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The chicklets loved Monet's Garden (2 pictures)

The chicklets had a wonderful time at Monet’s Garden.  They met some roosters and a hen and invited them to come for a visit.  Juan had an allergy attack and was forced to wear a mask for part of the day, but he was okay with that because everything was so beautiful and it was his fault that he forgot to take his medicine.   32 more words


Flowers…Monet's Garden

I can’t imagine being there when all of the trellis structures are full of flowers and everything is maturing.  This is just the beginning.


Bamboo and boats…Monet's Garden

Everywhere you look, you see beauty.  As Monet painted less and less he spent time in his beloved garden…sitting on benches, digging in the dirt and planning, always planning.   9 more words


Flower from Monet's Garden in Giverny, France

Monet’s Garden is truly wonderful.  My advice is to go toward the end of the day, before they close the Garden, so you’re the last ones to get in.   128 more words