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Introduction to John's Grove: Monday evening

We walked to the top of the hill next to Dove Cottage, taking in the view and breathing in the fresh air after a long day hard at work looking at manuscripts in the library. 230 more words

"Embrace me then, ye Hills, and close me in..."

Embrace me then, ye Hills, and close me in:
Now in the clear and open day I feel
Your guardianship; I take it to my heart:

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Monday, March 13th

“He thought that it would be as sweet thus to lie so in the grave, to hear the peaceful sounds of the earth & just to know that ones dear friends were near.” Monday afternoon, the group took a nice walk up to John’s grove, expecting to take in the sight and the surrounding scenery then continue on. 144 more words

Monday, March 13

Later at night, Jeff led us to the sitting room, where we listened to Noor’s reading of “Elegiac Stanzas.” She sat in Wordsworth’s very own chair, by Beaumont’s painting of the Piel Castle, and we stood in the comfort of the candlelight, our silence gently disrupted by the steady tick-tock of Wordsworths’ grandfather clock. 34 more words

Waiting on Monday

Enjoy the Weekend

We have all said the same thing before making a big lifestyle change. Whether it’s a new diet and workout plan or new hobby, we often say, “I’m going to enjoy the weekend. 785 more words

Daily Download

Why I Don't Hate Mondays

The dreaded Monday; a day when you have to go back to work and leave the fun of the weekend. And when things go wrong, they always seem to be on Monday’s, don’t they? 525 more words

Weekdays - A Haiku

Mondays are awful,

But Tuesdays are the hardest…

Get me out of here!

Emma H, age 26, 14/03/2017