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Sex on the Beach

They feel similar, so it’s important to know the difference between love and lust.


Most people hate Mondays. Mondays come after Sundays. Sundays come after Saturdays. 1,976 more words


Ephemera 4: Views From a Train

Self took these pictures on the train from New York’s Penn Station to Providence, Rhode Island, just a little over a week ago. They seem like pictures taken in another era: 7 more words


To occupy you on the Monday struggle bus.....

So it’s Monday. Already. Again. And it’s time for a mood booster? You just found yourself in the perfect place. Ran across a bunch of funny dog vines to make today a little bit funnier…… 80 more words

The Ride of Your Life

A friend of mine recently shared this New York Times Magazine article, The Rock and Roll Casualty Who Became a War Hero, saying, “I saw him play in both bands.” “Both bands” means Nirvana and Soundgarden, bands of my young adulthood, though I didn’t see them live until long after Everman was gone. 852 more words



I had a wonderful weekend. How was yours? I enjoyed authentic Japanese ramen on a perfect spring afternoon. And on Friday, I met Viggo Mortensen… 394 more words


#todaysconclusions 30/03/15


I do like a mysterious trip to the Post Office to collect a parcel.

The postman does not share in my excitement at what mysteries a parcel can hold. 22 more words