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Give Thanks [2018/3/11]

Thank You Jesus for Sabbath!

Kind of didn’t want to go to church but then! I washed and dressed!

As I drove, I praised Jesus- and my heart was filled with joy :D… 78 more words

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365, 7: day 149

Los Angeles

I made blood orange kombucha this morning, the perfect start to a stressful Monday morning. I did some annoying errands on the way home from work (I need new black jeans, and I am not finding them, and it’s also really messing with my wardrobe), but also got a new book (Halsey Street). 44 more words

Los Angeles


Dear Diary,

Loving yourself is such a concept, isn’t it?

It’s kinda funny. We are taught that “All You Need is Love” and love is the meaning of life, right? 522 more words

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The Mindboggling Rewards and Virtues of Fasting!!

As Salafiyyah is the purest form of Ahlus Sunnah, it is the most authentic and traditional form of Islam based upon the methodology of our beloved Prophet Mohammed  (ﷺ) and his companions (Radhi’Allāahu Anhum), it is a saved sect, amongst all the 72 sects upon the path of misguidance in Islam, it is a saved sect, by the will of Allāah. 945 more words


Impossible!  I thought.  But, I recognized her.  She’d been my son’s teammate.  The last time we had really talked, she was a little girl who’d come to play with our goats.  667 more words



Good Morning y’all 💛 Happy Monday!!

I was up at it early this morning, and on the eliptical immediately after coffee ☕️

I planned on a workout, but I chipped a corner off my nail polish this morning, so rather than have it hang up in everyones hair all day at work (😝 eeew, I hate that feeling), I decided to skip the workout and go for a gel mani. 143 more words

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The war on public education; Time to organize

Here we go, a lesson from over the pond. A few of our states are showing promise in the K12 scene… progress is long overdue. The American Higher education scene has been bled out. 985 more words