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Day 29: Contest Solos!

Hello all! I hope you are receiving this post in the best of spirits and that all of you have been having a remarkable 2015 so far! 725 more words


How to Play Like You're Saying Something

The way many of us learn how to play an instrument in school is completely backwards. The way we often teach kids to play an instrument in school is like learning to speak by first tackling the vocabulary, the spelling, the grammar, and the mechanics of speech. 176 more words

Master Players (jazz)

Day 22: Monette Madness!

Whew! After a long weekend of what seemed like non-stop driving, I’m back home and ready to share some updates on the Monette Equipment with you all. 331 more words


Day 19: Go For the Gold!

Good day all! Hope you all are doing well this fine Wednesday morning. I’ve received numerous inquiries this week from students asking why I only play on gold mouthpieces and I guess I really never noticed that tendency until they brought it up so candidly.  580 more words


Day 16: Equipment

I get a ton of questions about the different types of equipment that I recommend and while I’d love to fill your ears with zealous plugs for different companies, I’ll simply give you guys a general outline of what I feel has worked best for me in terms of mouthpiece and horn combos for the different settings that I’ve had to play. 393 more words