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The week, again.

Dad has gone away with work for the whole week so it’s just me, my mum and sister at home this week.

So me and my mum have been having this constant battle about me being allowed to stay at home in the mornings and catch the school bus that stops near my house. 127 more words

About My Life

Open Up

While the morning sleep,

while the Night gives birth to a daughter,

I am sitting in my car.

Some music will find me, like always. 19 more words


Motivational Mondays 3/2/2015

At the beginning of each month I make out my calendar. There’s a “Notes” section at the bottom of it, and I never really knew what to put there. 36 more words

Motivation Monday! / Make It Monday!

Reorganization fail & pretty gifts!

Good morning guys! I’m up very very early this morning and I’ve got a long day ahead of me. My Tuesday are always jam-packed but it makes it fun :) 377 more words


Home office

Tuesday today, I’m late for the weekly “home office” post!
This Midcentury desk and chair with this lamp and that floor made me crazy! I totally love it! 58 more words


New Week- My Family

Life is beautiful no matter which way you look at it; when things are tough and when things are great. And sure, you’re probably thinking “why the hell would life be beautiful if it’s tough?” I’ll tell you why it’s beautiful; the most rewarding and magical moments are the ones that fall after the struggle. 325 more words

New Week