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Who is the real power over our energy?

How will Washington and Wall Street dictate the future of technology?

From robots to self-driving cars, these emerging automation will be coming because of the money that is behind these futuristic tools. 308 more words


IMF raises 2017 growth forecast for Spain to 3.1%

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

The International Monetary Fund on Tuesday raised its 2017 growth forecast for Spain, citing strong exports, a rebound in consumer demand and a booming tourism sector. 172 more words

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Is there a truce in bitcoin civil war? Price rise says yes

Is the bitcoin civil war reaching a truce?

Only through price discovery can we decide that. The cryptocurrency has been in a battle between the two camps involved in the decentralized digital currency that has been beating it down since… 112 more words


Equities are seeing a summer stock surge

I want to explain the markets in really simple language, since there are some very basic problems in the largest securities market in the world and the projections associated with what is going on. 264 more words


Quick takes: Lacklustre Q2 economic growth due to drag from construction

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

Singapore’s economy chugged along with a 2.5 per cent pace of growth in the second quarter of 2017, the same as the previous quarter, based on the advance estimates by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. 342 more words

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The health of Americans is tied to the US economy

As I wrote yesterday, the Trump/Russia fiasco is sucking all the oxygen out of the room, causing a political standstill in DC, which is benefiting markets and hurting the average American. 287 more words


Brazilian government to press ahead with reform of TJLP

The Brazilian government is resisting pressure to reconsider its proposal to change how BNDES, the state development bank, charges interest rates to lenders.

The government has written a bill that will phase out the current long-term TJLP rate – which is set by committee and is currently 7%, below the country’s Selic base rate of 10.25% – and replace it with a new TLP rate, which will be linked to the yield on inflation-indexed government debt. 310 more words