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Salsa Night

Take part in a free beginners salsa lesson lead by the UVA Salsa Club. The event will feature 40 minutes of a free beginners Salsa lesson followed by a social dance. 25 more words


less an oracle (20160726)

growl, air

those secrets bleed blue
broken, concrete, ghost embraces–

they haunt this prisoner
caramel-eyed liquid angels

fire is breath is magic

windows are voices are eating


Journalism as a Tool for Change

Benjamin Pogrund, a South African journalist who reported during the Apartheid Regime, will be discussing journalism as a tool for change. Dinner will be provided. 25 seats are available. 17 more words


"Kon-Tiki" Screening and Popcorn Bar

“Kon-Tiki” tells the story of Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl’s Pacific Ocean crossing with five men in 1947 on a balsa-wood raft built from an ancient design. 26 more words


Making Space for Women's Rights in the American City– Brown Bag Lunch Talk

Professor Daphne Spain, James M. Page Professor in the Department of Urban and Environmental Planning, will discuss gendered public spaces and women’s rights in cities in the U.S. 11 more words


Stats: Monday, July 25th

The rain couldn’t hold the activity back yesterday! Fit most of our activity into the morning with a walk through neighboring Latta Branch Greenbelt and a trip to… 119 more words


52 Mondays Chap 12 Being Happy on Monday Makes You Stand Out | 52 Mondays

52 Mondays – To improve your mental attitude, don’t listen to or encourage other people’s Monday blahs. Having to work in a culture of complaining is in no way productive.