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A view from Venice

Found connectivity on the continent.

World stocks are trying to put in a bottom, but the slope is very slippery due to the price of crude. 127 more words


Negative Interest Rate

JCB Negative Interest Rate Policy

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JCB Interest Rate and Japan Monetary Base… 34 more words


Are we turning Japanese, I really think so

Sub Zero may be a good refrigerator, but it’s no way to run monetary policy.

So the third largest economy in the world is offering its banks negative interest rates on new assets held at its accounts at the central bank. 312 more words


Emerging Market

Net Capital Flows

Posted on 2016/01/28.

Debt to China at the End of 2014 as Share of GDP

Enlarge chart ….

Posted on 10/12/2015.

Emerging Capital FLows and Currency Moves Since 2007…

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Fed stays pat, markets go flat

As I wrote yesterday the Fed was going to be stubborn and not recognize the weakness in the global economy, so the market reacted with a selloff. 193 more words


Bellwethers bang a gong on slowing global growth

Is there a global recession as I have stated for the last three months?

Well the US multinationals are telling us there is. Both Apple and Boeing — one consumer, one industrial — have come in with weaker revenue for the Q4 2015 quarter. 245 more words


Why is your nest egg still in the stock market?

Wake up!

What is the upside to keeping your 401(k) or other retirement funds in stocks. Did you learn nothing from 2008?

You are on the wrong side of the Federal Reserve and a global recession. 268 more words