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Wiped Out

“There’s no point in building wealth during good times… only to see it wiped out in a financial crash.” -Chris Lowe

Money Matters

What Does Downtown Olympia's Future Hold?

This could make a compelling documentary film.

Saturday night I attended an interesting five-person panel discussion at downtown Olympia’s hippy theater, a 94 year old building that shows independent movies… 711 more words


Headline Catcher

Oh, oh, oh, I had to read this:

Money expert defends the spending habits of woman, 30, who struggles on £40k salary
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Current Events

Money = Wealth?

“Money is not wealth.  Wealth is goods and services.  Money is the medium of exchange whereby we acquire wealth.” -Dr. Paul Cleveland

Thought For The Day


“Governments have always controlled two things: the military and the money.” -Bill Bonner

Money Matters

Let's Talk Money

Five hundred thousand naira? What are the possibilities that comes to mind? I mean, just imagine say person dash you 500k naira now now, wetin you go take ahm do… 398 more words


Why start thinking about financial independence?

Getting hold of your finances is hard. There is so much temptation out there, whispering into your ear: “Pssst, look at me, I’m a nice winter jacket, your current winter jacket is lame and the threading is coming off at the pocket. 509 more words