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Singles and Money

Whether you are a nerd or a free spirit, dealing with money when your single present different challenges.

When your single not having enough time to plan and do things and just being overall tired and fatigued can lead to poor money management. 174 more words

Deep Debt


By David Gitau

Economic Highlights Inflation rises marginally

Year on year inflation rose marginally to 5.61% in February 2015, compared to 5.53% in January. The marginal month on month (m/m) increase was mainly attributed to increases in food prices. 403 more words

FOMC: dealing with the plumbing when it comes to liftoff

As promised on Friday, here are a few thoughts on the section of the last FOMC minutes around “Liftoff tools and options”.

The first thing that struck me was the following: “In their discussion of these issues, participants generally agreed that it was very important for the commencement of policy firming to proceed successfully. 466 more words

Federal Reserve

How to trade FOREX

Finally, you are thinking to start Forex trade? First sure yow know the following things to learn how you can do about opening a Forex account so that you can start trading currencies. 1,029 more words

Currency Market

Lesson 10: The Money Market

The term money market is actually a great example of a misnomer. One might think that “money” in the form of currencies (Euros, U. S. dollars, Chinese Yen, etc.) are traded in this market.  1,377 more words


An Easy One-Pager to See All of Your Assets and Beneficiaries

Action Tip: Are you confused over all of your accounts, assets and beneficiaries? Create a simple diagram to easily see what you have and where it’s going. 11 more words

Action Tips

Zerohedge: Paul Singer Warns "The Consequences Of Monetary Manipulation Are Unknowable"


Excerpted from Paul Singer’s Elliott Management letter to investors,

The world believes it is in a sweet spot. There is global consensus that central banks know what they are doing and are in control, and that if economies falter, a bigger dose of QE or ZIRP or NIRP (negative interest rate policy – we just made that one up) will keep it from getting out of hand. 1,119 more words