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Why I Won't Monetize My Blog

As Revisions of Grandeur has grown, several folks have asked if I make much profit off my blog or if I plan to monetize (allow advertisements on) my blog. 890 more words

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#WriterWednesday: Workshops, Webinars, Oh My!

Are you ready to teach a workshop? Want to start a webinar series? Of course you’re saying why on earth would I do that, Nigeria I’m still trying to figure how to sell books. 396 more words

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Playing Catch Up- What You’ve Missed this Week

This week was jam packed with hidden treasures! Click the titles below, and you’ll be up to speed in no time!

2 Ways to Relieve Stress & Increase Your Productivity… 59 more words

5 Powerful Tips on How to Monetize a Travel Blog

Most travel online journals don’t profit. Hold up, what?! It’s valid. Before you purchase the zillion dollar get-rich-fast tour-blogging program, comprehend that while travel blogging gives numerous chances to adaptation, the online journal itself seldom makes a dime. 496 more words

Benefits of Monetizing Your Data

Last week I attended an informative Gartner Briefing titled “Innovating with Information and Analytics.” Presented by Gartner VP Distinguished Analyst (and my former high school classmate) Doug Laney, this presentation covered a wide gamut of ways to innovate your company using your data, your database, and many real-world examples of companies viewing their data assets differently to create new revenue streams to improve their bottom line and customer relationships. 214 more words


Scoping Your Way to Glory: What is Periscope? 2 Ways You can Use it To Elevate Your Platform

Social media is constantly changing with various apps and programs, but Twitter’s latest addition called Periscope is standing the test of time. Periscope is a live video streaming service that allows users to broadcast their content worldwide. 503 more words

Ultimate Way to Monetize Your Video Content and Make Money Online

Want to make money by sharing your video online? With Clubify you can share your training videos online with subscription fees or simply charge for them. 59 more words

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