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Are You One Of The Joneses

Are you one of the Joneses or are your neighbors across the street?  It could be both, it’s in our culture to the buy the biggest, newest, fastest, shiniest possession. 677 more words


Money Management - Financial Log

Hi everyone,

This week I am going to cover one of the first steps that I took when I went about taking control of my finances and that is by starting a financial log, by tracking my expenses for a period of one week. 1,218 more words

Money Management

Fin Tip #4 : Consumer Debt Pay Off Strategies

So at the top of everyone’s financial goals list for 2018 is no doubt paying off debt and rightfully so. I just read an article that based on a recent study, credit card debt has hit the trillion dollar mark in this country. 806 more words

Money Management

Financial Resolutions

Is a new year! God has been gracious to us and allowed us to see yet another year! That alone should make our hearts be filled with joy and gratitude. 746 more words

The basics of FIRE & why I'm striving for it!

So if you’re new to all of this you may have noticed me and a lot of other finance bloggers talking about FIRE🔥. But what is it and why do I want to achieve it? 730 more words

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Money travel tips you CAN'T miss!

Ciao everyone! Welcome back to another day of fun with me on Vivafitlife. I am excited to share some helpful tips to bring along your next travel journey and for your general financial wisdom! 908 more words


Smarter Spending on Banking

There are many fees Banks charge their customers. If you are not careful, your hard earned money might be going towards hefty profits for the Banks. 733 more words

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