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The money masters or who controls the world

When a friend said to me “IF Hitler hadn’t attacked USSR,¬†world history would have been different..” I did send him a documentary about the background forces behind all wars which impale any dictatorship: 1,568 more words


Early Islam and the birth of Capitalism

Please find enclosed a copy of Benedikt Koehler’s text on the application of market based principles extensively throughout out the early and later eras of Islam. 59 more words

Monetary System

VIEW: Real Value

The profound concept of what value is and what value society should try to attain is explored in this worthy documentary.

I would like to highlight a number of the take home messages which I found to be praiseworthy and challenging of conventional wisdom; 232 more words

Monetary System

Why It Is Encouraging the Old Guard Still Doesn't Understand Crypto Adoption

We see it as highly encouraging to our longstanding macro views constructive on decentralization and alternative stores of value away from centralized fiat currencies that so few people understand what is happening right now. 517 more words

The Privatization and Decentralization of Money: One of the Greatest Financial Stories in Your Lifetime Is Unfolding Right Before Your Eyes


Nobody in a position of authority rings a bell and plays a public service announcement right before a generational event takes place which will threaten their own credibility and power. 1,440 more words


How caring for the environment could improve democracy

It is interesting to observe how the convenient masses become tremendously aggressive when confronted with an inconvenient truth which would require them to adjust their lifestyle. 317 more words


It Took a Generation to Forget About Gold

There were two Executive Orders among thousands that had the most impact in the lives of the public. From 1933-1974 the United States Government implemented the removal of gold as money from the minds of the Americans completely shifting the paradigm of the monetary system. 1,143 more words