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Market turns on a dime, but who's dime?

Yesterday’s market moves need to be examined.

The way the markets turned around on a dime after the Dow fell over 220 points on the news the Deutsche Bank was being squeezed due to liquidity concerns was the stuff that the Plunge Protection team dreams of. 733 more words


Curious Trump banking connection

There seems to a curious connection that I would like to point out.

The reason behind it is open to speculation, which I don’t generally write about. 244 more words


The Economist, Keynesian Economics, and the Phillips Curve

Daniel J. Mitchell performs a fisking on an article in The Economist magazine:

Writing about the stagnation that is infecting western nations, the magazine beclowns itself by regurgitating stale 1960s-style Keynesianism.

329 more words

Yellen can't connect the dot plot

Janet Yellen in her press conference Wednesday said that the US GDP for next year and 2018 will be lower than previously expected, yet all is well according to the Fed chief. 173 more words


Central banks' hocus pocus

Bank of Japan’s chief Haruhiko Kuroda surprised  markets on Wednesday by changing monetary policy by debuting a zero interest-rate target rate for its 10-year government bonds to fight deflation. 297 more words


Almost Armaggeddon revisited 8 years later

Eight years ago today Lehman Bros. filed for bankruptcy.

Everything that happen to the US economy since then can be attributed to that filing and its ramifications. 266 more words


There's scary things in the overnight lending district

US markets tried to erase Friday’s near 400 point loss on Monday with an 80% retracement to the upside, yet there was little follow through in Asia or Europe on Tuesday. 428 more words