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Is the Monetary System a Fraud?

This past week, the London School of Economics, hosted an event on the Nature of Money, see details here.

One of the speakers was Dr Waltraud Schelkle, part of the LSE, an Associate Professor of Political Economy. 248 more words

Monetary System

Futile Forecasts

As the new calendar year opens and the prior year draws to a close, many media slots are filled with both reviews of the past 12 months and predictions for the coming period. 598 more words

Monetary System

The Forbidden Truth of Universal Basic Income Laws

In previous texts, I have already dissected and outed the 21st century social and governmental proposal of Universal Basic Income, as a perverse sham and malevolent deception intended to milk a few more centuries of universal human slavery out of you pathetic fools. 461 more words

Social Commentary

The Financial Cycle Around the World in 2016

As the year is coming to a close, the financial economy in large parts of the world is characterised by high levels of uncertainty and central banks navigating through widely unknown territory.  2,916 more words


Never too broke to observe.

I think I may have reached the end of this credit line extended by middle-class privilege. Credit that has nothing to do with money itself but is sustained by the unwavering belief in the monetary system and all the values it purports. 1,168 more words

Anthropological Perspective

VIEW: The Big Short

An excellent and well articulated movie which once again demonstrates the high ignorance shown by market participants, the “emperors clothes” mentality¬†which authorities displayed and the falsehood by which many were duped into believing the boom would continue indefinitely. 75 more words

Monetary System