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Money Monday: Suddenly single, suddenly saving

Sometimes the best laid financial and life plans don’t, well, go to plan.  I found myself nearly two years ago suddenly single raising two kids.  Nor am I alone.   511 more words

Money Monday: Choose living now or later

One thing that Dave Ramsey (my current favorite financial adviser and radio personality) always says, “Live like no one else does now so you can live like no one else gets to later.” 205 more words

When Ms Frugal Ears met Mr Red Sports Car

I have frugal ears.  I have frugal ways. I make meals that cost $5 or less. I make my own laundry products.  I wear op shop clothes. 1,131 more words

Money Monday

Money Monday: Is super still so super?

Superannuation has been in the news following the announcement of possible changes in the May 2016 Federal Budget.  I have read a bit about the changes, but I must say it makes my eyes glaze over and I find it difficult to read most reports to the end (and I actually LIKE reading about financial topics).   870 more words

How Work Needs To Change - Laura Berman Fortgang

I love this openness to doing life your way because you want to do it as opposed to because you should fit this or that box.  297 more words


Worthless - A Slam Poem by Agnes Török

Just wow.  An emotional presentation of the angst of a growing poverty class and of Millennials.