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Incentives and Creative Destruction in Deen/Islam

An oft repeated argument by numerous commentators about the benefits of free markets and capitalism is the incentive system it fosters.

Whilst constructively shaping human behaviour is needed in order to positively reinforce the benefit humanity can bring to the wider universe/environment, a question continues to linger about what type of incentive do alternative systems propose, and can they indeed work? 279 more words

Monetary System

Why you should NOT save your money in the bank

Most people assume that when they put there money in the bank that it is safe, the truth of the matter though is the bank is making a profit selling you a false sense of security and all it takes is a little common sense to figure it out. 302 more words

READ: The Quranic System of Sustenance

Another text exploring how an alternative system could, in theory function, although this is simply one interpretation. By G.A.Parvez


Monetary System

Debating a beloved 'liberal' | Gold & Austrian Economics

 Are you saying that banks aren’t genuine savers? If people deposit money with them, which they then loan out, that sounds fine to me. What’s the problem? 2,085 more words


The economic causes for a backward society

Some of today’s writings are about the societal problems of debt, fuelled by the type of money that we use…

I agree that loans are fantastic as long as there is a genuine saver on the other side of the transaction, who cannot access the funds until you pay them back. 349 more words


The Current Riba/Usury Based Fraudulent Monetary System & Islam's Alternative Model of "Muamalaat"

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala (God, Most High) had gave us money with intrinsic value (i.e. value of the money within the money itself) and therefore set the value of that money. 1,030 more words


America, where slavery is alive and thriving!

Slavery in the United States did not end with The Civil War, that was just the beginning. After The Civil War slavery was nationalized and perfected. 518 more words