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Economic impact on sexual harassment and the Left

What is the economic impact of the daily exposure of sexual harassment?

Of course in order to make headlines the man must have recognition with the media. 1,686 more words


Square's circling the cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin got a huge leg up on Wednesday as Square Cash, a mobile money-transfer service, said it will allow some users to buy bitcoin directly from its mobile app. 178 more words

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Bitcoin battles the Barbarians at the gate

What to make of the weekend carnage and recovery of bitcoin?

If I dare to make the comparison of bitcoin as the blue chip of cryptos, then I open myself up to criticism from the Initial Coin Offerings and block chain proponents. 237 more words

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Bitcoin price "forked" on SegWit2x news

Here’s an indication that bitcoin has been infiltrated by Wall Street.

The crypto has become the latest victim of “buy on the rumor, sell on the news.” 111 more words

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New trioka at the Fed may get you(r) interest

What happens when Cerberus — the three-headed beast guarding the gates of hell — loses all of its heads?

We’ll find out early spring of next year as The Federal Reserve could be without its present Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and head of the New York Fed. 330 more words

Saudi 'reverse coup' bolsters bitcoin, while dollar forex, crude may crater

Bitcoin soared past $7,600 in early Sunday trading as news came out of a Saudi Arabian crackdown on the royal princes in a consolidation of power for the new king. 260 more words