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Living Like No One Else...My Experience with Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover

When the student is ready to learn, the teacher appears.  Flylady led me to Suze Orman, and in discussing her with my brother, I was led to Dave Ramsey.  976 more words


So, You Want to Start a Side Hustle

Welcome to our first Money Monday! Here to help you pinch pennies, find the sexy side of budgeting, and make the money you’ve always dreamed of! 279 more words

Will Trade Money for Sleep

I woke up at 8.
Left the house at 9.
Taught a cardio class at 10.
Left the studio at 11.
Taught an Intro class at 12. 19 more words

Money Monday

Money Monday | Maslow's Heirarchy

Throughout high school and college, I learned about Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. Pretty basic concept, you need to take care of your basic needs before you can move onto higher levels. 313 more words

Money Monday

Money Monday

I always act like I (and my husband) will never make more money than we are making right now. I don’t want to place losing bets. 173 more words

Money Monday


It’s Money Monday and the further I get into this year and this blog, the less qualified I feel to write about this topic.  I’m working my ass off and it still feels like I’m so far behind that I’ll never catch up.   41 more words

Money Monday

Passive Aggressive Income

My wife just sent me a blog that has great ideas for ways to create passive income …. the kind of income where, once your initial startup is in place, you don’t really have to do much to maintain what’s producing the income.   106 more words

Money Monday