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Prime Minister May signs EU divorce papers

British Prime Minister Theresa May signed the EU divorce papers on Tuesday.

Brexit has officially begun as foreign exchange response seems to be muted as both the pound and euro traded off slightly against the dollar. 66 more words


Trump's spring will provide no breaks after ObamaCare fiasco

After Friday’s fiasco on the ObamaCare vote I believe we will see the beginning of the Trump dump.

This may take equity markets down as much as 20% from the post-election highs as a “Do-Nothing” Congress stymies the White House at any move. 331 more words


Bad Money Habits That You Need To Drop When In A Relationship

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Maintaining a healthy relationship with your significant other entails stabilizing the disposition of your finances.

Read thru this article to know how bad monetary habits can potentially harm your relationship. 606 more words

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Trump can't drain swamp because he is mired in it

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all.

While Patrick is said to have driven the snakes out of Ireland, which is metaphor for the Irish conversion to Catholicism, President Trump is not having as much luck draining the swamp to thoroughly mix that metaphor. 423 more words


Going hiking with Yellen can be dangerous

To no surprise to anyone on the Street, Janet Yellen raised rates Wednesday by 0.25% to a range between 0.75% to 1.0%.

I will not address the two or perhaps three more rate hikes for this year that Yellen spoke of since we do not deal with fantasies here. 433 more words


The Business Times Leaders' Forum 2017

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Mr Ravi Menon has been Managing Director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) since 2011. The MAS conducts monetary policy, manages the official foreign reserves, supervises the financial sector, and develops Singapore as a financial centre. 301 more words

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Ides of March trifecta may bring more change

Wednesday — the Ides Of March — is the a day of reckoning times three.

As I wrote earlier the Fed is concluding its two-day meeting on whether to raise rates. 289 more words