestones & New Goals

How do you feel about goals and plans?

I’ll tell you how I feel: I love them. I’m old enough to know that things don’t always go according to plan and that possibly some goals are unrealistic or rely too much on things you can’t control, but I am all about goals and plans to achieve those goals. 431 more words

First Post

SAHW: Monday Post (6/22/15)

Unfortunately I haven’t gotten to celebrate my first wedding anniversary with my husband at all today cause he’s working but it was an overall okay day I guess… I vacuumed the living room, cleaned the kitchen some, did the dishes, had a nice lunch, caught up on some “Plan With Me” videos on YouTube, got some clothes washed for Sis, planned some more for this week and started next week’s, and some other things… 62 more words

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Daily Post: Monday Post (6/8/15)

For the most part, today was a lazy day… I watched some “TV”… Had some snacks… Did the dishes… Doing some laundry (currently)… Hubby just went to the gym and is now watching some cinematics fromĀ  132 more words

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Dear Stay at Home Mom

Well yet another Monday has creeped it’s way into the evening and I can’t believe the weekend came and went as fast as it did. My beautiful neighbor friend said to me one afternoon, “The days are long, but the years are short…” I can agree with that to some extent, but it always seems like the weekend just flits by. 381 more words


Daily Post: Monday Post (6/1/15)

It’s going so fast today! It’s already almost 1:30!!! I haven’t exactly done anything yet today… I know what I need to do… I have a long list… But… For some reason I just wanna wait till later… Prolly cause it’s so hot during the day! 68 more words

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5 Ultimate Equestrian Life Hacks

Horses are an expensive lifestyle choice – they practically eat our money constantly. So with these little hints and tips known as life hacks, we can help you penny pinch around the yard and be able to save up for items that are important (such as saddes..). 371 more words

Life Hacks