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How Work Needs To Change - Laura Berman Fortgang

I love this openness to doing life your way because you want to do it as opposed to because you should fit this or that box.  297 more words


Worthless - A Slam Poem by Agnes Török

Just wow.  An emotional presentation of the angst of a growing poverty class and of Millennials.


How Work Needs To Change - Federico Pistono

Best Truth presented: The income disparity today is worse than the feudal era.

I love that he uses the same narrowing your focus in idea as Richard Cypher Rahl and Zeddicus Zul Zorander: “Focus on the Solution not the problem.” 95 more words


How Work Needs To Change - Federico Pistono 2

“We work long and hard hours to buy things we don’t need to impress people we don’t like.”

“The purpose of life cannot be work, produce, and consume more and more and more. 93 more words


How Work Needs to Change - Rutger Bregman

This video is all about why we need a universal income, an issue very highly on my political goals for the United States.

His best fact for the US: the cost of a universal income is 1/4 of what we currently spend on our military. 82 more words


How Work Needs To Change - Simon Sinek 2

So This Simon Sinek video doesn’t explain the chemical side again, rather it gives great examples of HOW great leaders have chosen the safety of their people over greed and business concerns to great effect. 17 more words


How Work Should Change - Simon Sinek

Firstly, this video has informed everything I think about the world. I now assess every reaction and need I observe in myself or others through EDSO (Endophine/ Dopamine/ Seratonin/ Oxytocin) and Cortisol. 104 more words