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The middle (class) won't hold

So Friday we get 2nd revision of Q1 GDP and it will be interesting how low it goes.

Remember the Commerce Dept. has said it will readjust the seasonal adjustments made on Q1 number of 0.2% “growth” because it skewed it lower than it should. 366 more words


The Workings Of Our World

Oil so we can get far,
Fake food for hunger’s pain.
Luxury for a status rank,
Money for power’s gain.

A system of lies,
A life of lustful greed, 64 more words


Latest International Monetary Fund News

Russian regulator acting 'adequately' as economy stabilizes – IMF
The Central Bank of Russia is taking effective steps to stabilize the national currency and the economic situation as a whole, according to the Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Min Zhu. “I t…


Money, time, property, treasures. Everything in this world has a value to us. A measure of how much one thing is worth to us compared to the others. 412 more words