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Bart van der Leck (1876-1958)

Without me knowing and realizing it  I collected many van der Leck titles. Probably because subconsciously i must have realized that for me personally van der Leck is more important than Piet Mondriaan. 296 more words



aftermath fall out heavy bleed—how heart estranged from freedom excited is —neigh terrifies suspends horse sense—beggars disbelief— roll on part: flexible hours; okay pay—nothing left to lose but loss itself: free food, need photo (portfolio)·roll offpart-time life—study Metamorphoses—Not written much this week — saddo riptide hits have surged—now why would that be?—No wiser come noon—took a path less partaken—Once bitten get fly —What’s going on here? 88 more words


De Stijl - 100 anos

Esse ano são comemorados os 100 anos do movimento De Stijl, ou Neoplasticismo. Muito resumidamente, para não virar a Wikipedia aqui, esse um movimento artístico de vanguarda fundado por Piet Mondriaan, que olha que coisa, era holandês. 344 more words


Trip to The Netherlands 2017

Together with my parents I went on a trip to The Netherlands.
We made several stops through the country and saw different things that The Netherlands has to offer. 480 more words


Mondriaan Finish

I’ve had this fabric in my stash for years.. probably over a decade by now. I have always liked the Mondriaan-eque pattern on it, but I never really knew what to make from it. 331 more words


Mondriaan as virus

Celebrations of the 100th anniversary of de Stijl’s birth is going full tilt in The Netherlands this summer. Among the foci is a survey of… 194 more words