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Thought Bubble

Okay, so I’m not really sure that this qualifies as a poem.  The prompt I was replying to was: “What’s in your thought bubble right now?”  …and, yeah, I edited it after the fact, so it really doesn’t count as “right now,” does it?   77 more words


Los colores de la vida

Años atrás (muchos), mi papa llegó con unas invitaciones para una muestra en el museo de Bellas Artes en nuestra casa, en Santiago. En pleno parque forestal, se elevaba ese edificio tan bonito al que íbamos cada vez que se nos presentaba la oportunidad. 464 more words


Monday, 30th August, 1880

It wasn’t until I had almost arrived at the RAMSCo building that I realised the severity? Gravity? Importance? I’m not sure of the correct word without having to go and consult a thesaurus, but all the same, it rather hit me, the nature of my discussion with Miss Oxford yesterday. 582 more words

Showing Monday the finger

The end of last Sunday hit me like a train. Like how Voldemort probably felt when a Horcrux gets destroyed.

Weekends are gifts we get at the end of every week. 499 more words

It Begins

In the movie self just saw, Ben-Hur actually says “Wow.”

It’s a tad too long, but the final chariot race was thrilling. She saw it in 3D, which wouldn’t ever be her first choice, because 3D usually makes her dizzy, but she was short on time and had to grab the first screening that came up. 191 more words


Monday and a Withdrawal

Getting anything done is just so hard. Doing the best I can.

Just a day at a time. Had my best friend help me edit down the premise for my senior project. 23 more words

Monday Blues

When life is so routine and you know what your schedule is a month in advanced, your already processed days off become the low times of each week.  305 more words