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Economic Update: The coming turmoil in 2015 and 2016

The month of August when global markets are usually calm have set a president of what is about to come around the world. I want to give you a full global analysis over what has happened the last month in the world economy and what might be coming soon? 2,938 more words


The Prince Of Moneyers

In the middle of the 14th century, the very ambitious and reckless Sultan of the dusty desert city of Delhi decided to play with the coinage of his lands. 815 more words


This story sounds horribly machiavellian - An Impending Global Monetary Reset?!

I received a video email from a financial advisory service that made my jaw drop. If true, then the economic ramifications for our future would be staggering! 387 more words

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Some interesting new info from Maddie Walsh @ 1EarthUnited blog. This info is worth keeping in mind, and if you receive any 'FREE present' from the government in the form of a microchip or tiny supercomputer, just say: thanks, but no thanks. There is no way to enforce this if people opt out. Keep that in mind, everyone. Another good example is smartphone, which makes it easy to spy on you. Just don't use it. Instead, how about a simple and perhaps not as sexy looking cell phone that still does the job and helps keep your privacy?

Twitter: London Gold Clearing and the Role of the Bank of England

This is just to organize a recent discussion regarding the clearing procedure in the London bullion market and the role played by the Bank of England. 1,430 more words

Monetary System

Incentives and Creative Destruction in Deen/Islam

An oft repeated argument by numerous commentators about the benefits of free markets and capitalism is the incentive system it fosters.

Whilst constructively shaping human behaviour is needed in order to positively reinforce the benefit humanity can bring to the wider universe/environment, a question continues to linger about what type of incentive do alternative systems propose, and can they indeed work? 279 more words

Monetary System

READ: The Quranic System of Sustenance

Another text exploring how an alternative system could, in theory function, although this is simply one interpretation. By G.A.Parvez


Monetary System

Debating a beloved 'liberal' | Gold & Austrian Economics

 Are you saying that banks aren’t genuine savers? If people deposit money with them, which they then loan out, that sounds fine to me. What’s the problem? 2,085 more words