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Positive Money

“Only a crisis – actual or perceived – produces real change” – Milton Friedman.

Except change is a word which has no prevalence in the banking world. 641 more words

On Whether Women Should Be Featured on Banknotes

Recently I saw a post on Facebook about a campaign named Women On 20s that urges to remove Andrew Jackson from the twenty-dollar bill and instead feature a female on the paper currency in hopes to promote gender equality. 928 more words

International Monetary System - New Economic Slavery

(I’m re-posting this video for educational purposes, in accordance with ‘fair use’ provisions in the copyright act; this blog is not monetized).

Modern History

The origins of the global system of credit (=Debt/Riba)

Further reading of Dr Nazeer Ahmed’s insightful history of the Islamic world, and all related developments, brought me to the following piece which touched upon the establishment of the global system of credit, which nowadays drives the global market for capitalism/trade. 940 more words

Fiat Money

The state of the world economy

Is this a new normal, or the just the pre-cursor to another major crisis? Experts haven’t been able to agree on the full impact of the massive stimulus packages, ultra low or negative rates and slowing emerging markets. 72 more words

Monetary System

The Inflation Fraud #2

Further to my last post of this issue, please read this article on inflation targets by The Telegraph’s Alister Heath

Heath discusses the issue of how much inflation should we have in an economy and how an alternative measure of nominal GDP targeting, or the Productivity Norm, would be more accruate.

Monetary System

No monetary standard

Very often I’m being accused of wanting to return to the gold standard. But that’s just silly. It’s true, I do favor the gold standard over fiat currency, but what I’d really like is to abolish all standards and let people trade in whatever currency they like – gold, silver, copper, platinum, gold-pressed latinum, tobacco… In fact, if two parties agree on such a transaction, they can trade cows for houses, for all I care. 27 more words