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Aladdin - Herd mentality in the digital realm?

AI is not an upcoming trend to watch for. It is a reality becoming ever more present and considerably more powerful with each passing moment. 302 more words

Monetary System

What's going on with the Money Supply

Please refer to my previous posts for an understanding on the workings and indications of the money supply. I enclose a link for another insightful article about this topic, especially pertinent at a time when expectations have been in flux regarding the hiking or cutting of record low interest rates; 9 more words

Monetary System

More absurdity....

The following extract from a Money Week article, ‘Forever Debt, Forever War’ points to the absurdity which is currently apparent in todays debt ridden world; 61 more words

Monetary System

Monetary History (Part II - Growing Pains)

Part I of Monetary History examined the ancient roots of the modern monetary system.  This important foundation looked at barter, mediums of exchange, and the subtle but important distinction between currency and money.  1,650 more words

Scott Keisler

Paper Money

The paper money in your wallet is also called fiat money. To better understand fiat money, the following video was chosen by myself, a good and simple short video to explain in details. 612 more words

Monetary System

Financial System

I have watched a lot of videos from Mike Maloney, the author of the world’s #1 best selling book ‘Guide To Investing In Gold & Silver’ . 376 more words

Monetary System

With all due respect, doc

“You seem bothered by something – is there anything in particular that’s on your mind?”

The woman was still smiling pleasantly, her hands folded and resting neatly on a notepad. 358 more words