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Nandan  Denim

Looks good buy below 110 for 6-12 months time horizon. 8 more words

Money Market

Happy  New  Year 2017 !!!

​Lets prepare ourselves to welcome the New Year with renewed pledges, promises and hopes. May the New Year bring along all the Joy, Health , Wealth & Happiness to You and to all your near & dear ones. 16 more words

Money Market

Friday Chart Check: "What Stress?"

Money market stress?

What money market stress?

(Chart: Morgan Stanley, Reuters, Heisenberg)

It’s ok. It’s probably nothing…

Money Market

Mayhem In Money Markets: China Warns Investors Not To "Underestimate" The Danger

The complexity of the situation shouldn’t be underestimated.

That’s a quote from the PBoC emphasizing just how difficult the Chinese central bank’s job has become. “China will give higher priority to balance between tightening and easing and keeping the monetary policy neutral,” officials said, in a statement following the quarterly meeting of the monetary policy committee.

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Vikas  Ecotech

Can be added below 17 for the long term with multifold returns.

This would need lots of patience to hold for long term as it will go through many ups and downs. 28 more words

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Balmer  Lawrie  

Target achieved recommended on 22nd September 2016 @705 6 more words

Money Market

Consumption society

More and more articles will be produced, more and more factories will be built.

No one now asks, ‘How many articles are needed?’ as was formerly the case, when the tailors in the town only made a suit when someone ordered it. 102 more words