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My visit to an MLC Financial Planner

You would think that with being frugal and having an ambitious goal of not only paying off my home mortgage by the end of 2016 but also wanting to become a billionaire that I would be working with a financial planner.  1,207 more words

Money Monday

Money Monday: An overview of savings in 2016/17 Entertainment Book

A few weeks ago I went to the launch of the 2016/17 Entertainment Book.  I am excited to share with you a sneak peak of what is in it. 547 more words


Entertainment Book: was it worth it?

The 2016/17 Entertainment Book will be launched this Thursday, 31 March. Having had an Entertainment Book last year after not having one for longer than I can remember, I thought it a good idea to take stock about the benefits from the book . 609 more words

Money Monday: A bolt of lightning and blessings

I have been a bit quiet on my blog recently.  And not because I haven’t wanted to write. I had a lightning strike on my house.  1,188 more words

Money Monday March 7th, 2016 - How Our Money System Works and Who's Behind It

Hello and a bright new week to you all!

For our first Money Monday, let’s explore how our money system here in America works and who is really in control of that process. 580 more words

Money Monday

Money Mondays: 4 Apps To Help You Make (Or Save) Money

In last week’s Money Mondays: Ways to Earn Extra $$ Online (missed it? check it out here) I discussed various methods I use to earn cash online.   862 more words


Money Mondays: 3 Ways To Earn Extra $$ Online

Everyone loves to have extra money, and what if I told you it is easier than ever to supplement you income by doing things online.  With the multitude of sites that claim you can earn money online/from home/etc, it can be difficult to sort through what’s legit and what is a scam. 246 more words