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The Blind Side

Last night was a Monday for the books. It was INTENSE. Like Becca mentioned, the weather seemed to be predicting the week for all of the girls and the producers made it a point to drag out Olivia’s scene, stranded on the island. 797 more words


Windy Monday

Is it because it was a Monday? That’s my excuse. Hassles at work. Discombobulation at home. It felt like what Mondays are always being accused of feeling like. 441 more words


TRASH: Sylvain Landry Week 32 Photo Challenge

Self is participating in this week’s Sylvain Landry Photo Challenge. The theme is TRASH.

She looked through her thousands of pictures and came up with something she photographed during her November 2015 trip to Florence, her first time in that beautiful city. 96 more words


Staying organized!

Happy Monday! This has been a really tiring Monday so I apologize for the late post. But here it is!
Being in college is a lot of work. 397 more words


Mucho Comedy Mondays

Moving forward, Mondays are going to be filled with mucho comedy. For those of you who who aren’t bilingual, mucho means “quinoa” in Spanish. Also pronounced  as “Kin-noah.” 106 more words

I hate Walmart 

Going to Walmart after my run in with the daycare was probably not the best idea. Going to Walmart after showing my $&@-justifiably so–at the daycare was definitely NOT a good idea. 1,295 more words


We are a little over a week into February and it’s Monday, which is arguably the worst day of the week for many. Of course, unless you’re like us and like to get the work week started. 130 more words