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Swiss citizens’ initiative collects 105,000 signatures, triggers referendum on Money Creation

The Swiss population will be the first in the world to vote on their banking and monetary system, thanks to the tireless efforts of a pro-Sovereign Money campaign. 483 more words

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The Need to Reform Money

Pavlos Papageorgiou is a blogger who wrote a lot of excellent articles on issues concerning Economics. However, it seems that he has now packed away his keyboard, since no new posts have appeared on his blog for quite some time. 6,155 more words


Claudio Grass: Why This Monetary System Will Collapse

Source: Gold Silver Worlds

In the big picture, the $18 trillion total debt (which is only the official debt, as unfunded liabilities are $220 trillion) is by far the reason why the economy and markets are facing a huge risk. 375 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Modern Learning Environments - rearranging the desks and chairs on the Titanic?

There are some great teaching practices going on in schools and other learning institutions. There are resources being developed, pumped, and thrown into the mix. And there is new furniture to buy desks and chairs in all sorts of configurations to ‘zhuzh up’ learning spaces. 434 more words


Karl Marx's new book Das Kapital 2

We were quite surprised to be approached by Karl Marx to be the exclusive publisher of his new book.

We had a quick look at it and we decided we liked it, so there you go comrade, mission accomplished! 33 more words

Mock And Awe

LaRouche Replies to Questions from Russian Journalist

Four Subjects In Reply

What follows are four questions recently posed to Lyndon LaRouche by a Russian journalist, and his replies.

Question 1: Europe faces a huge refugee crisis nowadays. 674 more words

British Financial Empire

Sheikh Imran Hosein on the Monetary System

Adding this Imam to the prominent few scholars that truly understand money and the nature of Riba, this lecture demonstrates the misunderstandings of other Muslim commentators when faced with this holistic issue. 16 more words

Fiat Money