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New exhibition shows Mondrian’s Art at the Martin-Gropius-Bau Museum

Abstract compositions of black lines and rectangles filled with red, blue and yellow highlight a new Piet Mondrian exhibition in Berlin.

The show goes far beyond the Dutch artist’s iconic works, tracing his stylistic development from the beginning with early works featuring idyllic nature scenes with windmills, willow trees and lawns. 400 more words


Mondrian’s Paintings and Their Pulsating Intricacy

The longer I look at Mondrian’s paintings, the more I see in them. This applies to lots of art, but I think Mondrian built real time into his paintings. 744 more words


Mondriaan Mirror

Bathroom mirror upgrade! In our rental appartment the previous tenants installed these mirror tiles but they were old and had long ago seen their best days. 42 more words


Augmented Reality Mondrian – Keep your Smartphone in your Pocket!

Artist J. Robert Feld noticed something that if you’ve been to a gallery or art museum recently, you’ve probably seen too. “People rush through a museum, like a scavenger hunt, capturing images in their devices, as if that’s an appropriate substitute for pausing and contemplating the work,” he told… 263 more words


Live in Piet Mondrian’s artist’s studio and flat in Hampstead

The Victorian artist’s studio and flat that was lived in by the Dutch Modernist artist Piet Mondrian is available for rent.

Mondrian moved to London from Paris in 1938 to escape the rise of fascism across Europe and made this one-bedroom flat on Parkhill Road in Belsize Park his studio and home. 247 more words


A playground as a Mondrian’s painting

Between two buildings of the ninth district of Paris, the basketball court of the Duperré street was renovated and primped into a work of art dedicated to the practice of the orange ball. 78 more words



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