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Money Monday | Yard Sale

I really tried to be productive on Saturday.  Saturday is normally my day of rest.  But there was a community yard sale.  So I tried to sell my things. 214 more words

Got My Mind On My Money

I believe strongly in the law of attraction.  To clarify, I don’t believe that just thinking about things will cause them to change or manifest in your life.   390 more words


'Money Monday' - why 401K loans are a bad idea

SALT LAKE CITY — Gary Gygi of Gygi Management explained the difference between withdrawing money from a 401K and taking out a 401K loan.

According to Gygi, a 401K loan is a bad idea and should be avoided, if possible. 35 more words


The Finger

Money.  Right now, all I have to say is …who the fuck cares.  That’s where I am with money.  Kiss my grits.  Sucks my nuts.  Middle fingers up.  Boy, bye!

Money Monday

Money Monday

Today is a list of struggles.  But a list of struggles is just a to do list for things I can accomplish.

  1. Actually find a cheaper cell phone plan (why do you always have to call to cancel?  
  2. 59 more words

Money Monday: Student Loans

Student loans.  Even thinking about paying student loans can give you anxiety.  Fortunately, Jeff Kort has provided some tips on how to repay student loans and get your tax deductions for doing so. 811 more words


Change Needed

Another day, another reminder that I don’t know what the hell I’m doing when it comes to money.  Actually, that’s not true at all.  It’s another reminder that I don’t care enough (until it’s too late) to pay attention and manage money the way I KNOW I should.