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The Inflation Fraud #2

Further to my last post of this issue, please read this article on inflation targets by The Telegraph’s Alister Heath

Heath discusses the issue of how much inflation should we have in an economy and how an alternative measure of nominal GDP targeting, or the Productivity Norm, would be more accruate.

Monetary System

No monetary standard

Very often I’m being accused of wanting to return to the gold standard. But that’s just silly. It’s true, I do favor the gold standard over fiat currency, but what I’d really like is to abolish all standards and let people trade in whatever currency they like – gold, silver, copper, platinum, gold-pressed latinum, tobacco… In fact, if two parties agree on such a transaction, they can trade cows for houses, for all I care. 27 more words


Money Unbound

Last night I realised that focussing this blog solely on secular stagnation was a mistake. Reading through a discussion by pre-eminent economists on whether secular stagnation is the cause of the slow recovery, or of Greek’s problems, it suddenly hit me: it doesn’t really matter. 579 more words

The Debt Expansion Paradigm Is Dying

Imagine for just a moment if any central banker or world leader were to tell the people of the world these truths.

1. The world’s economic engine is dependent upon debt expansion and not wealth creation. 80 more words


Monetary System of The World. Ctd

Monetary System of The World. Ctd.

In my earlier statement I said the Antichrist would graciously award money even as welfare handouts to the poor. More importantly, he would take over, confiscate and withhold money from those who do take the mark on their right hands or foreheads( Rev.13:16-18). 723 more words

Bible Teaching

Crying Vowel

Auckland harbour has a problem with effluent. Oh, I’m sorry that should read affluent. What a difference a simple vowel can make. The giant… 150 more words