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Manipulation of the Financial Markets

Manipulation of Financial Markets

This week, a bank was fined two and a half billion US dollars for manipulating Libor. There was also an English man who had his bail set at five million for spoofing Futures markets. 970 more words


Great Wealth

“…why did Albert Einstein call compounding ‘the eighth wonder of the world’?  It’s because nothing else has the power to create great wealth so surely.” -Mark Ford

Money Matters

Often forgotten but oh, so important: Estate Planning

Happy Monday, everyone!

First off — how did you do last week on the no online shopping challenge? I’m pleased to say I held off on all online purchases. 450 more words

Money Management

The Death of the Artist??? Say it ain't so

The article written by William Deresiewicz called “The Death of the Artist and the Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur” (link attached below), gives historical context around the evolution of the artist: 308 more words

Art And Business

Day 13 : Money Matters- Saving

Saving money is one of those matters that are usually easier said than done. It requires a high level of discipline which frankly can be abit challenging. 475 more words

This Is Iyana

Stimulate Wealth

“The U.S. stimulates its people to buy more Chinese-made goods.  And China stimulates its manufacturers to make more stuff for people who can’t afford it.  Both are heading for trouble…. 13 more words

Money Matters

The more you earn, the more you spend syndrome

Are you wondering how you survive when your salary is not that big the first time you had a job. As time goes by and your career starts to flourish, you were able to make more than what you need but your lifestyle starts to change and you need more money to maintain it. 770 more words