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Know When To Hold 'Em

Let’s chat about something that you don’t typically think about in terms of money… customer service.

I am a firm believer in letting businesses know how they’re doing.   509 more words


Skills You Need, to increase your impact.

We have different categories of skills every entrepreneur should endeavour to acquire for maximum productivity. Whether you are working for someone or you are your own boss the skills are the same and are actually success triggers. 116 more words

Genius Palace


I’ve quoted Jon Acuff a few times recently and I’m about to do it again….

“Most of us, when it comes to figuring out where we’re headed in life, never stop to ask the simple question, “Where am I?” ~Jon Acuff, 

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BONUS! Mini "Money Monday" 2

I really like the idea of Mini Money Monday’s when big things happen.

Yesterday, a big thing happened! If you follow us on Instagram (financiallyfrustrated) then you already know what happened. 708 more words

$5 Challenge

In my post last week, I mentioned just a few of the money saving challenges that are out there on the Internet.

Over the years I’ve tried quite a few of them, with varying degrees of success, but the one that appeals to me the most, is the $5 challenge. 256 more words


How to Create a Monthly Budget Spreadsheet

Creating a budgeting spreadsheet to keep track of your monthly personal finances can be a daunting task. I created this spreadsheet for my family to use to keep track of our income, expenses, and savings. 67 more words


Money, Money, Money

For me, there were some parts of being a Financial Planner that I absolutely loved. I used to get a thrill in helping people find a way to sort out their finances, to have stability in their lives and know that they could become financially positioned to enjoy their lives without having to constantly stress about money. 737 more words